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Stupid simple log multiplexer written in go
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A simple multiplexer: multiple writers send messages via a Unix Domain Socket which gologd writes to a log file.

Warning: Seems to only work in Linux despite OSX's socket manpage mentioning SOCK_SEQPACKET.

Warning: It's stupid slow right now (approx. 3x slower than a Python version that does more) and meant to be a learning experience.

The original multiplexing logger implementation written in Python. To use make sure you have the Python tool "virtualenv" installed on your system:

virtualenv . . bin/activate pip install mmstats python python_logd.ini

Simple script to connect to the socket created by either logging daemon implementation and throw sample log messages at it. No dependencies should be required other than Python 2.6+.

# Fork 2 processes and have each send 10k messages to golog.sock python 2 10000 golog.sock # Fork 3 processes, each sends 10k messages, and send SIGHUP a few times python 3 10000 python_log.sock $(cat
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