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response = Typhoeus::Request.delete("http://localhost:3000/posts/1")
+*Handling HTTP errors*
+You can query the response object to figure out if you had a successful request or not. Here's some example code that you might use to handle errors.
+request.on_complete do |response|
+ if response.success?
+ # hell yeah
+ elsif response.timed_out?
+ # aw hell no
+ log("got a time out")
+ else
+ log(response.curl_error_message)
+ end
+This also works with serial (blocking) requests in the same fashion. Both serial and parallel requests return a Response object.
*Handling file uploads*
A File object can be passed as a param for a POST request to handle uploading files to the server. Typhoeus will upload the file as the original file name and use Mime::Types to set the content type.

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