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This is a SiriusXM Internet Radio to SHOUTcast bridge server. It handles authentication and decryption of SiriusXM streams and remuxes them into a format appropriate for standard internet radio streaming clients.

SeriousCast also offers a simple web streaming interface for all of its streams using the VLC browser plugin.


SeriousCast is written in Python 3.

It has dependencies on:

You can use pip install -r requirements.txt to install these packages. Windows users will need to get an OpenSSL binary. Linux users will need the relevant packages installed to build cryptography.

An experimental HTTP Live Streaming server is being implemented using Flask, in Flask is not required to run the SHOUTcast server.


Make a copy of settings-example.cfg named settings.cfg. Replace the username and password fields with your SiriusXM credentials. The hostname field should be set to the publicly accessible hostname (or IP address) for your server.

After editing the configuration file, you should be able to run to start the service. Navigate to the configured port (default 30000) in a web browser to get a list of available channels. Each channel has a "Stream" option, which plays in your browser window, and a "Playlist" option, which downloads a .pls file for use in your SHOUTcast player of choice.


SeriousCast is licensed under the MIT (Expat) License.