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Add aggregators that ignore 0 values

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commit 8f5698fe5ee592d1590ed00a77eff6a86f134a7b 1 parent 59212cd
@schmichael authored
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7 mmstats/
@@ -62,12 +62,19 @@ def graph():
numeric_stats=sorted(numeric_stats, key=lambda x: x['label']))
+def _nonzero_avg(values):
+ """Return the average of ``values`` ignoring 0 values"""
+ nonzero_values = [v for v in values if v]
+ return float(sum(nonzero_values)) / len(nonzero_values)
aggregators = {
'avg': lambda v: float(sum(v)) / len(v),
'one': operator.itemgetter(0),
'max': max,
'min': min,
'sum': sum,
+ 'nonzero-min': lambda vals: min([v for v in vals if v]),
+ 'nonzero-avg': _nonzero_avg,
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