Poll AWS S3 bucket and folder for files, and trigger pipeline in GoCD
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Plugin based on JSON API with gocd/sample-plugins/package-material as base.


  • Build: mvn clean package
  • Run tests: mvn verify


Build it, and copy target/go-plugins-dist/gocd-s3-poller.jar to plugins dir as described in Go.cd docs.

Configure the plugin in Admin/Package repository, choose s3-poller and enter a bucket name. Remember, you need the AWS credentials available in a way AWS SDK can read them.

Configure it as a Package material in the pipeline, by entering a path the plugin should poll. The folder must exist and there must be at least one file in that folder.

The poller will trigger the pipeline when a file is added to the given bucket and folder. It only triggers on files, not folders.


  • To get latest revision it cycles all files to get the one with the latest modified date. Problematic for buckets with many files.
  • Implement pagination support in listObjects, by checking isTruncated().