Add a simpler mechanism to specify the platform for EntryPoint targets #773

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When authors use, they have two ways to specify the platform where the Action should be executed: or with the special prefix "android-app" or "ios-app" as appropriate. (See the examples in

These mechanisms are insufficient as:

  • They don't support mobile web apps very well. The author should not have to specify the specific browser app.
  • There is no way to distinguish mobile web URLs from URLs intended for a desktop experience.
  • Authors often want the abstract notion of a particular OS, not a specific version (e.g. iOS, not iOS 9).
  • With Universal Links in iOS 9, the Action will have a single URL regardless of platform.

To make it easier for developers to specify which platforms support their Action URLs, I propose the following:

  • A new property on called targetPlatform which takes one of the following enumeration values:
    • IOSPlatform
    • AndroidPlatform
    • WindowsMobilePlatform
    • MobileWebPlatform
    • DesktopWebPlatform

Authors who prefer to specify a specific application or OS version can continue to use actionApplication as they do today.

/cc @shankarnat Is there a better term for Windows Mobile?

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@vholland vholland Issue #773: Added actionPlatform to EntryPoint and the supporting enu…

Created pull request #778. Some things to note, which I would like feedback on:

  1. already exists for It does not seem entirely compatible with this proposal, so I added actionPlatform instead.
  2. Should this be unified with If so, I would name the type ComputingPlatformType rather than ActionPlatformType.

/cc @chaals @ajax-als @tilid @pmika @mfhepp @shankarnat @scor @rvguha @danbri

danbri commented Sep 16, 2015

Note: if we go for this, will likely need an update too


I'd like to squeeze this into sdo-phobos if possible. Comments?

/cc @chaals @ajax-als @tilid @pmika @mfhepp @shankarnat @scor @rvguha @danbri

danbri commented Sep 30, 2015

where are we with this folks? PTAL!

@danbri danbri pushed a commit that referenced this issue Oct 2, 2015
Dan Brickley Documented actionPlatform addition, #773. fa69dc1
tilid commented Oct 12, 2015

Sorry for the late answer
I think it is a good idea to unify this with
Also I have a question what if target platform is not in your list (new or not very popular platform)?

danbri commented Oct 12, 2015

I like idea of converging these. I would also be happy moving forward with Text/Thing/URL as the only structure for values initially. @vholland any thoughts?


I'm happy to move forward with Text/Thing/URL for now and unify these with a common enumeration next release. It would allow others to give input on the enumerated values required for both domains.

danbri commented Nov 6, 2015

Shipped as part as - thanks everyone! Shall we leave the issue open for discussion of convergence with gamePlatform?

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