Mod for the Kintaro NES case. Working power LED and on/off button
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Mod your Kintaro NES case with a power LED in the front and a secure soft shutdown on/off button or switch.

This mod uses the Rpi 3 GPIOs 14 (TXD) (Pin 8) and GND (Pin 6) for the LED.
For the button or in my case sliding switch the GPIO 3 (Pin 5) with the built in pull up resistor and GND (Pin 9) is used.

For testing the button on GPIO 3 the script could be used directly in a terminal via:

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

If the button gets pressed or switch gets slided you should see the output "Your button works :)" in the terminal.

If you are using retropie you can use the script to add a startup service which executes the shutdown command when the button gets pressed or switch slided.
Execute the script directly in terminal as root via:

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

if you are using recalbox, it is even easier, because only one value needs to be commented out in the configuration:


Thats it. 😄

Work progress :

Testing 🔧

Soldering 🔥

Cut out the case ✂️

Glue the switch and LED and test again 🔧

Wire everything up

Final result 🎮🎉