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AbathurBot is a clone-n-play launcher for the Abathur Framework.
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AbathurBot Setup (PROTOTYPE)

AbathurBot allows you to write your own AI using the Abathur Framework and run it. Clone, compile and run. The launcher should handle the rest and run a demo. See for details.

Part of a bachelor thesis! Please fill out this questionnaire regarding SC2 AIs

Launching for the first time!

- A directory for settings and cached data (/data) will be created at the current path
- A directory for log files will be created (/log)
- The directory will be populated with a gamesettings.json and a setup.json
- A StarCraft II client will launch to fetch game data from, which will be cached at /data/ (SLOW)

Turn features on and off

The framework comes pre-packed with modules that solve regular problems.
Turn these modules on/off by adding/removing them from the generated setup.json file, examples:
- AutoHarvestGather (force idle workers to mine minerals and assign vespene workers)
- AutoSupply (queue a supply depot/overlord/pulon when supply capped and at less than 200 supply)
- AutoRestart (start a new game when the current one ends)

Write your own...

- Create a new module (at /Modules) and implement the IModule interface
- Open the generated setup.json file and add the classname of your module
- Launch the framework and watch it go!

The IModule Interface

The Abathur Framework is based around modules interacting with the core functionality of the framework. The idea is that each module should be small and sastify a simple task, eg. making sure there is enough supply or that workers are never idle.

Access the core functionality

The core functionality in the abathur framework is accessed through 'managers' e.g. the IntelManager. These can be accessed through dependency injection. See the /Modules/FullModule.cs


Called once - after the framework has successfully connected to the StarCraft II client. The game state as not been fetched yet, as the game is not launched yet.


Called once - after the framework has succesfully connected to the StarCraft II client.


Called each frame (step-mode) or as often as possible (real-time). Not called in the initial frame.


Called when the game have ended, but before the framework leave the game (or restart)


This framework is still in very early development! We would appreciate feedback! Keep updated with known issues, the roadmap and more information at

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