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RichardWallis commented Sep 6, 2016

Added .csv format files to the available vocabulary definition download file options.

Introduced content negotiation on per-term pages for the following accept types, mapping to the associated file extension types:

  • application/ld+json - .jsonld
  • application/x-turtle - .ttl
  • application/rdf+xml - .rdf
  • text/plain - .nt
  • text/csv - .csv

The file extension forms are also directly accessible. eg. http://schema.org/Book.ttl

Addresses issues (#208), (#317), (#390), (#703)

Much for folks to look at and comment upon when merged and available on webschemas.org

RichardWallis added some commits Sep 6, 2016

Introduced content-negotiated data output to term pages for csv, ttl,…
… jsonld, nt formats.

Introduced csv vocabulary dump files plus updated developers.html to select them.
Added Markdown processing to cnneg served data
Plust enable absolute URLs for wikilin lings in data outputs
Moved MarkDownTool out of api.py into apimarkdown.py to prevent circular
import dependancies.
Built first pass at release 3.2 dump files
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