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Takes ingress screenshots with a headless firefox
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Takes ingress screenshots with a headless firefox and make a video of those screenshots afterward

Project Website:

Firefox Setup

Create Profile

First you have to set up a new profile for Firefox. You can easily do this by just typing

firefox -P

into a terminal window while no other firefox window is opened. Firefox will now prompt you to create a new profile.

  • Click the '''Create Profile'''-button
  • Press '''Next''' to proceed on the Create Profile Wizard
  • Enter your profile name - preferrably without spaces. e.g. use "ingress_cityname"
  • Finish.

Firefox has now created a new user directory inside your home.


'''Remember:''' If you want to take screenshots on a virtual machine/root-server you have to copy this profile to the machine using e.g. '''scp'''. Also copy and edit the profiles.ini file from ~/.mozilla/firefox/ to your remote machine.

Start firefox with your profile by clicking on "Start Firefox" or run it from console with:

firefox -P ingress_cityname

Log in to Google Account

To watch the intel map you need to log in to your Google account.

Choose your Viewport

On the Ingress intel map, just zoom in to the location you want to capture, and copy the link by using the "link" symbol in the upper right-hand corner. This link contains lat/lon coordinates and the zoom level of your current view.

Taking Screenshots


First you need to have these tools installed:

  • firefox
  • Xvfb
  • avconv

You can install these scripts with the package manager of the linux distribution of your choice.

Start Script

Just create a clone of the ingress-screenshot repository somewhere:

git clone

and configure the with your favorite text editor (vim, emacs, etc..). The parameter names should be self-explanatory.

Simply run the bash script with:


After a couple of minutes/seconds your first screenshot should appear in your current directory. It is possible to place a timestamp on every picture. To do this use the option -t

./ -t  

Creating a Video

To create a video there is also a simple bash script in the git repository. Just run


This will do the dirty work for you.



sudo apt-get install libavcodec-extra-53 imagemagick xvfb 

Xlib: extension "RANDR" missing on display ":23".

This is mostly just a warning, and everything will work fine import: Command not found

Make sure you have imagemagick installed. Install it on Ubuntu with this command:

sudo apt-get install imagemagick
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