Treehouse TechDegree Project #6
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The API Awakens.xcodeproj
The API Awakens


Treehouse TechDegree Project #6

A short time ago, in a Galaxy not so far away, you were taught about APIs. Now is your chance to harness the force (of newfound knowledge) and put the Star Wars API (SWAPI) to use in an iOS app.

Create the appropriate types for people, vehicles, and starships. Consider your options in terms of structs, classes, composition, inheritance, etc.

Create asynchronous networking code to retrieve JSON results from the SWAPI API. Make sure your code is reusable for the different entities (people, vehicles, starships) that you will be handling and displaying.

Create logic to parse the JSON result and display the names of all members of the entities in the Picker Wheel. You may need to check documentation for guidance on how to use the Picker control.

Create three screen layouts which users can switch between. One each for people, starships, and vehicles. Make use of reusable elements, storyboards, etc. as you see fit. One possibility is to use a single layout and change/show/hide UI elements programmatically.

Create logic such that when a user selects from the pick wheel, all the related fields on the screen are being populated.

Create logic to populate the Quick Facts Bar. You may want to use generics for this.

Create a feature such that a user can convert metric units to British units with a tap of a button.

Create a feature such that a user can input an exchange rate in a text field and then convert between Galactic Credits and US Dollars.

Add error handling which include, but not limited to: The device going offline when an API call is in progress A user entering a 0 or negative exchange rate An error resulting from a key or element missing from the JSON returned from the API