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Roman Numeral Calculator

Build Status

For this kata, you will be creating a library which will allow the addition and subtraction of Roman numerals. You may limit the amount of development time you spend on this kata to 4 hours. Once your solution ready, please provide an archive (zip, tar, etc.) of your solution including your Git repository, source, and test code or if you choose to use a service like Github, provide the URL to your repository.

The solution will be reviewed for:

  • Test coverage
  • Algorithms
  • Code structure
  • Use of source control - Overall solution

The environment for this kata is the following:

Roman Numeral rules:

  • Roman numerals consist of the following letters: I, V, X, L, C, D, and M which mean one, five, ten, fifty, hundred, five hundred and one thousand respectively.
  • As we are in Rome there are no such things as decimals or integers, we need to do this with the strings. An example would be "XIV" + "LX" = "LXXIV"
  • Numerals can be concatenated to form a larger numeral ("XX" + "II" = "XXII")
  • If a lesser numeral is put before a bigger it means subtraction of the lesser from the bigger ("IV" means four, "CM" means ninehundred)
  • If the numeral is I, X or C you can't have more than three ("II" + "II" = "IV" not "IIII")
  • If the numeral is V, L or D you can't have more than one ("D" + "D" = "M" not "DD")


User Story: Addition

As a Roman bookkeeper
I want to be able to add two numbers together
So that I can do my work faster with fewer mathematical errors.

User Story: Subtraction

As a Roman bookkeeper
I want to be able to subtract a number from another
So that I can do my work faster and with fewer mathematical errors.

This Kata is based on the Roman Numeral Calculator Kata at

Please submit your test-driven solution via a public Git repository (github/bitbucket).