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danbri commented Nov 6, 2015

Various amongst us have been experimenting with visualizations of - the hierarchy as well as other information such as usage data. We should collect some of this.

For example,

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danbri commented Nov 6, 2015

See also ./data/2015-04-vocab_counts.txt in the repo for source of the per-term stats we mention in each page. These are in broad buckets (1-10, 10-100, etc etc sites).

@danbri danbri self-assigned this Nov 6, 2015

I want to show you this It's the equivalent visualization you have in your schemas html page ( but a bit more graphical and interactive. It's not finished yet but if you want to use it I can work on it and improve it.

Actually, I think that it is not the best visualization for your hierarchy. The sunburst is more compact while the tree uses a lot of space. In general, if you want to build a good visualization for your hierarchy I think that the best thing to do is to understand which are the need of the users. Which are the information users are interested in? Some examples:

  • understand how big is the hierarchy
  • understand how deep is the hierarchy
  • understand which is the father of a certain type
  • understand how many children has a certain type
  • consult the properties of a certain type
  • "incoming / outgoing term-count per type"

Anyway, we could visualize the same data you are working on, using a set of different visualizations (tree, sunburst, ...) and than include them in your website.

I think that the evolution diagram would be very interesting. I updated the one you saw about DBpedia improving the transitions between the different versions so that we can use it for your data too. I included all the past versions of the DBpedia hierarchy and now more insights come up (

rajido commented Mar 16, 2016

In BioSchemas we are interested in visualisation on top of properties, types and content. We are looking to create several widgets using BioJS that could be easily reused for different purposes. Happy to count with your feedback and share our ideas of what it could be useful.

Visualisation with BioSchemas, and BioJS is one the project ideas proposed in GSoC 2016. Though the focus is on the bio domain we would like to create widgets that could work not just for us but for any other domains and information in general. We hope to get good proposals and push forward some interesting ideas.


@rajido: I'm interested in seeing the round visualization you expose on your website, the one on which you superimpose "Explore the possibilites of biological data representation today". I didn't find it on the website, may I see it?

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