Proposed vocabulary additions/changes - general rolling overview #2

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This issue accompanies the rolling planning issue (#1) by providing at-a-glance view into the pile of vocabulary changes collected nearby. This is where "Closed but Noted (and possible Queued)" issues should be registered by the team. Doing so allows us to have an overview of potential work, and to avoid being overwhelmed with 100s of open issues. See our github issue management page for more details.

Noted proposals

The following gives an overview of proposals that have been received.

  • CreativeWork
    • #1010 Movie, TVSeries - proposed addition of cinematographer property.
    • #756 Poem
    • #749 MedicalWebPage
    • #737 keywords should allow URLs
    • #736 publications (a list of)
  • Place / LocalBusiness
    • #743 Distillery
    • Dataset
      • #713 - description of dataset (and database) schemas, beyond's.
        Top level or misfit
  • Product
    • IndividualProduct
      • #1289 - suggested new fields, (initially MSRP, MSRP Currency). While these can be handled via additionalProperty, also noting here.
  • 746 Animal

Major cross-cutting areas:

  • Events and Actions
  • Food (for Recipe, MedicalEntity / Diet, menus, Reservation, GS1 / food packaging, etc etc.) - #458
  • Achievements, credentials and awards. Relates to sports, JobPosting and to courses, e.g. see:
    • #1324 for sporting championship/tournament awards
    • #668 dance studio awards
    • #780 - use of starRating on hotels and food establishments; #1293 proposed EndorsementRating for critic's reviews and other non-scaled positive ratings.
    • #195 - extensive discussion of academic/scholarly, professional and vocational credentials around courses; also skills for a JobPosting: #1167

Changes / updates

  • #735 - Why is DownloadAction under TransferAction instead of ConsumeAction
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