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A curated list of awesome Scheme libraries and resources
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Awesome Scheme



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Native Compilers

  • Chez: R6RS, official installer also for Windows, considered one of the fastest scheme implementations.
  • Ikarus R6RS
  • MIT/GNU Scheme: R7RS

Uses another Scheme as backend

  • Gerbil: R7RS, compiles to C, based on Gambit, extends gambit with better macro and module systems.
  • Racket: R6RS, beginner friendly, full Windows support, optional typing, essentially a superset of scheme, tons of libraries, moving/moved to a Chez Scheme backend.

Transpilers to C

  • Chicken: R5RS and R7RS, beginner friendly, exceptional community, unique implementation of GC.
  • Cyclone: R7RS, experimental extension of Chicken-style GC with native thread support.
  • Gambit: R5RS, official installers also for macOS, iOS, Windows, considered quite fast.
  • Bigloo: R5RS, can also compile to Java-Virtual-Machine (JVM) classes, limited optional typing.

Bytecode VM's and JVM/CLR

  • Chibi: R7RS
  • Gauche: R7RS, compiles to standalone executable, official installers also for Windows, Docker.
  • GNU Guile: R6RS, getting JIT executable support soon, beginner friendly, officially supported by GNU, scripting language for many pieces of GNU software.
  • IronScheme: R6RS, based on Common-Language-Runtime (CLR).
  • Kawa: R7RS, based on JVM, compile to JVM classes, limited optional typing.

Javascript Interpreter


  • Larceny: R6RS and R7RS, generate native code, official installers also for macOS, Windows.
  • Scheme48: classic, unmaintained but useful.
  • Scsh: classic, unmaintained but useful.
  • Ypsilon: classic, unmaintained but useful.

Package Managers

  • Akku: Implementation agnostic R6RS and R7RS packages.
  • GNU Guix: Functional package manager and operating system distribution for GNU sytem.
  • Snow: Portable R7RS libraries.
  • Racket: Racket-specific packages.

Read, Learn, Teach

Editor and IDEs

  • Geiser: most comprehensive Emacs support for many Scheme implementations (MELPA)


Web Development

  • chibi html-parser: lenient HTML parser (R7RS; Docs; Akku, Snow)

Languages and computation

Numerical code

  • Harlan: a Scheme-based programming language for GPU computing

Foreign Function Interface

  • r6rs-pffi - portable foreign-function interface for several implementations (R6RS; Home & Docs; Akku)

Past Events

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