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Tcl extension for the LLVM C API
Tcl C++ Shell
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This is the llvmtcl extension based on the Tcl Extension Architecture (TEA). Please see the the Tcler's wiki page for more details.

This package is a freely available open source package. You can do virtually anything you like with it, such as modifying it, redistributing it, and selling it either in whole or in part. See the file license.terms for complete information.


  • Tcl 8.6
  • LLVM 3.5


The following is a short description of the files you will find in the sample extension.     Makefile template.  The configure script uses this file to
                produce the final Makefile.

README          This file.

license.terms   License info for thie package.

aclocal.m4      Generated file.  Do not edit.  Autoconf uses this as input
                when generating the final configure script.  See "tcl.m4"

configure       Generated file.  Do not edit.  This must be regenerated
                anytime or tclconfig/tcl.m4 changes.    Configure script template.  Autoconf uses this file as input
                to produce the final configure script. Package index template.  The configure script will use
                this file as input to create pkgIndex.tcl.

llvmtcl-gen.inp Input for llvmtcl-gen.tcl. It contains reformatted function
                declarations of the llvm C API.

llvmtcl-gen.tcl Script to generate the Tcl API to the llvm C API. The
                llvmtcl-gen.inp is the input for this script.

generic/        This directory contains various source files, some only
                generated during compilation (i.e., after `make`).

   llvmtcl.cpp  File containing all non-generated parts of the Tcl API to
                the LLVM C API. Also includes some sections which can only
                be implemented using the LLVM C++ API.

llvmtcl.tcl     Scripts using the Tcl API to the llvm C API.

tests           Some tests for the package.

tclconfig/      This directory contains various template files that build
                the configure script.  They should not need modification.

   install-sh   Program used for copying binaries and script files
                to their install locations.

   tcl.m4       Collection of Tcl autoconf macros.  Included by
                aclocal.m4 to define SC_* macros.


This is a C++ extension, so make sure to set the CC environment variable to a c++ compiler (e.g. g++).

Building under most UNIX systems is easy, just run the configure script and then run make. For more information about the build process, see the tcl/unix/README file in the Tcl src dist. The following minimal example will build and install the extension:

$ cd llvmtcl
$ ./configure --with-tcl=... --with-llvm-config=...
$ make
$ make test
$ make install

Add the llvm lib directory containing the llvm shared object files to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.


Not available.


The installation of a TEA package is structure like so:

          /       \
        lib       bin
         |         |
   PACKAGEx.y   (dependent .dll files on Windows)
  pkgIndex.tcl (.so|.dll files)

The main .so|.dll library file gets installed in the versioned PACKAGE directory, which is OK on all platforms because it will be directly referenced with by load in the pkgIndex.tcl file. Dependent DLL files on Windows must go in the bin directory (or other directory on the user's PATH) in order for them to be found.

USING llvmtcl

  • To load the extension into a Tcl interpreter:

      package require llvmtcl
  • The package makes a llvmtcl ensemble command. The subcommands are the LLVM C API functions with LLVM trimmed from the front. All supported types, enumerators and functions can be found in here.

  • Functions taking a pointer argument followed by an unsigned argument to specified the number of elements the pointer is pointing to are converted to ensemble commands where the pointer and the unsigned argument are replaced by a Tcl list.


examples/test.tcl - Example using the LLVM API to create a factorial function

examples/test2.tcl - Example using the LLVM API to create a function adding 4 and 6 to an argument, optimize that function and execute it.

examples/tebc.tcl - Example converting Tcl into LLVM

examples/ffidle.tcl - Example calling functions in shared libraries

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