DHT11, DS1820, ESP8266, Arduino Nano
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#Arduino Weatherstation

I describe here my Inhouse Weatherstation Project. Most parts of the Code are copied. Check the comments

Image of the circuit

##What does it make? The circuit measures temperature and humidity. The results are pushed to Thingspeak over WLAN! ##What do I need? ##Hardware

  • Arduino Nano
  • DS18B20 (Temperature)
  • DHT11 (Humidity, Temperature)
  • ESP8266 (Wlan) This is an online


##Cloud Service You need a channel at Thingspeak - it's for free. Create a channel and use the Write API Key

##How to use the code This repository contains 6 Arduino sketches. The code is in the arduino-sketches folder. The wiring diagrams are in the folder diagrams. You find Informations about the parts in the images folder. Start with the 01 sketch and continue - in each further sketch a new part will be connected to your circuit for an easier debugging.

The sketches _04_test_merge_Dht11_ds1820 and _06_all_together need some information from you. Copy the file configuration.h.dist to configuration.h and enter name of your wLAN + Password and the Thingspeak Write API Key.

###Pull requets are welcome