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0.6.1 "MANIFEST.out" released 2012-03-08

  • Fix packaging issue

0.6.0 "PyCon 2012" released 2012-03-08

  • [API CHANGE] - MovingAverageField's kwarg changed from window_size => size
  • Refactored into fields, models, and default (and imported public bits into __init__)
  • Added TimerField (MovingAverageField + context manager)
  • Added docs (don't get too excited, just a start)

0.5.0 "100% More Average" released 2012-02-25

  • [API CHANGE] - RunningAverage field is now AverageField
  • Added MovingAverageField with window_size=100 parameter
  • Tests can now be run via "python test"

0.4.1 "Derpstats" released 2012-01-31

  • Fixed pollstats
  • Updated README slightly

0.4.0 "On the Road to Pycon" released 2012-01-17

  • Added clean module and cleanstats script to clean stale mmstat files
  • Added path kwarg to MmStats class to allow easy path overriding
  • Added StringField for UTF-8 encoded strings
  • Added StaticFloatField & StaticDoubleField
  • Added created UNIX timestamp (sys.created) to default MmStats class
  • Moved all modules into mmstats package
  • Fixed mmash template packaging
  • Fixed test mmstat file cleanup
  • Refactored reading code into mmstats.reader module

0.3.12 "Meow" released 2011-11-29

  • Use ctypes.get_errno() instead of Linux specific wrapper

0.3.11 "Rawr" released 2011-11-29

  • Fix libc loading on OSX

0.3.10 "π²" released 2011-11-28

  • PyPy support (switched from ctypes._CData.from_buffer to .from_address)
  • Multiple calls to MmStats().remove() no longer error (makes testing easier)

0.3.9 "MLIT" released 1970-01-01

  • Mistag of 0.3.8

0.3.8 "Hapiness" released 2011-11-20

  • Allow filename templating with %PID% and %TID% placeholders
  • Allow setting filename template via MMSTATS_FILES environment variable
  • Improved docs slightly
  • Fixed Ctrl-Cing run_flask_example script
  • Fixed 64 bit integer fields on 32 bit platforms
  • Fixed StaticInt64Field (was actually a uint64 field before)
  • Fixed slurpstats debug output (always showed first 40 bytes of file)
  • Strip newlines from org.python.version

0.3.7 "Depressive Realism is for Winners" released 2011-11-17

  • Add pollstats utility (similar to dstat/vmstat)
  • Cleanup development/testing section of the README
  • Slight improvements to basic flask integration example

0.3.6 "The M is for Mongo" released 2011-11-09

  • Allow setting the value of CounterFields

0.3.5 "Ornery Orangutan" released 2011-10-20

  • Added a running average field
  • Made mmash more configurable and added a console entry point
  • Updated TODO
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