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Original thread,
(Yuliya Tikhokhod, 15 May 2014)

As of Nov 18th, this work is almost complete. This issue tracks a final concern which is our definition of "Game". In the candidate release sdo-venkman public comments suggested that the type "Game" had overly-specific text (see and nearby).

That text dated from earlier designs which used a RolePlayingGame type instead of a general Game type. The old text was "A role-playing game is a game in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting.". We therefore need to update the text to indicate the wider usage of "Game".

Proposed new and broader text: "The Game type represents things which are games. These are typically rule-governed recreational activities, e.g. role-playing games in which players assume the role of characters in a fictional setting".

This issue also serves as a hub for ongoing improvement. We will not come up with a perfect definition of Game at the first attempt, or ever. Rather than get too philosophical (see we are beginning from a concrete use case and may expand and refine the definition over time.

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(Note: I expect to close the issue once a first version is published, but we may open other more specific followup issues and link them here, e.g. exploring relationship between "games" and "sports" that are acknowledged but can't be examined fully at this time)

@danbri danbri added a commit to danbri/schemaorg that referenced this issue Nov 19, 2014
@danbri danbri Fine-grained tweaking of Series-related type/properties links.
Emphasis on domainIncludes rather than rangeIncludes, we
push media-related properties down onto TVSeries, RadioSeries,
VideoGameSeries and MovieSeries. For example, all of these
might have actor, whereas a MovieSeries doesn't usually have
episodes. Also further legacy cleanup removing redundant types.

The Series type has a new more general description.

We move Periodical under Series, and add MovieSeries and BookSeries
as placeholders.

Issue tracking:

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