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Scrapped Ideas

Compounds Fields where 1 Writer Field = Many Mmap/Reader Fields

This seemed like a honking great idea at first. Compound fields would look just like a mini-MmStat model:

class SamplingCounterField(CompoundField):
    """Records increments per ms every N increments"""
    counter = CounterField()
    per_ms = UInt64Field()

    class _Counter(object):
        """Implement counter/rate-sampling logic here"""

    def __get__(self, inst, owner):
        if inst is None:
            return self
        return inst._fields[self.key]._counter_instance

The blocker is that there's no way to atomically update all of the compound fields. The only way to accomplish this is for compound fields to appear as a single double buffered field with each component field as a type in the type signature:

class SamplingCounterField(DoubleBufferedField):
    initial = (
    buffer_type = (
    type_signature = (
        CounterField.type_signature + UInt64Field.type_signature

Obviously an actual implementation should remove the redundant references to the component types.

Note: Lack of atomicity is not a blocker for exposing fields such as Mean, Median, and Percentiles.

Solution: Future versions of the mmstats format should support structs as values instead of just scalars so that a single write buffer offset can point to multiple values.

Metadata metaprogramming

To get around having to dynamically creating the structs due to a variable label size, put the labels in a header index with a pointer to the actual struct field.

Page Flipping

Store metadata seperate from values. Then store values in multiple pages and flip between pages for read/write buffering.