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03 May 2018

This repository contains data and code for replicating Bayesian estimation of total fertility from a population's age-sex structure by Carl Schmertmann and Mathew Hauer. Preprint at , in press at Statistical Modelling.

R programs include...

  • Stan Kanamari - final version.R (data and model for the Kanamari do Rio Juruá Brazilian indigenous population; makes Fig 4)

  • Stan GA 2010 counties.R (data and hierarchical model for 159 counties in the state of Georgia)

  • Figures GA 2010 counties.R (makes Figs 5,6,7 and several supplementary plots that are not included in the paper)

  • compare Bayes vs Oasis.R (makes Fig 8)

  • big test of alternative priors.R (code for the sensitivity analysis in Appendix B; makes Fig 9)

Input Data includes..

  • GA Oasis data.csv (county-level TFR and q_5 estimates from Georgia's Oasis state data system)

  • BirthRates2006-2010.csv (county-level ASFRs for 2006-2010 from Georgia's Oasis state data system)

  • bltper_5x5/ directory (holds text files containing HMD life tables for a variety of countries; used in Appendix B)

Output Data includes...

  • Kanamari fit.RData (stanfit object with results for the small indigenous population in Brazil)

  • Stan GA 2010 counties fit Fri 11Aug17 1410.RData (stanfit object with result for GA counties)

  • big test of alternative priors.csv (results from sensitivity experiments in Appendix B)

  • many graphs in .eps, .pdf, .png format


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