Automated Test Suite for OpenSSH Configuration Tests
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Automated test suite for OpenSSH configuration


When developing or fine-tuning OpenSSH configurations the testing can be quite tiresome. These scripts create a test environment where one can test various setups without deploying a server or breaking the existing SSH configuration.

I wrote it for a Linux Magazin article about SSH key management. ATM the test suite checks if OpenSSH PKI support is present and works correctly.


  1. clone this git repo
  2. change into the cloned directory
  3. run to find out if your OpenSSH supports CA-based operations:
$ ./
   ... lots of info output running through ... 
SSH PKI Demo Test Results:
Succeeded create-ca-key
Succeeded create-host-key
Succeeded sign-host-key
Succeeded create-user-root-key
Succeeded sign-user-root-key
Succeeded create-user-unpriv-key
Succeeded sign-user-unpriv-key
Succeeded test-trusting-known-hosts-via-cert-and-login-with-password
Succeeded test-that-hostname-in-cert-must-match-target-host
Succeeded test-login-with-root-key-trusted-by-cert
Succeeded test-that-username-in-cert-must-match-target-user
Succeeded test-revoked-ca-key-prevents-login
Succeeded test-revoked-user-key-prevents-login
Succeeded test-revoked-host-key-prevents-connection
Succeeded in running all tests, congratulations!

Read the script and look at the *_config files to see how to use SSH PKI.

Requirements on Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install fakeroot sshpass checkinstall