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This issue is intended for high-level planning, and relates to the set of issues tagged as site tools + python

See #1 for overall plan, and #2 for vocabulary planning.


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  • Work paused

Issues [to be] addressed

  • Site HTML
    • Issue (#67) RDFa in per term pages should include inverseOf & subPropertyOf
    • Issue (#217) The rdfs:subClassOf links in RDFa markup have room for improvement
    • Issue (#317) Add Turtle dumps on per-term views
    • Issue (#725) Description tag to include term description of sensible length, breaking on a sentence boundary. Issue extended to include same functionality for JSON-LD output also to strip out quotes and other breaking markup.
    • Issue (#1217) RDFa on Term page - subClassOf in odd place
  • Example txt files
    • Issue (#54) Automate comparison of examples with Schema
    • Issue (#177) Every example should have a unique ID
    • Issue (#499) Generate a list of terms that do not appear in examples
    • Issue (#1104) Workflow needs syntax-checkers integrated for all examples
    • Issue (#1145) Clean up .txt files
  • Tests
    • Issue (#156) Test supercededBy & inverseOf don't point to same thing
    • Issue (#250) Test ensuring sentences end on '.'
    • Issue (#485) Testcase to catch case where a property points to an enum that we forgot to enumerate
    • Issue (#782) Add a scripts/ utility for QA of Web-served functionality
    • Issue (#1205) Unit test warning if a property is inverseOf itself
    • Issue (#1280) Need python API telling us which examples exist in < 3 formats
    • Issue (#1329) Test to catch terms that are subtype/property of an attic term
  • Export formats / files
    • Issue (#197) Always generate updated RDF, OWL, JSON-LD
    • Issue (#208) Add more export formats
    • Issue (#703) Content Negotiation for Turtle file
    • Issue (#317 ) Add Turtle dumps on per-term views
    • Issue (#360) Representation of schema_org_rdfa in "canonized" Polyglot HTML5
    • Issue (#390) CSV download of all terms
    • Issue (#484) Release snapshot format improvements
    • Issue (#1101) Should the version history of the JSONLD context file be archived.
  • JSON-LD / Context
    • Issue (#51) JSON-LD context problem for properties that can take both URL or Text
    • Issue (#854) JSON-LD emerging best practice is to alias @type, @id (and other keywords)
    • Issue (#860) Add a 404 handler that detects lookupd of /id and /type (JSON-LD keywords) and explains what's up
  • Language
    • Issue (#491) Add the chinese translations
    • Issue (#1282) data/*schema files should have consistent language tagging
  • Meta vocabulary & display thereof
    • Issue (#182) Add to RDFS Conventions for see-also-issue-tracker, or see-also-documentation link
    • Issues (#233) (#255) Add domainHint & rangeHints for properties
    • Issue (#359) rdfs:comment ... Need quotation rules?
    • Issue (#465) Document .py API + schema config markup for deprecating (rather than marking as supersededBy) terms
    • Issue (#914) Implement a mechanism for recording context-specific term definitions (textual at least)
    • Issue (#1318) Create process/UI/etc for terms that graduate from Pending (or get archived/abandoned) - "attic"
  • Site functionality
    • Issue (#490) Site HTML should be responsive to people using tiny pocket computers
    • Issue (#879) Collect some useful/interesting visualizations of the vocabularies
  • Vocabulary Definition
    • Unit tests to check extension values
    • Extension vocabulary definition:
      • Define overall state of extension - Proposed / Released
      • Define state of individual terms within released extension - Proposed / Accepted
      • Include release version
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Meta: planning #1

11 of 18 tasks complete
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@RichardWallis RichardWallis Extension navigation from (#3)
  Full listing for extension only
  Type/Property counts on docs/schemas.html
  Link to extensions on docs/schemas.html
  Type/Property listings on extension home pages
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