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Custom Home Path for ChiliProject

This plugins allows you to redirect users from the ChiliProject home page to any other path. This might be useful, if you are using ChiliProject as a kind of CMS and would like to customize the first page, your users will see.

Something similar is traditionally done on as well as where the home page is in fact a special wiki page. That however is accomplished by special settings within the web servers, that are running these sites.


After installation (see instructions below) you may go to Adminstration -> Plugins -> Custom Home Path for ChiliProject - Configure. There you may enter a path or URL where visitors of your ChiliProject's home page should be redirected to. This may be something like /my/page, /issues or /projects/foo/wiki/Start. After saving the setting, the redirect is immediately active.

If you want to deactivate the redirect, clear the Path setting.

Note: This plugin is not well tested with sub-uri deployments. If you are running into problems, please report them in the project's issue tracker on GitHub. We would be happy to fix that.


This plugin aims to be compatible with

  • ChiliProject 1.x

  • ChiliProject 2.x

  • ChiliProject 3.x

If you are running into compatibility issues, please report a bug in the project's issue tracker.

Supported Databases

This plugin should work with all database adapters, that are supported by ChiliProject.


The plugin assumes to be installed at


Please follow the default plugin installation instructions for ChiliProject.

The plugin does not add additional dependencies or migrations. It should be ready to go, after putting the files into the right places and restarting your application.


Simply remove the plugin's directory from your vendor/plugins directory.


The plugin ships with some basic test/unit tests. They should work out of the box, after the plugin was installed properly. You should be able to execute them with

rake test:plugins PLUGIN=chiliproject_custom_home_path

If these instructions are insufficient, please open a ticket in the GitHub issue tracker with information, where you are stuck.


© 2012 - Gregor Schmidt

This plugin is licensed under the GNU GPL v2. See COPYRIGHT.txt and GPL.txt for details.