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r0ket-tr4cking setup

First Steps

  • clone and/or fork git repository git://
  • checkout branch "clean" (git checkout clean)
  • add your new floorplans to the static/floorplans/ directory
    • change data max X/Y to the maximum values in your json file
    • change canvas max X/Y for canvas size (size of your floorplan)
    • add your floorplan names without the path to the floorFiles configuration


  • change the radar-radius (size of the radars)
  • you can use offsetX and offsetY if your data is not aligned correctly

Running on the same machine

If you install that script on the same machine where your json file is generated, to avoid cross-domain policy problems with the AJAX:

Running on a different machine

If you cant install that script on the same machine, you have to use the php-curl-proxy in debug/proxy.php:

You need a running webserver with installed php and php5-curl extension

If you have php5-apc installed, the proxy caches the request for each second


If you have multiple floorplans, make sure you align them in a graphics program (like gimp or sth else) The best way to determine the coordinates of your readers, is to point with your mouse cursor on the floorplan in your graphics program and use this coordinates (x/y)

Its always good to printout the floorplan and write down the coordinates and readerID for each reader


Just open http://your.domain.tld/ in your browser

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