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danbri commented Jan 26, 2015

It has been suggested that additional properties around FlightReservation (or on Ticket, Airline etc.) would improve the usefulness of our flight reservations vocabulary. @vholland has been working on a specific proposal.

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vholland commented Feb 2, 2015

I have added some properties related to boarding passes at vholland@b8f85c9.

Specifically, the proposed new properties on FlightReservation are:

passengerSequenceNumber: The passenger's sequence number as assigned by the airline.

passengerPriorityStatus: The priority status assigned to a passenger for security or boarding (e.g. FastTrack or Priority).

securityScreening: The type of security screening the passenger is subject to.

And on Airline:

boardingPolicy: The type of boarding policy used by the airline (e.g. zone-based or group-based).


@vholland, what is the difference between the existing property and the proposed passengerSequenceNumber property?

Also, can you update the examples to show the usage of the new properties?


boardingGroup is something like "Group A" or "Zone 1" which determines the order people board the plane.

The passengerSequenceNumber is a unique identifier the airline uses for the passenger.

I'll update the examples as well.


OK, thanks. I guess I don't travel enough. I hadn't seen (or noticed) the unique ID for a passenger before.


The pull request has expanded examples.

I also incorporated @chaals suggestion to not try to enumerate the security screening programs. The securityScreening property now expects Text.

chaals commented Mar 20, 2015

Looks good to me.

vholland commented Apr 8, 2015

Merged into sdo-gozer.

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