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Before you can start using SchemaSpy you must have installed two things in your system environment.

Java 8

Download instructions for all operating systems:


Since version 6.1.0 Graphviz is no longer required. There is an embedded viz.js that can be used by adding command line argument vizjs


  • Windows

    The easiest way to install Graphviz is to download the msi package from


    Remember to add the folder containing Graphviz's dot.exe application to your system PATH variable, eg.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Graphviz2.38\bin
  • Linux, Mac OS

    Please read carefully the detailed instructions on how to install Graphviz on your os version


SchemaSpy is just a single executable jar-file (schemaspy-[version].jar), you can download releases from or the github releases page

If you feel adventurous there is a link in the for latest builds.

When you have your jar-file head on over to Get Started

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