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Terminfo library
This is a Scheme library for accessing the terminfo database on Unix/Linux
systems. It's based on terminfo.lisp written by Paul Foley
This library has been tested on Scheme48 1.3, Scsh 0.6.7 and MzScheme
To load in Scheme48 1.3,
> ,config ,load interfaces.scm s48-let-opt.scm s48-packages.scm
> ,open terminfo
To load in Scsh 0.6.7,
> ,config ,load interfaces.scm scsh-packages.scm
> ,open terminfo
To load in MzScheme v372,
> (load "")
A sample test program is available at 'tests/termhl.scm'.
> ,open terminfo srfi-13
> ,load tests/termhl.scm
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