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This is the source for Diggetydamn, Jan Schjetne's photo portfolio. It reads from Flickr sets and displays them on the site.

This source code is published under a WTFPL license and you are free to grab it and bastardize it in any way you want.



Before installing you'll need Flickr API keys. Once you have them, copy the env.sample file to .env and enter your information in that file.

$ npm install
$ node diggety

On first run a browser window should pop up asking you to authorize the Flickr app. Follow the instructions, then copy the environment variables into your .env file.


CSS is in /public/stylesheets Templates are in /views

Knock yourself out.

You'll most likely want to edit out these lines from diggety.js:

for (var i = result.photosets.photoset.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
    if (result.photosets.photoset[i].title._content.indexOf("Event: ") != -1) {

They are very specific to my needs and will probably be of absolutely no use to you. Probably no harm in leaving them though, unless you want to display photo sets with "Event:" in the name.


If anything goes wrong, feel free to ask me for help but I won't guarantee I'll have time to help out immediately. I'm just throwing this out there in case someone needs something like this.

Also note that this is a node.js rework of a site I made with PHP many, many years ago, and both the HTML and the CSS needs a major rehaul if you're looking to make a sweet looking site.