SkyUI Errors

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Error Code 1: The Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) is not running...


You didn't install the Skyrim Script Extender (or you installed it incorrectly).


Get SKSE from and follow the installation instructions included in the readme file.

If you have problems installing or running SKSE, have a look at Gopher's video guide:

Error Code 2: SKSE is outdated...


The SKSE version you are using is too old. You may run into this error after upgrading SkyUI without upgrading SKSE as well.


Install the latest SKSE version as described in the previous solution.

Error Code 3: SKSE scripts are outdated...


Setting up SKSE requires two steps: Installing the binaries and the Papyrus scripts.

Your Papyrus scripts are not matching the SKSE binaries. Either you forgot to install or update them, or an update of the Creation Kit overwrote the files with their originals.


Quoting the SKSE Readme:

  1. Copy the .dll and .exe files to your Skyrim directory. This is usually in your Program Files folder under Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim. If you see files named TESV and SkyrimLauncher, this is the correct folder. Do not copy these files to the Data folder as with a normal mod. The "src" folder is only useful for programmers, most users can ignore it.

  2. Copy the .pex files in Data\Scripts\ into the Data\Scripts\ folder of your installation. The .pex files are needed by all users of SKSE.

Make sure you don't forget the second step.

Error Code 4: Your Papyrus INI settings are invalid...


One, or more, of your Papyrus INI variables are set to invalid values. There are several tweaking guides and INI generators out there that propagate setting these to out-of-range values. As a result, SkyUI or other event-based mods can start behaving erratically.


Open My Documents/My Games/Skyrim/Skyrim.ini with a text editor and reset the following values to their respective defaults


You may also have to reset these values in SkyrimCustom.ini, if it exists, which is in the same directory.

For details on the meaning of these settings, see

Also, in case you think you know better: You don't. See these recommendations from a developer who implemented Papyrus.

Note 1: If you're getting this error even though your Papyrus INI settings are correct, re-install SKSE. It's possible that some of your SKSE scripts have been overwritten, which may cause INI value test to fail.

Note 2: If you're getting this error even though SKSE is installed correctly, verify the following INI setting:


A value of 0 will cause SKSE to stop working and will make the INI value tests fail.

Error Code 5: Incompatible menu file...

There are two potential causes of this error.

Problem A

You didn't uninstall an old version of SkyUI before upgrading to 3.0 or newer.

Solution A

Make sure you really removed all traces of older SkyUI versions, then install the new version again.

Installing SkyUI with the Nexus Mod Manager can help you with that, because it will detect and list conflicting files from SkyUI 2.2 and 3.1-alpha.

Problem B

There's another mod that overrides a particular menu file SkyUI is using as well.

Solution B

You'll have to pick one of the two mods.

If you want another mod to be able to override certain menu files of SkyUI while keeping the rest, you can disable these warning messages individually in the SkyUI configuration menu ( Advanced page).

Error Code 6: Menu file version mismatch...


The versions of SkyUI scripts and interface files are not matching. This could happen if you manually extracted the SkyUI.bsa.


Remove any loose SkyUI files from your data folder.

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