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This is supplementary material for the article Hybrid automata: from verification to implementation, STTT, 2017. See below for how to cite this work.

The tool has also been integrated in HyST.

The archive contains:

  • a folder examples that includes all benchmarks
  • a folder lib that includes an executable Jar file of Hyst
  • a folder src that includes the source code of the translator
  • a folder buck_interval that includes all necessary files to reproduce the experimental results for the buck converter evaluated in the paper; Particularly, this folder contains the following:
    • SpaceEx model files for buck converter using intervals
    • a folder "buck_interval_data" that includes data obtained from SLSF simulation, reachability analysis with SpaceEx, and hardware experiment with dSPACE DS1103 system
    • a folder "code_generation" that includes C code generation for the buck converter by dSPACE
    • a file "dSPACE Experiment Report" that describes in details the dSPACE experiment for the buck converter

To run the translator, do the following:

  • Open Matlab.
  • Move to the folder where you extracted the files.
  • Add the source code to the Matlab path (in the "Current Folder" view). For that, right-click on the folder "src" and select "Add to Path" and the subcategory "Selected Folders and Subfolders".
  • Run the following command (where you replace "MODEL_NAME" by a meaningful relative path of your model file):
    SpaceExToStateflow('MODEL_NAME', '-s');

This produces a StateFlow model (which might take some time, especially when the Simulink libraries have not been loaded yet).

Example call:

     SpaceExToStateflow('examples\vanderpol\vanderpol.xml', '-s');

To run the simulation loop, run the following (parametrized) command:


Here, the parameters denote the following:

  • the model name (automatically taken from the *.xml file)
  • the number of simulations
  • the maximum simulation time
  • the number of backtrackings

Again, this might take some time the first time of the call because Simulink compiles the model in the background.

Example call:

     simulationLoop('vanderpol', 5, 50, 3);

To reproduce the table of benchmarks in the appendix, run the following script file:



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A converter from a hybrid automaton model to a Stateflow model







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