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Installing Programs with install.rb / setup.rb
Type these lines on command line:
("#" line may require root privilege)
$ ruby install.rb config
$ ruby install.rb setup
# ruby install.rb install
There's no difference in a usage between install.rb
and setup.rb.
$ ruby setup.rb config
$ ruby setup.rb setup
# ruby setup.rb install
Usage of install.rb/setup.rb is:
ruby install.rb <global options>
ruby install.rb [<global options>] <task> [<task options>]
suppress message outputs
output messages verbosely (default)
prints help and quit
prints version and quit
prints copyright and quit
These are acceptable tasks:
saves configurations
prints current configurations
compiles extentions
installs files
cleans created files
Task Options for Config
a prefix of the installing directory path
the directory for standard ruby libraries
the directory for version-independent non-standard
ruby libraries
the directory for non-standard ruby libraries
the directory for commands
the directory for ruby scripts
the directory for ruby extentions
the directory for shared data
path to set to #! line
the ruby program using for installation
the make program to compile ruby extentions
forces to install.rb never to compile/install
ruby extentions.
your rbconfig.rb to load
You can view default values of these options by typing
$ ruby install.rb --help
In addition, setup.rb accepts these options:
package names which you want to install
package names which you do not want to install
[NOTE] You can pass options for extconf.rb like this:
ruby install.rb config -- --with-tklib=/usr/lib/
Task Options for Install
prints what to do and done nothing really.
a prefix of the installing directory path.
This option may help binary package maintainers.
A default value is an empty string.