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Google Summer of Code Final Report


Main Code:

Total Contribution in GGally repo (> 325 commits. < 10 commits from other authors.)

Package Code coverage (as determined by tests) as of v1.2.0: 98%

Code coverage of main ggduo() function as of v1.2.0: 99.4%

16,821 downloads in July, 2016 from RStudio's CRAN mirror. Up from 13,041 downloads in March, 2016 before GSoC

Other Significant Code Improvements

Write up

Presentation to UseR2016! - June 30, 2016


Work Complete

Major ggduo() work is complete and currently on CRAN (v1.2.0 release notes).

Remaining Work

This project is being continued after google summer of code to submit a paper to the Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics. There are a few minor remaining items left to complete that will happen with the completion of the ggduo() paper.

  • Make a single regression plot that receives a stat model object
    • The vertical columns should contain up to: points, residuals, influence, and cooks distance
    • Should use the broom package
  • Make an example with the time series pigs data from cranvas::pigs
  • Make a single ggplot() faceted plot if only using a continuous plot type
  • Merge latest commits into master branch