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A very thin Clojure wrapper for the SPID Java SDK
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A Clojure wrapper for the SPID Java client.


Add [spid-client-clojure "1.0.0"] to :dependencies in your project.clj.


Start by creating a client:

(def client (create-client client-id secret))

You can also pass in an option map. These are the defaults:

{:spp-base-url ""
 :redirect-uri "http://localhost:8080"}

Note: The :redirect-uri really makes no sense in this context, but is required by the API. It only comes into play when logging in as a user.

Server to server communication

Using the client, create a server token:

(def token (create-server-token client))

Then call the API with:

(GET client token "/users")

It can also take an optional parameters map.

Calling API on behalf of users

Create a user token with:

(def token (create-user-token client code))

This is the code you get after a user has logged in on SPiD.

Otherwise it works just like the server-to-server API.

(GET client token "/me")