Automatically generate SKUs for new products similar to order numbers
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This Magento extension sets up automatically generated SKUs, similar to order numbers.

Attention: It is not actively maintained anymore!

  • If you want to take over work on this project, contact me and I can give you ownership on Github
  • If you need this feature integrated and are willing to pay me for development on the extension and/or integration in your project, you can contact me as well



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  • PHP >= 5.4


  • Magento CE >= 1.6 or EE >= 1.11
  • (not tested on older versions)

Manual Installation

To install it manually, copy the directories "app" and "shell" into your Magento installation. Please make a backup of your database first because the extension makes changes there that can only be reverted with profound knowledge of the Magento database schema.


  1. In MySQL: Remove "backend_model" from SKU attribute
  2. In MySQL: Set "frontend_input" to "text" in SKU attribute
  3. Remove all extension files from your Magento installation

How it works

Every time you save a product without specifying the SKU, the SKU will be autogenerated (also applies for duplicating products). If for some reason there already is a product with the generated SKU, the next number will be chosen.

If you import products where you want to autogenerate the SKU, use an SKU value starting with "tmp", because without any SKU Magento cannot understand the import file. There is also a script to generate SKUs for existing products with empty or temporary SKUs. You can call it on the command line with "php shell/autosku.php"

Autogenerated SKUs start at S100, S101, S102, ...

You can change the prefix and start value in the database table eav_entity_store, similar to order numbers etc. (as documented here)


  • Make SKU format configurable (currently hard coded in SSE_AutoSku_Model_Resource_Setup).
  • More configuration
  • Better documentation