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[DONE] dbshell - Open new Terminal window
[DONE] diffsettings - No input, output in HTML
dumpdata - Options: JSON v YAML; All Models v Current Models: New File.
flush - No options. Output is Tooltip (--noinput)
inspectdb - Needs filename, creates new document
[DONE] loaddata - Current File. Tooltip.
makemessages - Project. Creates new document
reset - No input. Tooltip (--noinput)
runfcgi -
[DONE] runserver - No input. HTML Output
[DONE] shell - Open new Terminal window
sql - New Document. Uses appname of current file, or global
sqlall - As above
sqlclear - As above
sqlcustom - As above
sqlflush - As above
sqlindexes - As above
sqlreset - As above
sqlsequencereset - As above
startapp - Takes user input. Output is Tooltip
syncdb - No input, Tooltip output
[DONE] test - HTML Output
testserver - Uses selected files to create fixtures, HTML output
[DONE] validate - Tooltip Output