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Burn 0.6.0

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@schik schik released this 09 Apr 12:06
· 28 commits to master since this release


Burn is a GNUstep based CD burning program.
Recent changes:

  • The project window now uses a configurable toolbar instead of those two buttons.
  • Files can now be added using the NSOpenPanel. This is handy if you don't use GWorkspace for D'n'D.
  • The parameters dialog is opened always before burning as this is safer. The old parameters may not match your current compilation which could be fatal.
  • The inspectors have undergone a major overhaul:
    • Besides some visual changes, the track inspector has now an 'Open'
      button by which the selected track may be opened with its preferred
      viewer application.
    • The media and audio cd inspectors now display their data in an outline
      view, which makes them clearer.
  • The main application and the bundles now use reasonable defaults. Thus the
    user is no longer forced to run the preferences upon the first start.
  • The hardware detection is now more robust and reliable.
  • D'n'D has been fixed to work with the latest GNUstep.
  • The bundles now have the extension 'burntool' to avoid problems with
    double loading other bundles, e.g. back.
  • New icons.
  • Building and installing has been adapted to the latest GNUstep make.
  • Removed the class 'Image' that was used as 'poseAs' for NSImage. This
    was a hack because a lot of Gorm files had references to Camaelon's
    'Image' class. These have been fixed, now.
  • Fixed issues with writing the preferences/parameters back to user
    defaults database.
  • Lots of other bug fixes, mainly for segfaults.


Main window with inspector