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Redis Client Implementation for Python
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Redis Client implementation for Python. The Client only supports Python 3 for the moment. If there is enough interest, i will make it work with Python 2.

Currently implemented Features:
  • Base Redis Client
  • Publish Subscribe Client
  • Sentinel Client
  • Connection Pool
  • Sentinel Backed Connection Pool
  • Client & Pool for Redis Cluster
  • Bulk Mode ( Not supported with Redis Cluster )
  • Client & Pool with Static Hash Cluster (Supports Bulk Mode)
  • Sentinel Backed Pool with Static Hash Cluster (Supports Bulk Mode)



pyredis can be installed via pip as follows:

pip install python_redis


Stephan Schultchen <>


Unless stated otherwise on-file pyredis uses the MIT license, check LICENSE file.


If you'd like to contribute, fork the project, make a patch and send a pull request.

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