Treehouse TechDegree Project #1
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Treehouse TechDegree Project 1

You have volunteered to be the Coordinator for your town’s youth soccer league. As part of your job you need to divide the 18 children who have signed up for the league into three even teams - Dragons, Sharks and Raptors. In years’ past, the teams have been unevenly matched, so this year you are doing your best to fix that. For each child, you will have the following information: Name, height (in inches), whether or not they have played soccer before and their guardians’ names.

The project has three major parts. For each part, choose ONLY from the tools we have covered in the courses so far:

  1. Native types and collections to store data (Dictionaries, Arrays, Ints, Strings, etc...)
  2. Accessing, appending and counting Arrays
  3. Accessing Dictionaries and Arrays
  4. Creating control flow
  5. Use of comparison operators
  6. String Interpolation
  7. Use of comments