Add more export formats (e.g. as offered but obsolete at #208

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danbri commented Dec 28, 2014 offers JSON and CSV views of However it is un-maintained. We are now reasonably well set up to do more of this kind of thing within itself than when both sites were first launched.

  • JSON(-LD)
  • Turtle #317
  • CSV
  • Other?
danbri commented Dec 28, 2014

Here's a quick look at reproducing the CSV export for types. You can run it in localhost:8000/console in appengine.

    # CSV for types:
    # id,label,comment,ancestors,supertypes,subtypes,properties
    # ComedyClub,Comedy Club,,Thing Organization LocalBusiness EntertainmentBusiness,EntertainmentBusiness,,

    import pprint
    from api import *

    t = 'CreativeWork'

    di = Unit.GetUnit("domainIncludes")
    ri = Unit.GetUnit("rangeIncludes")

    def GetLabel(term):
        for triple in term.arcsOut:
                if ( == 'rdfs:label'):
                    return triple.text
    def PropsForType(term):
            for prop in sorted(GetSources(di, term), key=lambda u:
                pprint.pprint("Property: %s" % )

    term = Unit.GetUnit(t)
    term_desc = GetComment(term)
    p_subtypes = GetImmediateSubtypes(term)
    p_supertypes = GetImmediateSupertypes(term)

    subs =  ( "Direct subtypes of %s: %s" % (, ', '.join([str( for x in p_subtypes]) ) )
    sups =  ( "Direct supertypes of %s: %s" % (, ', '.join([str( for x in p_supertypes]) ) )

    pprint.pprint("Term: %s Label: %s Desc: %s Subs: %s Supers: %s Properties: %s" % (, GetLabel(term), term_desc, subs, sups, PropsForType(term) )  )
danbri commented Dec 28, 2014

What about mapping to/from OWL? Now I have a microdata->RDF parser working, I can get back to hacking on this.
I'm not sure if it's better to use anonymous union classes where there are multiple domain and range statements given, or whether defining a named equivalent class is nicer (that has the advantage of possibly catching some missing abstractions when the hierarchy is classified ).

I'm feeling lazy enough to not bother trying to be clever about properties that are data and object valued, and just box incoming literal values.

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gebrits commented Dec 11, 2015

@danbri is this still on the agenda? Specifically looking for an up-to-date json-LD representation including attribute-types

@danbri danbri removed the type:enhancement label Mar 7, 2016
danbri commented May 15, 2016

Yup, this still matters...

3sv commented Aug 26, 2016

There is a json-ld representation at the root of that is served by content negotiation (accept header application/ld+json - explained in the wiki here:

@danbri Are there plans to allow partial requests in json-ld to, ie getting in json-ld format?


@3sv checkout the export formats section on meta-issue (#3) to see what's on the pending list.

I'm hoping to get on to many of these soon.


@RichardWallis when you say 'export format' do you mean 'alternative representations'? I can't see the point of having in json-ld format if the URL is not Each representation should use content negotiation via the HTTP Accept header right?


@morseltech see the content of #1351. Specifically:

Introduced content negotiation on per-term pages for the following accept types, mapping to the associated file extension types:...

Happy to see this happening, fwiw! 😁


Awesome. When are these changes expected to be release on the site?

danbri commented Dec 6, 2016

We're overdue for a release, I hope to finalize a release candidate this week, and to get it published this year.


Fantastic news. This provides huge benefits, not least of which is people that as scared of RDF don't need to see the underlying RDF and also that each term reference becomes an example for modelling in json-ld. Good job team. Yay!

pmackay commented Feb 21, 2017

May I ask, when might a CSV download be available?

danbri commented Feb 21, 2017

Early access to CSV and related improvements:

This will be on the site in the next release.

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