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Is a way to modify input that will affect output from SchemaSpy.

All these instructions are defined in xml the schema can be found here

Schema contains documentation but lets go through the above mentioned features.

Add comments/remarks

The xsd currently allows both comments and remarks. However remarks has been deprecated.

So adding a comment will either add, if missing from database, or replace if comments/remarks exist. Supports markdown, example see :ref:`usage_advanced_markdown_metadata`

Add relationships

Add remote tables

Specifying the remoteCatalog and remoteSchema attributes on a table makes it a remote table and as such a logical table.

Add columns

Exclude columns from implied relationships

Explicitly disables relationships to or from this column that may be implied by the column's name, type and size.

Available options: to, from, all, none
Default: none

Exclude columns from diagrams

Sometimes the associations displayed on a relationships diagram cause the diagram to become much more cluttered than it needs to be. Enable this setting to not show the relationships between this column and other columns.

Use exceptDirect to disable associations on all diagrams except for the diagrams of tables directly (within one degree of separation) connected to this column.

Available options: all, exceptDirect, none
Defaults: none