forked from archfear/koala

A lightweight, flexible library for Facebook with support for OAuth authentication, the Graph and REST APIs, realtime updates, and test users.

Updated Feb 24, 2015

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forked from Automattic/kue

Kue is a priority job queue backed by redis, built for node.js.

Updated Apr 9, 2014

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forked from saintedlama/passport-local-mongoose

Passport-Local Mongoose is a Mongoose plugin that simplifies building username and password login with Passport

Updated Apr 7, 2014

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forked from cojohn/node-urban-airship

Simple wrapper for the Urban Airship API in Node.js.

Updated Mar 13, 2014


forked from sferik/twitter

A Ruby interface to the Twitter API.

Updated Aug 2, 2013


forked from lostisland/faraday

Simple, but flexible HTTP client library, with support for multiple backends.

Updated Aug 2, 2013

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forked from etsy/statsd

Simple daemon for easy stats aggregation

Updated Nov 2, 2012


forked from errbit/errbit

The open source error catcher that's Airbrake API compliant

Updated Jun 1, 2012


forked from apache/thrift

Mirror of Apache Thrift (incubating)

Updated Apr 10, 2012

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