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darobin commented Nov 30, 2016

We are trying to capture a feed of publication events that represent a ScholarlyArticle being published (in a Periodical, Issue, Volume...) or an Issue being published (also in a Periodical, Volume...) and so on.

Our first instinct is to go with PublicationEvent. The description makes it look like the right thing. However, the properties seem to be heavily skewed towards broadcasting. My question is therefore: should we file a pull request to modify PublicationEvent somewhat to be friendlier to CreativeWorks and CreativeWorkSeries?

If not we can probably head over to the feed stuff, but in that case I would suggest restricting the definition of PublicationEvent.

RichardWallis commented Nov 30, 2016 edited

PublicationEvent is the correct type. Checkout the definition, which includes the publishedBy property.

Using publishedBy, location, and eventDate, etc. in a PublicationEvent event, provided as the publication property of a CreativeWork subtype such as ScholarlyArticle should satisfy your need. workFeatured could be used to reference the work being published from a PublicationEvent property if needed.

As per many Types in there are properties that are not relevant for all use cases. As no properties are mandated, this is not a problem.

darobin commented Dec 1, 2016

I understand that we don't care about extraneous properties, but there nevertheless seems to be a broadcasting slant, even with the bib extensions. For instance publishedBy appears to be the publisher in some form (in fact it's not clear from the description why it doesn't just use publisher).

But that doesn't give us where is was published. We can have that indirectly as workFeatured.isPartOf = Periodical but it leaves me wondering why publishedOn takes BroadcastService but not CreativeWorkSeries?

I also wonder if there is a reverse property for publication?


I tend to agree with you about publishedBy - that could easily be superseded by publisher.

Why does location not give you the where option you are looking for?

There is a broadcast meme to the Type, it was TV & Radio that first introduced a proposal in this area. It also has physical event (concert, conference, etc.) meme, but I don't see that constraining its use either.

I see a significant difference between publishedOn (the delivery channel for a programme to be broadcast via) and an an article being published as part of a series.

The fact that a work isPartOf a series is a creative attribute of the Work. Whereas a BroadcastService that a programme is transmitted upon is an extra pice of information that you do not get with Book/Article publication. TVSeries would be more closely related to what you are looking for, which itself is a subtype of CreativeWorkSeries and uses a similar pattern:

TVEpisode > partOfSeries > TVSeries
          > releasedEvent > PublicationEvent > startDate
                                             > location > Place
ScholarlyArticle > isPartOf > CreativeWorkSeries
                 > publication >  PublicationEvent > startDate
                                                   > location > Place
                                                   > publishedBy > Organization

or starting from PublicationEvent

PublicationEvent > location > Place
                 > startDate
                 > publishedBy > Organization
                 > workFeatured > ScholarlyArticle > creator
                                                   > isPartOf > CreativeWorkSeries

As to an inverse of publisher, it is workFeatured.


@darobin for the use case of WHERE IS PUBLISHED... just use Event:recordedIn and its an inherited property for PublicationEvent (a subtype of Event)

thadguidry commented Dec 1, 2016 edited
      "@type": "DataFeedItem",
      "dateModified": "2015-01-02",
      "item": {
            "@type": "PublicationEvent",
            "startDate": "1968-11-25",
            "location": {
                "@type": "Country",
                "name": "United States"
			"workFeatured": {
			    "@type": "ScholarlyArticle",
				"name": "Enrich Your Publications with"
        "isPartOf": {
          "@type": "PublicationIssue",
          "name": "ZEN Ways - Issue 22"
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