Add MovieClip as a parallel to TVClip and RadioClip #314

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Contributor and exist. It would be nice to have a type for MovieClip.

danbri commented Jan 30, 2015

Would we have VideoGameClip too?

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chaals commented Jan 31, 2015
  • reply@- notifications@Without being up to my neck in the sue cases, I would prefer to have "audioClip" and "VideoClip" (although they might keep the historic names). cheers 31.01.2015, 02:30, "Dan Brickley" we have VideoGameClip too?—Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub.   --Charles McCathie Nevile - web standards - CTO Office, - - - Find more at 
danbri commented Feb 1, 2015

While we're here - to clarify, are 'audio'(AudioObject) and 'video('VideoObject') the right way to link the actual audio/video contents of a clip? i.e. there's an indirection through a MediaObject to get to the actual bytes via ... (and via other structures for embedded players)

(@chaals - audio clip and video clip on their own are rather close to AudioObject and VideoObject - knowing that it is TV or Radio or Movie or Game etc is what gives some distinctive flavour and value...)

vholland commented Feb 2, 2015

+1 to some value in knowing the clip is part of TV, Radio, etc is useful.

I considered proposing VideoGameClip as well, so it may be worthwhile to add it at the same time.

danbri commented Feb 2, 2015

@vholland - since we try not to 'over model' things via intermediate types ("SubtypableOnlineMediaClipEntityPrototype etc :), I think the pressure is more on us here socially to make sure relevantly similar terms get treated reasonably similarly. We've done that when adding video game lately so it seems worth tracking that here if possible.

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@vholland vholland Issue #314: Added MovieClip and VideoGameClip. 6bed2db

+1 to MovieClip, VideoGameClip vs. AudioClip, VideoClip. The former matches how we have modeled series, seasons, and episodes, which seem conceptually closer to clips than MediaObject does.

vholland commented Apr 8, 2015

Merged into sdo-gozer.

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