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------------ is an application to preview photos on your digital camera and
to download them to your PC. It is based on GNustep and CameraKit, the camera
framework for GNUstep. This application is only tested on Linux/GNUstep.

This application is GPL'ed. Read the COPYING file.
All bugs reports should be sent to Andreas Schik <>.

How to build
o You must install the CameraKit framework first. CameraKit is part of the
  gsimageapps project and is available here:
  Unfortunately, the original CameraKit lacks some functionality for the
  preview and is no longer developed. Thus, I have included a patched version
  of CameraKit into the Snapshot source tree.

o You must also have libgphoto2 and its header files on your system. But this
  is required for CameraKit anyway.

o Snapshot makes use of some features specfied by Mainly, it
  uses the user-dir specifications. This functionality is supplied by the
  FreeDesktopKit available from schik's github account. You can, however, build
  Snapshot without this (see instructions below).

o To build simply do the following:

  Note, that the GNUmakefile uses pkg-config to find the compiler and linker
  flags for libgphoto2. If that does not work for you, you may want to adjust
  these settings.

  If you do not want to use the FreeDesktopKit, compile Snapshot like this:
        make freedesktop=no

o To install in your global GNUstep directory do:
	make install

To run Snapshot, simply run Snapshot from the command line. The program will
automatically try to detect any connected cameras and will display the cameras
and their directory structure in the outline on the left of the window.
Should you later on add a camera to the system, simply coose the reload command
from the menu.
Snapshot does not need any configuration.

About is an application to preview photos on your digital camera and to download them to your PC.




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