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CDPlayer is a small CD Audio Player for GNUstep. This application is
only tested on Linux/GNUstep.

This application is GPL'ed. Read the COPYING file.
All bugs reports should be sent to Andreas Schik <>.

How to build
o You must install libcdio, libcdio_cdda and libcdio_paranoia, first. These
  libraries are needed for reading the CDDA data.

o As CDPlayer uses Cynthiune's output bundles to make the CD audible, you must
  install Cynthiune before you can build CDPlayer.

o Also Required is Cddb.bundle by Yen-Ju Chen. This bundle is included with
  CDPlayer. See below for details.

o To build CDPlayer simply do the following:
  This will build CDPlayer and the AudioCD and Cddb bundles.

o To install CDPlayer in your global GNUstep directory do:
        make install

  This will install CDPlayer in $(GNUSTEP_LOCAL_ROOT)/Applications and the
  AudioCD and Cddb bundles in $(GNUSTEP_SYSTEM_ROOT)/Library/Bundles.
  The AudioCD bundle does all the audio CD handling.

o By default, CDPlayer sends out desktop notifications on each new track to
  indicate the currently played track. This feature can be turned off by
  building CDPlayer like this:
        make notifications=no

o As of version 0.8.0, CDPlayer uses the Musicbrainz service to retrieve disc
  information. You must install libmusicbrainz5, libdiscid and libcoverart
  to build CDPlayer. To turn off Musicbrainz support do:
        make musicbrainz=no
  Cddb is turned off by default. To turn on Cddb support do:
        make cddb=yes

o As of version 0,8,0, CDPlayer supports reading CD-TEXT. If an audio CD
  contains respective information, CDPlayer does not query Musicbrainz or Cddb.
  As the CD-TEXT feature can be relatively slow, you can switch it off if you
  don't want it by building like this:
        make cdtext=no

o As of version 0.7.0, CDPlayer is able to display cover art, i.e. the front
  cover of the currently played CD is displayed in the main window. This
  feature is integrated into the Musicbrainz bundle and automatically available.
  It can no longer be turned off.

CDPlayer has been developed and tested against Cynthiune 1.0.0.
Cynthiune is part of GAP, which can be found here:

CDDB/FreeDB suport
CDPlayer uses the Cddb bundle from Yen-Ju Chen to access FreeDB
databases. The Cddb source code is integrated with CDPlayer.
The original Cddb bundle project is available here:

------- uses its own preferences key 'Device' to pass as custom device to
the AudioCD bundle.

% openapp [--Device=<path_to_cd_device>]

If no device is given, AudioCD.bundle will poll all devices for audio CDs. It will
play the first on, it can find.

Cached Data

CDPlayer caches cover art files. This speeds up loading of already known CDs.
The files are located in $HOME/GNUstep/Library/CDPlayer/coverart.
Cddb information is no longer cached. However, existing cache files in
$HOME/GNUstep/Library/CDPlayer/coverart/discinfo are still used.
Deleting these files should do no harm.


CDPlayer is a small CD Audio Player for GNUstep.




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