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ldodds commented Jan 9, 2017

Couple of comments on the pending variablesMeasured property

  • The current definition describes it as "The variables that are measured in some dataset".
  • #1083 notes that this is helps to describe the "Main variables measured -- without necessarily knowing the distinction of which ones are dimensions and which ones are measures qb:dimensionProperty and qb:MeasureProperty)"

I think the name is slightly misleading as a dimension isn't necessarily something that is measured (although its obviously part of the observation).

As already highlighted, DataCube defines dimensions, measures and properties. It may be useful to distinguish between those, e.g datasets that measure population vs those that describe a specific area. So one option is to create more specific properties that cover those.

STAT-DCAT adds dimension and attribute properties to a distribution which allows this. Although confusingly it doesn't allow the measure to be specified.

If the preference is to keep a generic property and then later extend, then perhaps a better reference point would be the DataCube "data structure definition". This is a list of the dimensions, measures and attributes associated with a dataset associated via the structure / component properties.

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