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ikiwiki (3.20120203) UNRELEASED; urgency=low
* Fix a snail mail address. Closes: #659158
* openid-jquery.js: Update URL of Wordpress favicon. Closes: #660549
* Drop the version attribute on the generator tag in Atom feeds
to make builds more reproducible. Closes: #661569 (Paul Wise)
* shortcut: Support Wikipedia's form of url-encoding for unicode
characters, which involves mojibake. Closes: #661198
* osm: New plugin to embed an OpenStreetMap into a wiki page.
Supports waypoints, tags, and can even draw paths matching
wikilinks between pages containing waypoints.
Thanks to Blars Blarson and Antoine Beaupré, as well as the worldwide
OpenStreetMap community for this utter awesomeness.
* Add a few missing jquery UI icons to attachment upload widget underlay.
-- Joey Hess <> Wed, 08 Feb 2012 16:07:00 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20120202) unstable; urgency=low
* mdwn: Added nodiscount setting, which can be used to avoid using the
markdown discount engine, when maximum compatability is needed.
* Switch to YAML::XS to work around insanity in YAML::Mo. Closes: #657533
* cvs: Ensure text files are added in non-binary mode. (Amitai Schlair)
* cvs: Various cleanups and testing. (Amitai Schlair)
* calendar: Fix strftime encoding bug.
* shortcuts: Fixed a broken shortcut to wikipedia (accidentially
made into a shortcut to wikiMedia).
* Various portability improvements. (Amitai Schlair)
-- Joey Hess <> Thu, 02 Feb 2012 21:42:40 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20120115) unstable; urgency=low
* Make backlink(.) work. Thanks, Giuseppe Bilotta.
* mdwn: Workaround discount's eliding of <style> blocks.
* attachment: Fix utf-8 display bug.
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 15 Jan 2012 16:19:25 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20120109) unstable; urgency=low
* mdwn: Can use the discount markdown library, via the
Text::Markdown::Discount perl module. This is preferred if available
since it's the fastest currently supported markdown library, speeding up
ikiwiki's markdown rendering by a factor of 40.
(However, when multimarkdown is enabled, Text::Markdown::Multimarkdown
is still used.)
* On Debian, depend on libtext-markdown-discount.
-- Joey Hess <> Mon, 09 Jan 2012 11:49:14 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20111229) unstable; urgency=low
* Consume all stdin when rcs_receive short-circuits,
to avoid git SIGPIPE race.
* Add path and path_natural sort orders (smcv)
* Test coverage can be checked with `make coverage` (smcv)
* tag: encode categories using numeric values. (tango)
-- Joey Hess <> Thu, 29 Dec 2011 12:00:53 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20111107) unstable; urgency=low
* img: Bugfix to width/height tags for scaled down image when only
one dimension was provided. Thanks, Per Carlson.
* editpage: Fix FormattingHelp link on Discussion pages.
* The umask setting can now be set to private, group, or public,
avoiding the need to enter octal correctly which is particularly
difficult in yaml setup files. (smcv)
* graphviz: Support urls embedded in the graph, by having graphviz
generate an imagemap.
* graphviz: Support wikilinks embedded in the graph.
(Sponsored by The TOVA Company.)
-- Joey Hess <> Wed, 30 Nov 2011 16:31:48 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20111106) unstable; urgency=low
* searchquery.tmpl: Track escaping change in upstream template.
Thanks Olly Betts for review.
* svn: Support subversion 1.7, which does not have .svn in each
* rst: import docutils lazily, to avoid errors during ikiwiki --setup.
Closes: #637604 (Thanks, smcv)
* Make the setup automator create YAML formatted files.
* Fix handling of discussion page creation links to make discussion pages
in the right place and with the right case. Broken by page case
preservation feature added in 3.20110707.
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 06 Nov 2011 16:27:29 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20110905) unstable; urgency=low
* mercurial: Openid nicknames are now used when committing. (Daniel Andersson)
* mercurial: Implement rcs_commit_staged so comments, attachments, etc
can be used. (Daniel Andersson)
* mercurial: Implement rcs_rename, rcs_remove. (Daniel Andersson)
* mercurial: Fix viewing of a diff containing non-utf8 changes.
(Daniel Andersson)
* mercurial: Make both rcs_getctime and rcs_getmtime fast. (Daniel Andersson)
* mercurial: Implement rcs_diff. (Daniel Andersson)
* po: Add `LANG_CODE` and `LANG_NAME` template variables. (intrigeri)
* Fix typo in Danish translation of shortcuts page that caused exponential
regexp blowup.
* Fix escaping of html entities in permalinks.
* Fix escaping of html entities in tag names.
* Avoid using named capture groups in heredoc code for oldperl compatibility.
* Put in a workaround for #622591, by ensuring Search::Xapian gets loaded
before Image::Magick.
* Add unminified jquery js and css files to source.
* Update to jquery 1.6.2, and jquery-ui 1.8.14.
* Use lockf rather than flock when taking the cgilock, for better
* search: Fix encoding bug in calculation of maximum term size.
* inline: When indexing internal pages for searching, use the url of
the inlining page.
* Fix comments testsuite to not rely on Date::Parse's ability to
parse the date Columbus discovered America. Closes: #640350
* Avoid warning message when generating setup file if highlight
is not installed. Closes: #637606
* Promote RPC::XML to a Recommends, since it's used by auto-blog.setup.
Closes: #637603
* Fix web revert of a file deletion.
-- Joey Hess <> Mon, 05 Sep 2011 14:53:00 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20110715) unstable; urgency=low
* rename: Fix logic error that broke renaming pages when the attachment
plugin was disabled.
* rename: Fix logic error that bypassed the usual pagespec checks.
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 15 Jul 2011 18:36:29 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20110712) unstable; urgency=low
* attachment: Bugfix to create directory when moving attachment out of
holding area.
* Display attachment manipulation links always, since attachments can be
uploaded via javascript.
-- Joey Hess <> Tue, 12 Jul 2011 00:41:26 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20110711) unstable; urgency=low
* Add build dep on python-support. Closes: #633536
* attachment: Bugfix to move upload attachments out of holding area
when saving.
* attachment: Bugfix for trying to attach files to a subpage of the index
-- Joey Hess <> Mon, 11 Jul 2011 13:03:04 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20110707) unstable; urgency=low
* userlist: New plugin, lets admins see a list of users and their info.
* aggregate: Improve checking for too long aggregated filenames.
* Updated to jQuery 1.6.1.
* attachment: Speed up multiple file uploads by storing uploaded files
in a staging area until the page is saved/previewed, rather than
refreshing the site after each upload.
(Sponsored by The TOVA Company.)
* attachment: Files can be dragged into the edit page to upload them.
Multiple file batch upload support. Upload progress bars.
AJAX special effects. Impemented using the jQuery-File-Upload widget.
(If you don't have javascript don't worry, I kept that working too.)
(Sponsored by The TOVA Company.)
* Add libtext-multimarkdown-perl to Suggests. Closes: #630705
* headinganchors: Plugin by Paul Wise that adds ids to <hn> headings.
* html5 is not experimental anymore. But not the default either, quite yet.
* Support svg as a inlinable image type; svg images can be included on a
page by simply linking to them, or by using the img directive.
Note that sanitizing svg files is still not addressed.
* img: Generate png format thumbnails for svg images.
* Preserve mixed case in page creation links, and when creating a page
whose title is mixed case, allow selecting between the mixed case and
all lower-case names.
* Fix ikiwiki-update-wikilist -r to actually work.
* comments: collect metadata in a scan-phase preprocess hook, which
fixes sorting comments by date. (smcv)
* Run scan hooks for internal pages (preprocess hooks already run in scan
mode) (smcv)
* inline: Handle obfuscated urls, such as the mailto urls generated by
markdown when forcing urls absolute.
* Bugfix for wikilink containing an email address not showing up in
brokenlinks list.
* Bugfix for trying to attach files to a subpage of the index page.
-- Joey Hess <> Thu, 07 Jul 2011 20:38:31 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20110608) unstable; urgency=high
* ikiwiki-mass-rebuild: Fix tty hijacking vulnerability by using su.
(Once su's related bug #628843 is fixed.) Thanks, Ludwig Nussel.
* search: Update search page when page.tmpl or searchquery.tmpl are locally
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 03 Jun 2011 20:30:35 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20110431) unstable; urgency=low
* Danish translation update. Closes: #625721
* Danish underlay translation update. Closes: #625765
(Thanks, Jonas Smedegaard)
* Support YAML::XS by not passing decoded unicode to Load. Closes: #625713
* openid, aggregate, pinger: Use Net::INET6Glue if available to
support making ipv6 connections. (Note that if LWPx::ParanoidAgent
is installed, it defeats this for openid.)
* Add additional directive quoting styles, to better support nested
directives. Both triple-single-quote and heredoc quotes can be used.
(Thanks, Timo Paulssen)
* Changed license of madduck's python plugins from GPL-2 to BSD-2-clause.
* po: support language codes in the form of 'es_AR', and 'arn'. (intrigeri)
Closes: #627844
* po: Make po4a warn, not error on a malformed document. (intrigeri)
* Support the Hiawatha web server which sets HTTPS=off rather than not
setting it. (There does not seem to be a standard here.)
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 03 Jun 2011 14:38:23 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20110430) unstable; urgency=low
* meta: Allow adding javascript to pages. Only when htmlscrubber is
disabled, naturally. (Thanks, Giuseppe Bilotta) Closes: #623154
* comments: Add avatar picture of comment author, using Libravatar::URL
when available. The avatar is looked up based on the user's openid,
or email address. (Thanks, Francois Marier)
* Recommend libgravatar-url-perl, which contains Libravatar::URL.
* monotone: Implement rcs_getmtime, and work around a problem with monotone
0.48 that affects rcs_getctime. (Thanks, Richard Levitte)
* meta: Fix bug in loading of HTML::Entities that can break inline
archive=yes (mostly masked by other plugins that load the module).
* Be quiet about updating wrappers, except in verbose mode. (jmtd)
* meta: Add FOAF support. Closes: #623156 (Jonas Smedegaard)
* Promote Crypt::SSLeay to Recommends; needed for https openid auth.
* tag: Avoid autocreating multiple tag pages that vary only in
capitalization. The first capitalization seen of a tag will be used
for the tag page.
* Fix yaml build dep. Closes: #624712
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 30 Apr 2011 17:13:24 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20110328) unstable; urgency=low
* Yaml formatted setup files are now produced by default.
(Perl formatted setup files can still be used.)
* Add timezone setting in setup file. This alows time zone to be configured
via the web.
* comment: Better fix to avoid showing comments of subpages, while
not breaking manual inlining of comments.
* meta: Security fix; don't allow alternative stylesheets to be added
on pages where the htmlscrubber is enabled. CVE-2011-1401
-- Joey Hess <> Mon, 28 Mar 2011 12:23:26 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20110321) unstable; urgency=low
* comment: Don't show comments of subpages on parent pages.
(Fixes bug introduced in version 3.20100505.)
* darcs: Fix multiple issues preventing rcs_diff from working.
* aggregate: Read cookies from ~/.ikiwiki/cookies by default.
Also, the cookiejar configuration setting can be used by
other plugins to provide a custom `cookie_jar` object for LWP::UserAgent.
(Thanks, schmonz)
* Avoid escaping / characters in filenames when building the cgiurl,
as this confuses eg, cvsweb.
-- Joey Hess <> Mon, 21 Mar 2011 14:45:05 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20110225) unstable; urgency=low
* editpage: Avoid inheriting internal page types.
* htmltidy: Avoid breaking the sidebar when websetup is running.
* transient: New utility plugin that allows transient pages to
be stored in .ikiwiki/transient/ (smcv)
* aggregate: Aggregated content is stored in the transient underlay.
(Existing aggregated content is not moved, since it will eventually
expire and be removed) (smcv)
* autoindex, tag: Added autoindex_commit and tag_autocreate_commit that
can be unset to make index files and tags respectively not be committed,
and instead be stored in the transient underlay.
Closes: #544322 (smcv)
* autoindex: Adapted to use add_autofile. Slight behavior changes
in edge cases that are probably really bug fixes. (smcv)
* recentchanges: Use transient underlay (smcv)
* map: Avoid unnecessary ul's in maps with nested directories.
(Giuseppe Bilotta)
* Fix broken baseurl in cgi mode when usedirs is disabled. Bug introduced
in 3.20101231.
* inline: Fix link to nested inlined pages's feeds. (Giuseppe Bilotta)
* inline: Add 'id' parameter that can be used when styling individual
feedlinks and postforms. (Giuseppe Bilotta)
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 25 Feb 2011 17:31:08 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20110124) unstable; urgency=low
* comments: Fix commenting, broken by security fix.
* blogspam: Don't check modifications from admins for spam, and also
allow the blogspam_pagespec to do other matches against who the user is.
* inline: Fix regression in feed titles. Closes: #610878
(Thanks, Paul Wise)
-- Joey Hess <> Mon, 24 Jan 2011 17:07:44 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20110123) unstable; urgency=low
* Adapt autoindex test suite to work with old Test::More.
* Fix posting by blog form, broken by last release.
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 23 Jan 2011 10:12:33 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20110122) unstable; urgency=medium
* inline: Pass feed titles to templates and add title and rel attributes
to feed links. (Giuseppe Bilotta)
* inline: Use class rather than id for feedlinks and blogform.
(Giuseppe Bilotta)
* comments: Fix XSS security hole due to missing validation of page name.
CVE-2011-0428 (Thanks, Dave B.)
* rename: Fix crash when renaming a page that is linked to by a page
in an underlay.
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 22 Jan 2011 10:22:25 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20110105) unstable; urgency=low
* tag: Do not include tagbase in rss/atom category tags. (Giuseppe Bilotta)
* tag: Improve display of tags with a slash in their names.
(Giuseppe Bilotta)
* Fix redirect to use a full url. Was broken (in theory) by baseurl
changes in last release.
* Fix `<base>` output by cgi to have a full url again, broken by last
* Fix permalinks to recentchanges items and comments, broken by last
* Export three cgi env vars needed for CGI->url to work. Fixed
openid breakage from last release.
* Removed `IkiWiki::misctemplate()` function. Any plugins using
it should use `IkiWiki::cgitemplate()` instead.
-- Joey Hess <> Wed, 05 Jan 2011 17:33:05 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20101231) unstable; urgency=low
* Better support for serving the same site on multiple urls. (Such as
a http and a https url, or a ipv4 and an ipv6 url.)
(Thanks, smcv)
* API: urlto without a defined second parameter now generates an url
that starts with "/" (when possible; eg when the site's url and cgiurl
are on the same domain).
* Now when users log in via https, ikiwiki sends a secure cookie, that can
only be used over https. If the user switches to using http, they will
need to re-login. (smcv)
* inline: Display feed buttons for nested inlines, linking to the inlined
page's feed. (Giuseppe Bilotta)
* goldtype: New theme, based on blueview, contributed by Lars Wirzenius.
* po: do not override homepage title when it was overridden. (intrigeri)
* Set HTML::Template's parent_global_vars option to allow using parameters
like title_overridden that do not appear on the template. (intrigeri)
* inline: Force an absolute page location when the inline postform is used.
* editpage, comment: Clean up title when editing or creating a page or
* teximg: Use `\[` and `\]` instead of not recommended `$$`. (Paul Menzel)
Closes: #596084
* monotone: Improve version parsing to support patch and development
versions of the monotone binary. (tommyd3mdi)
* highlight: Support highlight 3.2+svn19 (note that released version 3.2
is not supported). Closes: #605779 (David Bremner)
* Add a second parameter to the rcs_diff hook, and avoid bloating memory
reading in enormous commits.
* git: Fix bug involving attempting to web revert a commit that included
changes to attachments.
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 31 Dec 2010 21:23:37 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20101201) unstable; urgency=low
* meta: Fix calling of htmlscrubber to pass the page parameter.
The change of the htmlscrubber to look at page rather than destpage
caused htmlscrubber_skip to not work for meta directives.
-- Joey Hess <> Wed, 01 Dec 2010 20:28:01 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20101129) unstable; urgency=low
* websetup: Fix encoding problem when restoring old setup file.
* more: Add pages parameter to limit where the more is displayed.
(thanks, dark)
* Fix escaping of filenames in historyurl. (Thanks, aj)
* inline: Improve RSS url munging to use a proper html parser,
and support all elements that HTML::Tagset knows about.
(Which doesn't include html5 just yet, but then the old version
didn't either.) Bonus: 4 times faster than old regexp method.
* Optimise glob() pagespec. (Thanks, Kathryn and smcv)
* highlight: Support new format of filetypes.conf used by version 3.2
of the highlight package.
* edittemplate: Fix crash if using a .tmpl file or other non-page file
as a template for a new page.
* git: Fix temp file location.
* rename: Fix to pass named parameters to rcs_commit.
* git: Avoid adding files when committing, so as not to implicitly add
files like recentchanges files that are not normally checked in,
when fixing links after rename.
-- Joey Hess <> Mon, 29 Nov 2010 13:59:10 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20101112) unstable; urgency=HIGH
* txt: Fix display when used inside a format directive.
* highlight: Ensure that other, more-specific format plugins,
like txt are used in preference to this one in case of ties.
* htmltidy, sortnaturally: Add missing checkconfig hook
registration. Closes: #601912
(Thanks, Craig Lennox and Tuomas Jormola)
* git: Use author date, not committer date. Closes: #602012
(Thanks, Tuomas Jormola)
* Fix htmlscrubber_skip to be matched on the source page, not the page it is
inlined into. Should allow setting to "* and !comment(*)" to scrub
comments, but leave your blog posts unscrubbed, etc. CVE-2010-1673
* comments: Make postcomment() pagespec work when previewing a comment,
including during moderation. CVE-2010-1673
* comments: Make comment() pagespec also match comments that are being
posted. CVE-2010-1673
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 12 Nov 2010 00:36:06 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20101023) unstable; urgency=low
* Fix typo that broke anonymous git push.
* Fix web reversion when the srcdir is in a subdir of the git repo.
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 23 Oct 2010 16:36:50 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20101019) unstable; urgency=low
* Fix test suite failure on other side of date line.
* htmltidy: Allow configuring tidy parameters in setup file.
(W. Trevor King)
* Updated French program translation. Closes: #598918
* git: Added new rcs_revert and rcs_preprevert hooks.
* recentchanges: Add revert buttons to RecentChanges page, and
implement web-based reversion interface.
* Thanks to Peter Gammie for his assistance with the web-based reversion
* actiontabs: More consistent styling of Hn tags.
* websetup: Fix saving of advanced mode changes.
* websetup: Fix defaults of checkboxes in advanced mode.
* monotone: Fix recentchanges page when the srcdir is not at the top
of the monotone workspace. Thanks, tommyd.
* img: If a class is specified, don't also put the img in the img
* auto-blog.setup: Don't enable opendiscussion by default; require users be
logged in to post comments.
-- Joey Hess <> Tue, 19 Oct 2010 02:32:23 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20100926) unstable; urgency=low
* meta: Ensure that the url specified by xrds-location is absolute.
* attachment: Fix attachment file size display.
* Propigate PATH into wrapper.
* htmlbalance: Fix compatibility with HTML::Tree 4.0. (smcv)
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 26 Sep 2010 23:02:54 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20100915) unstable; urgency=low
* needsbuild hook interface changed; the hooks should now return
the modified array of things that need built. (Backwards compatibility
code keeps plugins using the old interface working.)
* Remove PATH overriding code in ikiwiki script that was present to make
perl taint checking happy, but taint checking is disabled.
* teximg: Use Unicode UTF-8 encoding by default. Closes: #596067
Thanks, Paul Menzel.
* po: Make the po_master_language use a langpair like "en|English",
so it can be configured via the web.
* po: Allow enabling via web setup.
* po: Auto-upgrade old format settings to new formats when writing
setup file.
* Pass array of names of files that have been deleted to needsbuild hook
as second parameter, to allow for plugins that needs access to this
information earlier than the delete hook.
* actiontabs: Improve tab padding.
* blueview: Fix display of links to translated pages in the page header.
* Set isPermaLink="no" for guids in rss feeds.
* blogspam: Fix crash when content contained utf-8.
* external: Disable RPC::XML's "smart" encoding, which sent ints
for strings that contained only a number, fixing a longstanding crash
of the rst plugin.
* git: When updating from remote, use git pull --prune, to avoid possible
errors from conflicting obsolete remote branches.
* cutpaste: Fix bug that occured in some cases involving inlines when
text was pasted on a page before being cut.
-- Joey Hess <> Wed, 15 Sep 2010 16:29:01 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20100831) unstable; urgency=low
* filecheck: Fall back to using the file command if the freedesktop
magic file cannot identify a file.
* flattr: New plugin. (Thanks to jaywalk for the initial implementation
at a flattr plugin! This one is less configurable, but simpler.)
* smiley: warn instead of error for missing smileys (Giuseppe Bilotta)
* openid: Syntax tweak to the javascript code to make it work with MSIE 7
(and MSIE 8 in compat mode). Thanks to Iain McLaren for reporting
the bug and providing access to debug it.
* style.css: Use relative, not absolute font sizes. Thanks, Giuseppe Bilotta.
* htmlscrubber: Do not scrub url anchors that contain colons.
* Danish translation update. Closes: #594673
* highlight: Make location of highlight's files configurable in setup
file to allow for nonstandard installations.
* Allow "link(.)" and similar PageSpecs. Thanks, Giuseppe Bilotta.
* Run the preprocess hooks in scan mode *before* the scan hooks.
This allows the po plugin to register a scan hook that runs
last and rescans pages after all data from the first scan pass is
completed. This avoids the po plugin needing to rebuild some pages.
* po: Fix some bugs that affected's unusual
setup. (intrigeri)
* t/bazaar.t: Work around bzr 2.2.0's new requirement to configure
bzr whoami before committing.
* httpauth: Avoid redirecting the user to the cgiauthurl if
they already have a login session.
-- Joey Hess <> Tue, 31 Aug 2010 14:22:47 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20100815) unstable; urgency=medium
* Fix po test suite to not assume ikiwiki's underlay is already installed.
Closes: #593047
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 15 Aug 2010 11:42:55 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20100804) unstable; urgency=low
* template: Fix dependency tracking. Broken in version 3.20100427.
* po: The po_slave_languages setting is now a list, so the order of
translated languages can be controlled. (intrigeri)
* git: Fix gitweb historyurl examples so "diff to current" links work.
(Thanks jrayhawk)
* meta: Allow syntax closer to html meta to be used.
* Add new disable hook, allowing plugins to perform cleanup after they
have been disabled.
* Use Digest::SHA built into perl rather than external Digest::SHA1
to simplify dependencies. Closes: #591040
* Fixes a bug that prevented matching deleted pages when using the page()
-- Joey Hess <> Wed, 04 Aug 2010 09:20:52 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20100722) unstable; urgency=low
* img: Add a margin around images displayed by this directive.
* comments: Added commentmoderation directive for easy linking to the
comment moderation queue.
* aggregate: Write timestamp next aggregation can happen to
.ikiwiki/aggregatetime, to allow for more sophisticated cron jobs.
* Add --changesetup mode that allows easily changing options in a
setup file.
* openid: Fix handling of utf-8 nicknames.
* Clarified what the filter hook should be passed: Only be the raw,
complete text of a page. Not a snippet, or data read in from an
unrelated file.
* template: Do not pass filled in template through filter hook.
Avoids causing breakage in po plugin.
* color, comments, conditional, cutpaste, more, sidebar, toggle: Also
avoid unnecessary calls to filter hook.
* po: needstranslation() pagespec can have a percent specified.
* Drop Cache-Control must-revalidate (Firefox 3.5.10 does not seem to have
the caching problem that was added to work around). Closes: #588623
* Made much more robust in cases where multiple source files produce
conflicting files/directories in the destdir.
* Updated French translation from Philippe Batailler. Closes: #589423
* po: Fix selflink display on tranlsated pages. (intrigeri)
* Avoid showing 'Add a comment' link at the bottom of the comment post form.
-- Joey Hess <> Thu, 22 Jul 2010 16:49:05 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20100704) unstable; urgency=low
* Changes to avoid display of ugly google openids, by displaying
a username taken from openid.
* API: Add new optional field nickname to rcs_recentchanges.
* API: rcs_commit and rcs_commit_staged are now passed named
* openid: Store nickname based on username or email provided from
openid provider.
* git: Record the nickname from openid in the git author email.
* comment: Record the username from openid in the comment page.
* Fixed some confusion and bugginess about whether
rcs_getctime/rcs_getmtime were passed absolute or relative filenames.
(Make it relative like everything else.)
* hnb: Fixed broken use of mkstemp that had caused dangling temp files,
and prevented actually rendering hnb files.
* Use comment template on comments page of example blog.
* comment.tmpl: Fix up display when inline uses it to display a non-comment
page. (Such as a discussion page.)
* git: Added git_wrapper_background_command option. Can be used to eg,
make the git wrapper push to github in the background after ikiwiki
* po: Added needstranslation() pagespec. (intrigeri)
* po: Added support for .html source pages. (intrigeri)
* comment: Fix problem moderating comments of certian pages with utf-8
in their name.
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 04 Jul 2010 16:19:43 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20100623) unstable; urgency=low
* openid: Add openid_realm and openid_cgiurl configuration options,
useful in a few edge case setups.
* attachment: Show files from underlay in attachments list.
* img: Support hspace and vspace attributes.
* editpage: Rename "comments" field to avoid CSS conflict with the
comments div.
* edittemplate: Make silent mode not disable display when the template
page does not exist, so it can be easily created.
* edittemplate: Look for template pages under templates/ like everything
else (still looks in old location for backwards compatibility).
* attachment: When inserting links, insert img directives for images,
if that plugin is enabled.
* websetup: Allow enabling plugins listed in disable_plugins.
* editpage, comments: Fix broken links in sidebar (due to forcebaseurl).
(Thanks, privat)
* calendar: Tune archive_pagespec to only match pages, not other files.
* Fix issues with combining unicode srcdirs and source files.
(Workaround bug #586045)
* Make --gettime be honored after initial setup.
* git: Fix --gettime to properly support utf8 filenames.
* attachment: Support Windows paths when taking basename of client-supplied
file name.
* theme: New plugin, allows easily themeing a site via the underlay.
* Added actiontabs theme by Svend Sorensen.
* Added blueview theme by Bernd Zeimetz.
* mercurial: Fix buggy getctime code. Closes: #586279
* link: Enhanced to handle URLs and email addresses. (Bernd Zeimetz)
-- Joey Hess <> Wed, 23 Jun 2010 14:10:26 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20100610) unstable; urgency=low
* creation_day() etc use local time, not gmtime. To match calendars, which
use local time.
* img: Fill in missing height or width when scaling image.
* Remove example blog tag pages; allow autotag creation to create them
when used.
* Fix support for globbing in tagged() pagespecs.
* Fix display of sidebar when previewing page edit. (Thanks, privat)
* relativedate: Fix problem with localised dates not working.
* editpage: Avoid storing accidental state changes when previewing pages.
* page.tmpl: Add a div around the page content, and comments, to aide in
sidebar styling.
* style.css: Improvements to make floating sidebar fit much better on
pages with inlines.
* calendar: Shorten day names, and improve styling of month calendar.
* style.css: Reduced sidebar width back to 20ex from 30; the month calendar
will now fit in the smaller width, and 30 was feeling too large.
-- Joey Hess <> Thu, 10 Jun 2010 14:24:05 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20100518.2) unstable; urgency=low
* Fix a typo in the last release.
-- Joey Hess <> Tue, 18 May 2010 14:17:01 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20100518) unstable; urgency=low
* page.tmpl: Accidentially broke po plugin's otherlanguages list styling
when modifying for html5; now fixed.
* Fix a bug that prevented matching deleted comments, and so did not update
pages that had contained them.
-- Joey Hess <> Tue, 18 May 2010 13:37:39 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20100515) unstable; urgency=low
* Removed misc.tmpl. Now to theme ikiwiki, you only need to customise
a single template, page.tmpl.
* If you have a locally customised page.tmpl, it needs to be updated
to set <base> when BASEURL or FORCEBASEURL is set.
* comments: Comments pending moderation are now stored in the srcdir
alongside accepted comments, but with a `._comment_pending` extension.
This allows easier byhand moderation, as the "_pending" need
only be stripped off and the comment be committed to version control.
* The `comment_pending()` pagespec can be used to match such unmoderated
comments, which makes it easy to add a feed of them, or a counter
indicating how many there are.
* Belatedly added a `comment()` pagespec.
* Gave comment and page editing forms some CSS and accessability love.
* Renamed postscan hook to indexhtml, to reflect its changed position,
and typical use.
* inline: Call indexhtml when inlining internal pages, so their
text can be indexed for searching.
* Delete hooks are passed deleted internal pages.
* openid: Incorporated a fancy openid-selector signin form.
(Based on
* openid: Use "openid_identifier" as the form field, as required
by OpenID Authentication v2.0 spec.
* Removed the openidsignup option. Instead, my recommendation is to
leave passwordauth enabled and let people who don't have an openid use it.
The openid selector form avoids the UI annoyance of having both openid
and passwordauth on one form.
* calendar: Allow negative month to be specified. -1 is last month, etc.
(And also negative years.)
* calendar: Display year in title of month calendar.
* Use xhtml friendly pubdate setting.
* remove, rename: Add guards against XSRF attacks.
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 15 May 2010 21:00:45 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20100504) unstable; urgency=low
* Add parameter to displaytime to specify that it is a pubdate,
and in html5 mode, use time tag.
* Add placeholder text in search form (in html5 mode only).
* In html5 mode, use all the nice new semantic tags. Care was taken
to not change the id/class named used in the CSS, so only CSS
that refers to tag types needed to be changed.
* Add ACTIONS variable to page.tmpl, which allows plugins to add arbitrary
links to the action bar without modifying the template further.
(COMMENTSLINK and DISCUSSIONLINK could be folded into this, but
are kept separate for now to avoid breaking modified templates.)
* websetup: Only display Setup button on admins' preferences page.
* graphviz: Fix display of preexisting images in preview mode.
* Fixes a bug in skipping of illegal source files introduced in
-- Joey Hess <> Tue, 04 May 2010 20:26:20 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20100501) unstable; urgency=low
* TMPL_INCLUDE re-enabled for templates read from the templatedir.
(But not in-wiki templates.)
* Version dependency on liburi-perl to >= 1.36; previous versions
did not support building urls from utf-8 strings. Closes: #579713
* Ikiwiki can be configured to generate html5 instead of the default xhtml
1.0. The html5 output mode is experimental, not yet fully standards
compliant, and will be subject to rapid change.
* htmlscrubber: Allow html5 semantic tags: section, nav, article, aside
hgroup, header, footer, figure, figcaption, time, mark
* htmlscrubber: Also allow some other html5 tags: canvas, progress, meter,
ruby, rt, rp, details, summary, datalist.
* htmlscrubber: Round out html5 video support with the preload
attribute and the source tag.
* htmlscrubber: Allow the html5 form attributes: placeholder, autofocus,
min, max, step, required, autocomplete, novalidate, pattern, list,
and form. (Also the form* override attributes for input and buttons.)
* htmlscrubber: Allow additional misc html5 attributes: reversed,
spellcheck, and hidden.
* template: Fix typo.
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 01 May 2010 20:49:28 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20100427) unstable; urgency=low
[ Joey Hess ]
* tag: Automatic creation of tag pages can now be enabled using
the tag_autocreate setting. (David Riebenbauer)
* Customised templates can now be included in the source of wikis
(and also in underlays), and dependencies on them are tracked.
* TMPL_INCLUDE is no longer supported in any template.
* underlay: Removed the add_templates option.
* Add template_depends function to plugin API.
* bzr: Fix bzr log parsing to work with bzr 2.0. (liw)
* comments: Fix missing entity encoding in title.
* txt: Add a special case for robots.txt.
[ Simon McVittie ]
* Add support for link types, and make the the tagged() pagespec only
match tags, not regular links (a bugfix).
* Rebuild wikis on upgrade to this version to get tag link types recorded
* Revamp sorting system; allow new sort methods to be added by plugins,
and add a "sortspec" syntax that can combine, reverse, etc sort methods.
* meta: Add `meta(author)`, `meta(title)` etc sortspecs to allow sorting
by metadata.
* meta: Add optional sortas parameter to author and title meta directives.
This can be used to get names sorted by last name without displaying
them last name first.
* sortnaturally: New plugin; the title_natural sort method has moved here.
* meta: store fields consistently unescaped, and escape on use.
(A wiki rebuild is also needed due to this change.)
[ Joey Hess ]
* Update dependency for git-core to git transition.
* po: Check that translated underlay directories exist before using them
for master language.
* po: Configuring the same language as master and slave confuses processing;
so filter out such a misconfiguration.
* calendar: Add archive_pagespec, which is used by ikiwiki-calendar to
specify which pages to include on the calendar archive pages.
(The pagespec can still also be specified on the ikiwiki-calendar command
* pagestats: Class parameter can be used to override default class for
custom styling.
* pagestats: Use style=list to get a list of tags, scaled by use like
in a tag cloud. This is useful to put in a sidebar.
* Rework example blog front page.
* CSS and templates for sidebar changed to use a class, not an id.
* sidebar: Now a sidebar directive can be used to override the sidebar
shown on a page.
* Enable calendar and sidebar in auto-blog.setup.
* sidebar: Add global_sidebars setting.
* conditional: Fix bug that forced "all" mode off by default.
* calendarmonth.tmpl: The month calendar is now put in a sidebar.
* calendar: Improved display of arrows.
* Rename --getctime to --gettime. (The old name still works for
backwards compatibility.)
* --gettime now also looks up last modification time.
* Automatically run --gettime the first time ikiwiki is run on
a given srcdir. (Use --no-gettime to disable.)
* Add rcs_getmtime to plugin API; currently only implemented
for git and svn.
* Optimise --gettime for git, so it's appropriately screamingly
fast. (This could be done for most other backends too.)
* However, --gettime for git no longer follows renames. That would
be slow, and whether a renamed wiki page is the same page is really
an iffy thing.
* Use above to fix up timestamps on docwiki, as well as ensure that
timestamps on basewiki files shipped in the deb are sane.
* autoindex: Switch to using %wikistate instead of abusing
* bzr: Support rcs_getmtime, and fix rcs_getctime implementation
(Jelmer Vernooij)
* Quite a lot of new optimisations, and one major fix to a recent
performance regression.
* Moved javascript files under the ikiwiki/ directory, to avoid cluttering
the top of the web root. This is another things that requires a wiki
rebuild on upgrade to this version.
* Fix removal of rendered files in rebuild mode.
* Add page() PageSpec, which is like glob() but matches only pages,
not other files.
-- Joey Hess <> Tue, 27 Apr 2010 00:00:00 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20100403) unstable; urgency=low
* websetup: Add websetup_unsafe to allow marking other settings
as unsafe.
* Improve openid url munging; do not display anchors and cgi parameters,
as used by yahoo and google urls.
* Add complete German basewiki and directives translation done by
Sebastian Kuhnert.
* Add a include setting, which can be used to make ikiwiki process
wiki source files, such as .htaccess, that would normally be skipped
for security or other reasons. Closes: #447267
(Thanks to Aaron Wilson for the original patch.)
* Add support for setup files written in YAML.
* Add --set-yaml switch for setting more complex config file options.
* filecheck: Fix bugs that prevented the pagespecs from matching when
not called by attachment plugin.
* Fix incorrect influence info returned by a failing link() pagespec,
that could lead to bad dependency handling in certian situations.
* Add preprocessed 'use lib' line to ikiwiki-transition and ikiwiki-calendar
if necessary for unusual install.
* auto-blog.setup: Set tagbase by default, since most bloggers will want it.
* Allow wrappers to be built using tcc. (Workaround #452876)
* openid: Use Openid Simple Registration or OpenID Attribute Exchange
to get the user's email address and username. (Neither is yet
used, but they are available in the session object now.)
* page.tmpl: Add Cache-Control must-revalidate to ensure that users
(especially of Firefox) see fresh page content.
* htmlscrubber: Allow colons in urls after '?'
* template: Search for templates in the templatedir, if they are not
found as pages in the wiki.
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 03 Apr 2010 14:17:28 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20100312) unstable; urgency=HIGH
* Fix utf8 issues in calls to md5_hex.
* moderatedcomments: Added moderate_pagespec that can be used
to control which users or comment locations are moderated.
This can be used, just for example, to moderate "user(*)"
if you're getting a lot of spammers from one particular openid
provider (who should perhaps answer your emails about them),
while not moderating other users.
* moderatedcomments: The moderate_users setting is deprecated. Instead,
set moderate_pagespec to "!admin()" or "user(*)".
* Fix missing span on recentchanges page template.
* search: Avoid '$' in the wikiname appearing unescaped on omega's
query template, where it might crash omega.
* htmlscrubber: Security fix: In data:image/* uris, only allow a few
whitelisted image types. No svg.
-- Joey Hess <> Tue, 09 Mar 2010 19:46:35 -0500
ikiwiki (3.20100302) unstable; urgency=low
* comments: Display number of comments in comment action link.
* Rebuild wikis on upgrade to this version to get the comment counts
added to existing pages.
* Loosen regexp, to allow empty quoted parameters in directives.
* Add force_overwrite setting to make setup automator overwrite existing
* Fix admin openid detection in setup automator, and avoid prompting
for a password.
* Add new --clean option; this makes ikiwiki remove all built
files in the destdir, as well as wrappers and the .ikiwiki directory.
-- Joey Hess <> Tue, 02 Mar 2010 22:17:30 -0500
ikiwiki (3.20100212) unstable; urgency=low
* template: Preprocess parameters before htmlizing.
* img: Fix a bug that could taint @links with undef values.
* setup automator: Configure Term::Readline to use bold for prompt, rather
than default underline. Closes: #517656
* Allow jumping directly into account registration process by going to
* Improve display of openid in preferences page.
* Add link to userpage (or creation link) to top of preferences page.
* opendiscussion: This plugin will also now allow posting comments
to otherwise locked-down sites.
* auto-blog.setup: Lock all pages, so only admin can post to the blog
by default, and enable opendiscussion so others can comment.
* Fix color and format plugins to appear in the websetup interface.
* amazon_s3: Fix to support the EU S3 datacenter, which is more picky
about attempts to create already existing buckets.
* httpauth: When cgiauthurl is configured, httpauth can now be used
alongside other authentication methods (like openid or anonok). Rather
than always redirect to the cgiauthurl for authentication, there is now
a button on the login form to use it.
* httpauth: Add httpauth_pagespec setting that can be used to limit
pages to only being edited via users authed with httpauth.
* Allow globs to be used in user() pagespecs.
* Group related plugins into sections in the setup file, and drop
unused rcs plugins from the setup file.
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 12 Feb 2010 16:45:50 -0500
ikiwiki (3.20100122) unstable; urgency=low
* inline: Avoid showing edit links if page editing is disabled.
* signinedit: Auto-disable the plugin when all authentication methods
are disabled.
* comments: Fix permalinks for comments using new conflict-free filenames.
* img: Support alignment of images with captions. (Giuseppe Bilotta)
* websetup: Fix utf-8 problems.
* websetup: Fix bug in array change detection.
* linkmap: Simplify and improve browser compatibility by using an img,
not object tag.
* git: The new git-notes feature in git 1.6.6 changes git log output
in a way that broke ikiwiki's parser if notes are added to commits.
* po: Avoid crash when a page is empty.
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 22 Jan 2010 16:02:36 -0500
ikiwiki (3.20100102.3) unstable; urgency=low
Happy palindrome day!
* pagestats: Add show parameter. Closes: #562129 (David Paleino)
* toc: Add startlevel parameter. (kerravonsen)
* Remove example ikiwiki setup file from the Debian package. This
re-enables linking to /usr/share/ikiwiki/examples which has the
example sites also used by auto-blog.setup. The example setup file
can be generated at any time using ikiwiki --dumpsetup so I do
not see a reason to ship it. Closes: #562183
* Use env hack in python scripts.
* comments: Add a checksum to the name of comment pages, to
avoid merge conflicts when comments are posted to two branches of a
* linkmap: Add option to omit disconnected pages from the map.
* inline: Fix bug that limited displayed pages when feedshow was
specified w/o show.
* Fix several places that did not properly handle capitalization of
the discussionpage setting. Specifically, fixes discussion actions
on discussion pages, and unbreaks the opendiscussion plugin.
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 02 Jan 2010 21:46:16 -0500
ikiwiki (3.20091218) unstable; urgency=low
* Add complete Spanish basewiki translation done by Fernando Gonzalez de
* Improve javascript onload handling.
* monotone: Deal with format change in version 0.45.
(Thanks, Richard Levitte)
* cvs: Add missing bit to Automator.
* attachment: Fix reversion in attachment sorting by age.
* Fix utf-8 problems in rename, remove, attachment, 404, sourcepage, and
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 18 Dec 2009 20:47:24 -0500
ikiwiki (3.20091202) unstable; urgency=low
* meta: Generate meta description tags even when the html scrubber is
* meta: Allow use of DESCRIPTION in templates to get at the meta description
value. (Thanks, NicolasLimare)
* inline: Use caching of inlined pages to speed up builds of inlines that
include feeds. Speedup of about 25% for small inlines; could be much
larger for inlines of many, or complex pages.
* Added (incomplete) Turkish po file. Closes: #556744
Thanks, Recai Oktaş
* date: New plugin that allows inserting date directives that expand to
pretty-printed dates, using the same formatting as used for page
modification date display, etc.
* htmllink: Allow a title attribute to be specified.
* calendar: Add title attributes for all links in the calendars.
* calendar: Fix month wraparound error that broke in December.
-- Joey Hess <> Wed, 02 Dec 2009 13:09:20 -0500
ikiwiki (3.20091113) unstable; urgency=low
* underlay: Fix example values put in setup file to be array
* underlay: Avoid crashing if lists of underlays (or template
directories) are not configured.
* Moved the postscan hook to run on the raw html of a page, before
the template is filled out. This improves the search plugin's indexing,
since it will not include navigational elements from the page template
or sidebar.
* localstyle: New plugin, allows overrding the toplevel local.css
with one that is closer to a page.
* httpauth: Add cgiauthurl setting that can be used to do http basic auth
only when ikiwiki needs authentication, rather than for any access to
the cgi/wiki.
* inline: Do not generate feeds for nested inlines.
* inline: Allow direct inclusion of non-page files in raw mode.
* inline: Fix display of all pages when archive=yes or show=0 are used.
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 13 Nov 2009 20:51:57 -0500
ikiwiki (3.20091031) unstable; urgency=low
* po: Fix breakage caused by changes to render code.
* mdwn: Avoid trying to use multimarkdown if it is not installed.
* moderatedcomments: New plugin to allow comment moderation w/o relying
* When redirecting to a page, ie, after editing, ensure that the
url is uri-encoded. Most browsers other than MSIE don't care, but it's
the right thing to do.
* Add a spec file to allow building rpm from the source package.
* google: Pass the whole wiki url to google, not just the domain,
so that search works correctly for wikis that are located in
subdirectories of domains.
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 31 Oct 2009 18:29:38 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20091023) unstable; urgency=low
* inline: Fix raw mode. Closes: #552114
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 23 Oct 2009 12:38:50 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20091022) unstable; urgency=low
* edittemplate: Allow template page name to be specified using anything
legal for a wikilink (including eg, leading slashes).
* edittemplate: Work around bug #551499 in CGI::FormBuilder.
* Fix a bug introduced in the last version that caused ikiwiki
to skip all files if a sourcedir of "./" was specified.
* Support CFLAGS when building wrapper.
* meta: Gather permalink info on scan pass so it is available
to inline when using a template that does not include page content.
-- Joey Hess <> Thu, 22 Oct 2009 20:25:15 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20091017) unstable; urgency=low
* Added support framework for multiple types of dependencies, including
dependncies that are only affected by page precence or link changes.
* Rebuild wikis on upgrade to this version to get improved dependency
* pagecount, calendar, postsparkline, progress: Use a presence dependency,
which makes these directives much less expensive to use, since page
edits will no longer trigger an unnecessary update.
* map: Use a presence dependency unless show= is specified.
This makes maps efficient enough that they can be used on sidebars!
* inline: Use a presence dependency in quick mode.
* brokenlinks: Use a link dependency.
This makes it much more efficient, only updating when really necessary.
* orphans, pagestats: Use a combination of presence and link dependencies.
This makes them more efficient. It also fixes a longstanding bug,
where if only a small set of pages were considered by orphans/pagestats,
changes to links on other pages failed to cause an update.
* linkmap: Use a combination of presence and link dependencies.
This makes the map be regenerated much less frequently in many cases,
so larger maps are more practical to use now.
* Plugins providing PageSpec `match_*` functions should pass additional
influence information when creating result objects. This allows correctly
handling many more complicated dependencies.
* API change: `pagespec_match_list` has completly changed its interface.
The old interface will be removed soon, and a warning will be printed
if any plugins try to use it.
* Transitive dependencies are now correctly supported.
* ikiwiki-calendar: New command automates creation of archive pages
using the calendar plugin.
* calendar: Fix midnight rebuild trigger of calendars with explicit
* calendar: Fix bug in next/previous year/month links, which sometimes
linked to an archive page from the wrong year, or were missing.
* git: --getctime will now follow renames back to the original creation
of a file.
* calendar: Fix CSS for year calendar to match the plugin documentation.
* Added minimal default CSS for calendar plugin, just highlighting the
current day.
* inline: Optimize generation of archives, etc by not getting inlined page
content if the template does not use it.
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 17 Oct 2009 15:37:04 -0400
ikiwiki (3.20091009) unstable; urgency=low
* parentlinks: Add has_parentlinks template parameter to allow styling
the toplevel index differently etc.
* img: Correct bug in image size calculation code.
* img: Fix dependency code for full size images.
* toggle, relativedate: Support templates that add attributes
to the body tag.
* Support RPC::XML 0.69's incompatible object instantiation method.
* mirrorlist: Display nothing if list is empty.
* Fix a bug that could lead to duplicate links being recorded
for tags.
* Optimize away most expensive file prune checks, when refreshing,
by only checking new files.
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 09 Oct 2009 19:53:50 -0400
ikiwiki (3.14159265) unstable; urgency=low
* Add complete French basewiki and underlays translation from the Debian
French l10n team, including Philippe Batailler, Alexandre Dupas, and
Steve Petruzzello.
* Expand banned_users; it can now include PageSpecs, which
allows banning by IP address.
* underlay: Also allow configuring additional directories to search
for template files in.
* Fix parsing web commits from ipv6 addresses.
* Add genwrapper hook, that can be used to add code into the C wrapper.
* cvs: Yeah, ikiwiki even supports CVS now. Plugin contributed by
Amitai Schlair.
* Updated Czech translation from Miroslav Kure. Closes: #546223
* rsync: New plugin that allows pushing the destdir to a remote host
via rsync or similar. Thanks, Amitai Schlair.
* auto.setup, auto-blog.setup: Fix sanitization of entered wikiname.
Closes: #547378
-- Joey Hess <> Thu, 24 Sep 2009 18:50:43 -0400
ikiwiki (3.1415926) unstable; urgency=high
[ Joey Hess ]
* po: Detect if nowrapi18n can't be passed to po4a, and warn about
the old version, but continue. Closes: #541205
* inline: Avoid use of my $_ as it fails with older perls.
Closes: #541215
* Add discussionpage configuration setting.
* Several optimisations, including speedups to orphans and brokenlinks
* meta, img: Fix bugs in dependency code. (smcv)
* Allow building ikiwiki on systems w/o po4a --
building of the translated underlays will be skipped in this case.
* Add basic styling of po plugin's languages list.
* inline: Display an error if feedpages is specified and fails to match
due to a problem such as created_before being told to check against
a page that does not exist.
* Remove deprecated ikiwiki/blog and ikiwiki/preprocessordirective
pages from the basewiki.
* Updated French program translation from Philippe Batailler.
Closes: #542036
* po: Fixed to run rcs_add ralative to srcdir.
* Italian program translation from Luca Bruno.
* Fix example blog's tags/life to not have a broken PageSpec.
Closes: #543510
* Optimize the dependencies list. This also fixes a bug
that could cause repeated refreshes of the wiki to grow
increasingly larger dependency lists, and get increasingly
slower. (smcv)
* Rebuild wikis on upgrade to this version to fix bloat caused
by the dependency bug.
* Further optimisation of dependency handling by adding a special
case for simple page dependencies. (smcv)
* htmltidy: Return an error message if tidy fails. Closes: #543722
* po: Fix name of translated toplevel index page. (intrigeri)
* po: Fix display of links from a translated page to itself (ntrigeri)
* Add Czech basewiki translation from Miroslav Kure.
* po: fix interdiction to create pages of type po (intrigeri)
* po: po: favor the type of linking page's masterpage on page creation
* img: Don't generate new verison of image if it is scaled to be
larger in either dimension.
[ Josh Triplett ]
* teximg: Replace the insufficient blacklist with the built-in security
mechanisms of TeX. (CVE-2009-2944)
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 30 Aug 2009 15:20:46 -0400
ikiwiki (3.141592) unstable; urgency=low
* Add new hooks: canremove, canrename, rename. (intrigeri)
* rename: Refactor subpage rename handling code into rename hook. (intrigeri)
* po: New plugin, suporting translation of wiki pages using po files.
* Add build machinery to build po files to translate the underlay wikis,
* Add further build machinery to generate translated underlays from
the po file, for use by wikis whose primary language is not English.
* Add Danish basewiki translation by Jonas Smedegaard.
* img: Fix adding of dependency from page to the image.
* pagestats: add `among` parameter, which only counts links from specified
pages (smcv)
* pagestats: when making a tag cloud, don't emit links where the tag is
unused (smcv)
* map: Avoid emitting an unclosed ul element if the map is empty. (harishcm)
* inline: Add pagenames parameter that can be used to list a set of
pages to inline, in a specific order, without using a PageSpec. (smcv)
* Add getsource plugin (Will, smcv)
-- Joey Hess <> Tue, 11 Aug 2009 14:59:31 -0400
ikiwiki (3.14159) unstable; urgency=low
* svn: Fix rcs_rename to properly scope call to dirname.
* img: Pass the align parameter through to the generated img tag.
* Move OpenID pretty-printing from openid plugin to core (smcv)
-- Joey Hess <> Thu, 16 Jul 2009 14:37:22 -0400
ikiwiki (3.1415) unstable; urgency=low
* img: Fix extra double quote with alt text. (smcv)
* Updated French debconf templates translation. Closes: #535103
* openid: Support Net::OpenID 2.x when pretty-printing
openids. (smcv)
* highlight: Fix utf-8 encoding bug. Closes: #535028
-- Joey Hess <> Tue, 07 Jul 2009 16:25:05 -0400
ikiwiki (3.141) unstable; urgency=low
* comment: Make comment directives no longer use the internal "_comment"
form, and document the comment directive syntax.
* Avoid relying on translators preserving the case when translating
"discussion", which caused Discussion pages to get unwanted Discussion
* Tighten up matching of bare words inside directives; do not
allow an unterminated """ string to be treated as a series
of bare words. Fixes runaway regexp recursion/backtracking
in strange situations.
* Setup automator: Check that each plugin added to the generated
setup file can be loaded and that its config is ok. If a plugin
fails for any reason, disable it in the generated file.
Closes: 532001
* pagecount: Fix broken optimisation for * pagespec.
* goto: Support being passed a page title that is not a valid page
name, to support several cases including mercurial's long user
names on the RecentChanges page, and urls with spaces being handled
by the 404 plugin.
* Optimise use of gettext, and avoid ugly warnings if Locale::gettext
is not available. Closes: #532285
* meta: Add openid delegate parameter to allow delegating only
openid or openid2.
* Disable the Preferences link if no plugin with an auth hook is enabled.
* Updated French translation. Closes: #532654
* aggregate: Fix storing of changed md5.
* aggregate: Avoid resetting ctime when an item md5 changes.
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 12 Jun 2009 19:50:46 -0400
ikiwiki (3.14) unstable; urgency=low
* highlight: New plugin supporting syntax highlighting of pretty much
* debian/control: Add suggests for libhighlight-perl, although
that package is not yet created by Debian's highlight source package.
(See #529869)
* format: Provide a htmlizefallback hook that other plugins
can use to handle formats that are not suitable for general-purpose
htmlize hooks. Used by highlight.
* Fix test suite to not rely on an installed copy of ikiwiki after
underlaydir change. Closes: #530502
* Danish translation update. Closes: #530877
-- Joey Hess <> Mon, 01 Jun 2009 13:05:34 -0400
ikiwiki (3.13) unstable; urgency=low
* ikiwiki-transition: If passed a nonexistant srcdir, or one not
containing .ikiwiki, abort with an error rather than creating it.
* Allow underlaydir to be overridden without messing up inclusion
of other underlays via add_underlay.
* More friendly display of markdown, textile in edit form selector
* Allow curly braces to be used in pagespecs, and avoid a whole class
of potential security problems, by avoiding performing any string
interpolation on user-supplied data when translating pagespecs.
* ikiwiki-transition: Allow setup files to be passed to all subcommands
that need a srcdir.
* ikiwiki-transition: deduplinks was broken and threw away all
metadata stored by plugins in the index. Fix this bug.
* listdirectives: Avoid listing _comment directives and generally
assume any directive starting with _ is likewise internal.
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 22 May 2009 14:10:56 -0400
ikiwiki (3.12) unstable; urgency=low
* Re-enable python-support and add python:Depends to control file.
* ikiwiki-makerepo: Avoid using abs_path, as it apparently
fails on nonexistant directories with some broken perl
* inline: Minor optimisation.
* add_link: New function, which plugins should use rather than
modifying %links directly, to avoid it accumulating duplicates.
* ikiwiki-transition: Add a deduplinks action, that can be used
to remove duplicate links and optimise a wiki w/o rebuilding it.
* external: Fix pagespec_match and pagespec_match_list.
Closes: #527281
-- Joey Hess <> Wed, 06 May 2009 00:31:16 -0400
ikiwiki (3.11) unstable; urgency=low
* Avoid using python-support. Closes: #525086
* websetup: Display stderr in browser if ikiwiki setup fails.
* blogspam: Load RPC::XML library in checkconfig, so that an
error can be printed at that point if it's not available,
allowing the admin to see it during wiki setup.
Closes: #520015
* websetup: If setup fails, restore old setup file.
* relativedate: Deal with clock skew.
* Add IkiWiki::ErrorReason objects, and modify pagespecs to return
them in cases where they fail to match due to a configuration or syntax
* pagespec_match_list: New API function, matches pages in a list
and throws an error if the pagespec is bad.
* inline, brokenlinks, calendar, linkmap, map, orphans, pagecount,
pagestate, postsparkline: Display a handy error message if the pagespec
is erronious.
* comments: Add link to comment post form to allow user to sign in
if they wish to, if the configuration makes signin optional
for commenting.
* Updated Danish translation from Jonas Smedegaard. Closes: #525751
* translation.mdwn: Typo fixes. Closes: #525753
-- Joey Hess <> Mon, 04 May 2009 15:45:10 -0400
ikiwiki (3.10) unstable; urgency=low
* darcs: Finally added support for this VCS, thanks to many
- Thomas Schwinge wrote the original file, implementing only rcs_commit.
- Benjamin A'Lee contributed an alternative implementation.
- Tuomo Valkonen contributed rcs_getctime and stub rcs_recentchanges.
- Simon Michael contributed multiple changes.
- Petr Ročkai fixed rcs_recentchanges.
- Sven M. Hallberg merged the above and added missing features.
* Add missing newline to Confirm Password prompt.
* Add missing permalink support to archivepage and titlepage templates.
* debian/control: Wrap fields.
* inline: Add author info to archive display.
* Add a microblog template that is useful for inlining microblogging posts.
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 18 Apr 2009 19:40:25 -0400
ikiwiki (3.09) unstable; urgency=low
* inline: Add title_natural sort order, using Sort::Naturally
* inline: Fix urls to feed when feedfile is used on an index page.
* git, mercurial: Fix --getctime to return file creation time,
not last commit time.
* Updated French translation (Jean-Luc Coulon). Closes: #521072
* css: Add clear: both to inlinefooter.
* comments: Fix too loose test for comments pages that matched
normal pages with "comment_" in their name. Closes: #521322
* comments: Fix anchor ids to be legal xhtml. Closes: #521339
* Fix documentation of anonok_pagespec. Closes: #521793
* Add missing suggests on libtext-textile-perl. Closes: #522039
* recentchanges: change to using do=goto links for user links.
* Fix git test suite to use a bare repo.
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 04 Apr 2009 14:33:49 -0400
ikiwiki (3.08) unstable; urgency=low
* git: Fix utf-8 encoding of author names.
* git: Manually decode git output from utf-8, avoids
warning messages on invalidly encoded output.
* Fix bug that caused weird things to appear as page types.
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 15 Mar 2009 17:54:47 -0400
ikiwiki (3.07) unstable; urgency=low
* Updated German translation (Kai Wasserbäch). Closes: #518377
* Updated French translation (Jean-Luc Coulon). Closes: #518510
* wmd: New plugin contributed by William Uther to support the WMD
Wysiwym markdown editor.
* smiley: Avoid infinite loop in smiley expansion triggered
by the template scan mode change in version 3.05. Closes: #518805
* template: When loading a template in scan mode, let preprocess
know it only needs to scan.
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 08 Mar 2009 19:00:46 -0400
ikiwiki (3.06) unstable; urgency=low
* Setup automator: Fix bug in password comparison. Closes: #517654
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 01 Mar 2009 15:02:30 -0500
ikiwiki (3.05) unstable; urgency=low
* debhelper v7(.0.50); rules file minimisation.
* template: Load templates in scan mode.
This is potentially expensive, but is necessary so that meta and tag
directives, and other links on templates affect the page using the
template reliably.
* goto: Fix redirect to comments.
* Add noextension parameter to htmlize hooks to support, eg, Makefile.
* Add tagged() PageSpec.
* Updated German translation (Kai Wasserbäch). Closes: #516770
* Setup automator: Prompt for password twice. Closes: #516973
* bzr: Add missing rcs_diff. (liw)
* comments: Avoid showing comment moderation button in prefs to non-admins.
* goto: Fix typo that broke recentchanges_link compatibility.
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 27 Feb 2009 15:48:39 -0500
ikiwiki (3.04) unstable; urgency=low
* 404: New plugin which lets you use the IkiWiki CGI script as
an Apache 404 handler, to give the behaviour of various other wiki
engines where visiting a nonexistent page provides you with a link
to create it. (smcv)
* Factor out redundant code into goto plugin. (smcv)
* Work around XML::Atom strangeness that results in double-encoded posts.
* Fix unusual --setup --post-commit command line option combo.
* Create any missing directory necessary to put the wrapper
file into. Closes: #514384
* shortcut: If default_pageext is set, first look for
* Allow comments, rename, remove, and attachment plugins to be used
even if the editpage plugin is disabled.
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 14 Feb 2009 02:27:14 -0500
ikiwiki (3.03) unstable; urgency=low
* Avoid feeding decoded unicode to Term::ReadLine. Closes: 512169
* blogspam: Log spam info on failure in debug mode.
* Remove nonstandard css. Closes: #512378
* blogspam: Fix use of blogspam_options and blogspam_server config settings.
* comments: If comment content checks fail, store the comment
(in .ikiwiki/comments_pending) for moderator review.
* comments: Add a moderation web interface, which admins can
access via their Preferences page.
* git: Fix malformed utf8 received from git.
* meta: New "updated" metadata specifies a fake modification time for a
page, to be output into RSS and Atom feeds. (smcv)
* underlay: New plugin, allows pulling in additional files not
in version control. (smcv)
-- Joey Hess <> Thu, 29 Jan 2009 14:36:58 -0500
ikiwiki (3.02) unstable; urgency=low
* blogspam: New plugin, adding spam filtering for page editing / comment
posting using the API.
* Add auto-blog.setup, which will set up an ikiwiki instance tuned for use
in blogging.
* checkcontent: New hook, can be used to implement arbitrary content
filters, including spam filters.
* table: Fix misparsed links in external files.
* table: Find links in external files in scan pass.
* rename: Show full names of affected pages.
* comments: Fix cache avoidance hack.
* repolist: New plugin to support the rel=vcs-* microformat.
* goodstuff: Include repolist by default. (But it does nothing until
configured with the repository locations.)
* comments: Add support for removing comments via web interface. (smcv)
* Consistently allow use of relative paths in all PageSpecs
that take a page name parameter. Previously, match_created_before(),
match_created_after(), match_sourcepage(), and match_destpage()
did not support that, and the docs were not clear.
* pinger: Get whole url, don't just head, avoids problems on
the nostromo web server.
* Recommend libterm-readline-gnu-perl since that makes auto.setup
behave better.
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 17 Jan 2009 18:19:39 -0500
ikiwiki (3.01) unstable; urgency=low
* ikiwiki-makerepo: Fix injecting of empty mercurial and bzr repositories.
Closes: #510518
* Fix documentation about git hook to use right name. Closes: #510393
* yesno: Always accept English even when localised.
* yesno: Also accept 1 and 0 as input.
* A recent change to gitweb removed support for the form of diffurl
that many ikiwiki setups use. Document how to use the new url form.
-- Joey Hess <> Mon, 05 Jan 2009 18:53:50 -0500
ikiwiki (3.00) unstable; urgency=low
* Remove support for GlobLists.
* Remove support for configuring allowed attachments, locked pages,
and banned users from the admin preferences page. These can only be
controlled via the setup file now.
* ikiwiki-transition moveprefs can be used to move the above
admin preferences into a setup file.
* prefix_directives and aggregate_internal are now turned on by default.
* ikiwiki-transition prefix_directives syntax changed
* googlecalendar: removed this deprecated plugin. Use htmlscrubber_skip
* embed: This plugin is deprecated, use htmlscrubber_skip instead.
Closes: ##462970.
* Version 3.00 of the plugin API.
* Replace blank OpenID placeholder logo with an unofficial OpenID
logo developed by Anna Hess. The official logo does not seem destined to
be free.
* comments: Add cache avoidance.
* htmlbalance: Demand-load HTML::TreeBuilder to avoid failing test suite
if it is not present.
* French translation update from Philippe Batailler. Closes: #510216
* websetup: Avoid a crash when a new array setup item has been added in
a new ikiwiki release, and is thus not present in the setup file yet.
-- Joey Hess <> Wed, 31 Dec 2008 15:17:47 -0500
ikiwiki (2.72) unstable; urgency=low
* Avoid comments in recentchanges being broken links (smcv)
* Add deprecation warning for GlobLists, which will stop working in 3.0.
* camelcase: Add camelcase_ignore setting.
* googlecalendar: Add runtime deprecation warning.
* comments: Deal with users entering unqualified or partial urls.
* inline: Run format hook first, to ensure other format hooks can affect
inlined content. Closes: #509710
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 28 Dec 2008 15:01:02 -0500
ikiwiki (2.71) unstable; urgency=low
* comments: Blog-style comment support, contributed by Simon McVittie.
* htmlbalance: New plugin contributed by Simon McVittie.
* Change deb dependencies to list Text::Markdown before markdown (really
this time).
* Improve escaping of wikilinks and preprocessor directives in content
produced by aggregate and recentchanges.
* French translation update from Philippe Batailler. Closes: #506250
* Spanish translation update from Victor Moral.
* Fix handling of wrappergroup option.
* Correct --dumpsetup to include the srcdir in the setup file.
* German translation update from Kai Wasserbäch. Closes: #507056
* inline: Support emptyfeeds=no option to skip generating empty feeds.
* inline: Support feedfile option to change the filename of the feed
* meta: Pass info to htmlscrubber so htmlscrubber_skip can take effect.
* htmlbalance: don't compact whitespace, and set misc other options (smcv)
* rename: Fix double-escaping of page name in edit box.
* monotone: When getting the log, tell monotone how many entries
we want, rather than closing the pipe, which it dislikes. (thm)
* Coding style change: Remove explcit vim folding markers.
* aggregate: If a feed fails to be downloaded, try again immediatly
next time aggregation is run, even if the usual time has not passed.
Closes: #508622 (Michael Gold)
* meta: Process meta date during scan pass so that the date will always
affect sorting in inlines.
* Improve display of some openids (smcv)
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 21 Dec 2008 16:22:05 -0500
ikiwiki (2.70) unstable; urgency=low
* Avoid crash on malformed utf-8 discovered by intrigeri.
-- Joey Hess <> Wed, 12 Nov 2008 17:45:58 -0500
ikiwiki (2.69) unstable; urgency=low
* Avoid multiple ikiwiki cgi processes piling up, eating all memory,
and thrashing, by making the cgi wrapper wait on a cgilock.
If you had to set apache's MaxClients low to avoid ikiwiki thrashing your
server, you can now turn it up to a high value.
* Stop busy-waiting in lockwiki, as this could delay ikiwiki from waking up
for up to one second. The bailout code is no longer needed after above
* Remove support for unused optional wait parameter from lockwiki.
* aggregate: Try to query XML::Feed for the base url when derelevatising
links. Since this needs the just released XML::Feed 0.3, as well
as a not yet released XML::RSS, it will fall back to the old method
if no xml:base info is available.
* meta: Plugin is now enabled by default since the basewiki uses it.
* txt: Do not encode quotes when filtering the txt, as that broke
later parsing of any directives on the page.
* Fix the link() pagespec to match links that are internally recorded as
* Add rel=nofollow to recentchanges_links for the same (weak) reasons it
was earlier added to edit links.
* tag: Normalize tagbase so leading/trailing slashes in it don't break
* bzr: Fix dates for recentchanges.
-- Joey Hess <> Tue, 11 Nov 2008 20:35:55 -0500
ikiwiki (2.68) unstable; urgency=low
* Add support for checking pushes from untrusted git committers. This can be
used to set up anonymous git pushes, and other similar things.
* format: New plugin, allows embedding differently formatted text inside a
page (ie, otl inside a mdwn page, or syntax highlighted code inside a
* relativedate: New javascript-alicious plugin that makes all dates display
relative, in a very nice way, if I say so myself.
* Optimise the no-op post-commit hook, to speed up web edits by a fraction
of a second.
* git: Allow [[sha1_commit]] to be used in the diffurl, to support cgit.
* shortcut: Fix display of shortcuts while previewing.
* Plugins that used to override displaytime should instead override
formattime. displaytime will call that, and may wrap markup around the
formatted time.
* Add an underlay for javascript, and add ikiwiki.js containing some utility
* toggle: Stop embedding the full toggle code on each page using it, and
move it to toggle.js in the javascript underlay.
* recentchanges: Make feed links point back to anchors on the recentchanges
page. (JasonBlevins)
* Fix issue with utf-8 in wikiname breaking session cookies, by
entity-encoding the wikiname in the session cookie.
* Use the pure perl Data::Dumper when generating setup files to ensure that
utf-8 characters are written out as such, and not as the encoded perl
strings the C Data::Dumper produces.
* inline: Only the last feed link was put on the page, fix this to include
all feed links. So rss will be included along with atom, and pages with
multiple feeds will get links added for all feeds.
* tag: When tagbase is set, force the links created by tagging to point at
the toplevel tagbase, and not closer subpages. The html links already went
there, but internally the links were not recorded as absolute, which could
cause confusing backlinks etc.
* Add an inject function, that can be used by plugins that want to
replace one of ikiwiki's functions with their own version.
(This is a scary thing that grubs through the symbol table, and replaces
all exported occurances of a function with the injected version.)
* external: RPC functions can be injected to replace exported functions.
* Updated French translation. Closes: #502694
* Updated Spanish translation from the ever vigilant Victor Moral.
* Updated Danish translation from Jonas Smedegaard. Closes: #503117
* Preserve syslog setting when doing `ikiwiki -setup foo -dumpsetup bar`
* Several fixes to --render mode.
-- Joey Hess <> Mon, 03 Nov 2008 16:31:11 -0500
ikiwiki (2.67) unstable; urgency=low
* remove: Avoid $_ breakage. (Stupid, stupid perl.)
* Updated Spanish translation from Victor Moral.
* lockedit: Support specifying which users (and IP addresses) a page
is locked for. This supports most of the ACL type things users have been
wanting to be done. Closes: #443346 (It does not control who can read a
page, but that's out of scope for ikiwiki.)
* orphans: Fix unquoted page name in regexp.
* google: Plugin provides google site search, contributed by Peter Simons.
* Pass HTTPS variable through the wrapper so that CGI->https can be used
by plugins. Closes: #502047
* inline: Allow MTIME to be used in inlinepage.tmpl.
* inline: Use the feed's description in the rss and atom links.
Closes: #502113
* aggregate: Avoid bug that caused immediate expiration of items
with a date in the future.
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 17 Oct 2008 13:13:41 -0400
ikiwiki (2.66) unstable; urgency=low
* recentchanges: Fix redirects to non-page files.
* aggregate: Avoid uninitialized value warnings for pages with no recorded
* attachment: Add admin() pagespec to test if the uploading user is a wiki
* git: Fix handling of utf-8 filenames in recentchanges.
* tag: Make edit link for new tags ensure that the tags are created
inside tagbase, when it's set.
* template: Make edit link for new templates ensure the page is located
under toplevel templates directory.
* htmlscrubber: Add a config setting that can be used to disable the
scrubber acting on a set of pages.
* Expand usage message and add --help. Closes: #500344
* Beautify urls used in various places. (smcv)
* Export pagetitle, titlepage, linkpage.
* htmltidy: Avoid returning undef if tidy fails. Also avoid returning the
untidied content if tidy crashes. In either case, it seems best to tidy
the content to nothing.
* htmltidy: Avoid spewing tidy errors to stderr.
* Reorganize index file, add a format version field. Upgrades to the new
index format should be transparent.
* Add %wikistate, which is like %pagestate except not specific to a given
page, and is preserved across rebuilds.
* editpage: Be more aggressive (and less buggy) about cleaning up
temporary files rendered during page preview.
* Add an indexpages option, which causes foo/index.mdwn to be the source
for page foo when foo.mdwn doesn't exist. Also, when it's enabled,
creating a new page will save it to foo/index.mdwn by default.
Closes: #474611
(Sponsored by The TOVA Company.)
* httpauth: Document that ikiwiki.cgi has to be in a directory subject to
authentication. Closes: #500524
* inline: Fix handling of rootpage that doesn't exist.
* attachment: Support adding attachments to pages even as they are being
* remove, rename: Allow acting on attachments as a page is being created.
* Updated French translation. Closes: #500929
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 05 Oct 2008 19:11:08 -0400
ikiwiki (2.65) unstable; urgency=low
* aggregate: Expire excess or old items on the same pass that adds them,
not only on subsequent passes.
* editdiff: Broken since 2.62 due to wrong syntax, now fixed.
* aggregate: Support atom feeds with only a summary element, and no content
* progress: Display an error if the progress cannot be parsed, and allow
the percent parameter to only optionally end with "%".
* Fix reversion in use of ikiwiki -verbose -setup with a setup file that
enables syslog. Setup output is once again output to stdout in this
* edittemplate: Default new page file type to the same type as the template.
* edittemplate: Add "silent" parameter. (Willu)
* edittemplate: Link to template, to allow creating it. (Willu)
* editpage: Add a missing check that the page name contains only legal
characters, in addition to the existing check for pruned filenames.
* Print a debug message if a page has multiple source files.
* Add keepextension parameter to htmlize hook. (Willu)
* rename, remove: Don't rely on a form parameter to tell whether the page
should be treated as an attachment.
* rename: Add support for moving SubPages of a page when renaming it.
(Sponsored by The TOVA Company.)
* rename: Hide type field from rename form when renaming attachments.
-- Joey Hess <> Wed, 24 Sep 2008 17:55:14 -0400
ikiwiki (2.64) unstable; urgency=low
* Avoid uninitialised value when --dumpsetup is used and no srcdir/destdir
* ddate: Stop clobbering timeformat when not enabled.
* progress: New plugin to generate progress bars (willu)
* Add allow_symlinks_before_srcdir to config so websetup doesn't eat it.
* img: Support sizes like 200x. Closes: #475149
* goodstuff: Remove otl plugin from the bundle since it needs a significant
external dependency and is not commonly used. If you use otl, make sure
you explicitly enable it now.
* goodstuff: Add more, progress, and table plugins to the bundle.
* Improve error message if external plugin fails to load. Closes: #498458
* Directive documentation broken out of the plugin documentation and into
pages suitable to be used as an underlay. Thanks to Willu for doing most
of the tedious work.
* Move the directive documentation into its own underlay, separate from
basewiki, since it's sorta large compared to the rest of basewiki.
* listdirectives: Enable use of the directives underlay.
* Removed the obsolete blog page from the basewiki. ikiwiki/blog still
remains, but is now deprecated too.
* Removed old redirecton pages from basewiki (helponformatting,
markdown, openid, pagespec, preprocessordirective, subpage, wikilink).
* inline: Treat rootpage as a link, so that it can refer to a subpage
without hardcoding the path.
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 14 Sep 2008 16:58:25 -0400
ikiwiki (2.63) unstable; urgency=low
* Set cookies HttpOnly.
* Typo. Closes: #497003
* Ignore failure to install files into /etc, in case install is running as
* Work around perl $_ scoping nonsense that caused breakage when loading
external plugins.
* style.css: Add missing semicolon. Closes: #497176
* filecheck: Fall back to testing for binary or plain text files
if no mime type is detected.
* table: Support header=column to make the table header be the first
column of the data. (AlexandreDupas)
* For fine control over what characters are allowed, unescaped in
source filenames, the wiki_file_chars setting is added. For example,
set to "-[:alnum:]+/._" to disable colons from being used in source files
(which can cause troubl om Windows).
* po/Makefile: update po files when the pot file has changed.
Closes: #497951
* editpage: New core plugin factoring out page editing to allow disabling it
if desired.
-- Joey Hess <> Mon, 08 Sep 2008 12:17:15 -0400
ikiwiki (2.62.1) unstable; urgency=low
* filecheck: Fixed two bits broken in move from attachment.
-- Joey Hess <> Thu, 28 Aug 2008 13:04:47 -0400
ikiwiki (2.62) unstable; urgency=low
* Avoid using cp -a (again). (HenrikBrixAndersen)
* Avoid using hostname -f for portability to eg, OS X, use Net::Domain
instead, and prompt if it fails.
* Fix bug in wikiname sanitisation in the setup automator.
* ikiwiki-makerepo: Added support for monotone. (Thomas Keller)
* map: The fix for #449285 was buggy and broke display of parents in certain
* teximg: The prefix is configurable, and has changed to not include the
nonstandard mhchem by default. (willu)
* teximg: dvipng is used if available to render images. Its output is
antialiased and better than dvips. If not available, the old dvips+convert
chain will be used. (willu)
* Drop suggests on texlive-science, add suggests on dvipng.
* listdirectives: New plugin. (willu)
* filecheck: New plugin factoring out the PageSpec additions that were
originally part of the attachment plugin.
* edittemplate: Don't wipe out edits on preview.
* color: New plugin from ptecza.
* autoindex: Avoid re-adding previously deleted (or renamed) pages.
-- Joey Hess <> Wed, 27 Aug 2008 15:14:09 -0400
ikiwiki (2.61) unstable; urgency=low
* poll: Fix typo that broke plugin.
* graphviz: Fix breakage of the name of the preprocessor directive.
-- Joey Hess <> Thu, 14 Aug 2008 18:13:22 -0400
ikiwiki (2.60) unstable; urgency=low
[ Joey Hess ]
* Starting with this version, "ikiwiki -setup /etc/ikiwiki/auto.setup"
can be used create a new wiki in seconds.
* websetup: New plugin providing a setup form on the web.
* ikiwiki --dumpsetup can generate a nice setup file snapshotting ikiwiki's
current configuration.
* The way wrappers are defined in the setup file has changed. Old setup
files will continue to work, for now.
* ikiwiki-transition setupformat can be used to convert a setup file to the
new format.
* Version control backends promoted to first-class plugins.
* ikiwiki-update-wikilist: Add -r switch to remove. Default behavior is now
always to add.
* Start moving admin preferences from the web interface to the setup file.
* Add getsetup hook, all plugins should use it to record information about
themselves and any fields they add to %config
* Large amounts of internal config data reorg.
* ikiwiki-makerepo: Bail if both srcdir and repository are not specified.
Closes: #493628
* Clarify some wording in the setup documentation that could maybe lead
users to putting paths with "~/" in the setup file, which doesn't work.
Closes: #493835
* autoindex: Ignore internal pages, and take underlay directories into
account. Also, avoid making index pages for directories that contain
no files.
* external: Fix support for hooks called in an array context.
* Options set in the setup file are now immediatly loaded by ikiwiki -setup.
This allows later switches to override them. Previously, setup file
options overrode most command line options.
* Added a small icon to the search input box.
[ Josh Triplett ]
* Add Suggests on texlive and texlive-science for the teximg plugin
[ Joey Hess ]
* inline: Ignore parent dirs when sorting pages by title.
* rename: Support changing page extensions. (willu)
* Danish update. Closes: #494632
-- Joey Hess <> Tue, 12 Aug 2008 14:20:25 -0400
ikiwiki (2.56) unstable; urgency=low
* autoindex: New plugin that generates missing index pages.
(Sponsored by The TOVA Company.)
* Escape HTML is rss and atom feeds instead of respectively using CDATA and
treating it as XHTML. This avoids problems with escaping the end of the
CDATA when the htmlscrubber is not used, and it avoids problems with atom
XHTML using named entity references that are not in the atom DTD.
(Simon McVittie)
* Add test for old versions of git that don't support --cleanup=verbatim,
and munge empty commit messages.
-- Joey Hess <> Thu, 31 Jul 2008 19:25:24 -0400
ikiwiki (2.55) unstable; urgency=low
* remove: New plugin that adds the ability to remove pages via the web.
(Sponsored by The TOVA Company.)
* rename: New plugin that adds the ability to rename pages via the web.
(Sponsored by The TOVA Company.) (This one's for you, Kyle.)
* All rcs backends need to implement rcs_remove, rcs_commitstaged,
and rcs_rename. (Done for svn, git).
* This version adds renamepage hooks, which can be used to modify page
content, including links, during renames.
* prefix_directives enabled in doc wiki, all preprocessor directives
converted. (Simon McVittie)
* editpage: Don't show attachments link when attachments are disabled.
* tag: Allow tagbase to be overridden by starting a tag with "./" or "/".
(Simon McVittie)
* Really fix bug with links to pages with names containing colons.
Previous fix mised a few cases.
* Avoid troublesome abs_path calls in wrapper setup.
* Add allow_symlinks_before_srcdir config setting that can be used to avoid
a security check that is a good safe default, but problimatic overkill in
some situations.
* Don't allow uploading an attachment with the same name as an existing
page, to avoid confusion.
* Split out error messages from editpage.tmpl into several separate
* attachment: Do not escape _ when determining attachment filenames.
* Rebuild pages that change their type. (Gabriel McManus)
* monotone: Add support for rename, delete, and also diff. (William Uther)
* toggle: Fix incompatibility between javascript and webkit.
* bzr: Add support for rename and delete. (Jelmer Vernooij)
* attachment: Use relative paths when inserting links.
* toggle: Fix for when html got tidied. Closes: #492529 (Enrico Zini)
* cutpaste: New plugin by Enrico Zini
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 27 Jul 2008 11:23:13 -0400
ikiwiki (2.54) unstable; urgency=low
[ Joey Hess ]
* Make it possible to load setup files w/o running them. Code
needing to do so can call IkiWiki::Setup::load, which will return
a hash of values.
[ Josh Triplett ]
* ikiwiki-transition: Fix command-line processing so the prefix_directives
transition works again.
[ Joey Hess ]
* template: Add support for a BASENAME variable.
* Fixes creation of pages when clicking on WikiLinks starting with "/".
* Change deb dependencies to list Text::Markdown before markdown, since
the former, while slower, has a much better html parser that avoids
numerous bugs.
* Move yesno function out of inline and into IkiWiki core, not exported.
* Error handling improvement for preprocess hooks. It's now safe to call
error() from such hooks; it will cause a nicely formatted error message
to be inserted into the page.
* Cut the size of the binary package in half by excluding pages for bugs
and todo items from the html shipped in it.
* parentlinks: New plugin, split out of ikiwiki core and enabled by default,
and several new fields added to allow for advanced styling. (intrigeri)
* smileys: Some fixes for escaped smileys.
* smileys: Note that smileys need to be double-escaped for the escaping to
work. Markdown removes one level of escaping.
* Add a postscan hook.
* search: Use postscan hook, avoid updating index when previewing.
* git: Put web committer name/openid/address in the git author field.
The committer's email address is not used (because leaking email addresses
is not liked by many users). Closes: #451023
* git: Fix parsing of git logs with no commit messages at all.
* search: Fixes for title stemming, and use better term for tags.
(Gabriel McManus)
(Rebuilding the wiki on upgrade to this version is recommended if you
use the search plugin.)
[ Simon McVittie ]
* meta, inline: Support guid options, to allow forcing a particular url or
uuid in feeds.
* meta: fix title() PageSpec
* Some footer style changes.
* aggregate: Add an `aggregateinternal` option, which allows storing
aggregated data to internal-use files, rather than wiki pages. This
can save disk space, and be faster.
* ikiwiki-transition: Add a `aggregateinternal` transition to rename
the aggregated files.
-- Joey Hess <> Mon, 21 Jul 2008 10:10:52 -0400
ikiwiki (2.53) unstable; urgency=low
* search: generate configuration files once only when rebuilding
(Gabriel McManus)
* attachment: Fix an uninitialised value warning when editing a page
that currently has no attachments.
* Fix a bug with links to pages whose names contained colons.
* attachment: Support old versions of that lack an upload method.
* Include ikiwiki.setup in examples in the debian package.
* attachment: Support perl 5.8's buggy version of
* otl: Support utf-8 files. (Recai Oktaş)
-- Joey Hess <> Wed, 09 Jul 2008 16:45:33 -0400
ikiwiki (2.52) unstable; urgency=low
* attachment: New plugin for uploading and managing attachments.
This includes a fairly powerful PageSpec based admin pref for deciding
whether to accept a given upload, and an attachment management interface
on the edit page.
(Sponsored by The TOVA Company.)
* If attachments are not enabled, configure to disable file
uploads by default. (An anti-DOS measure.)
* toggle: Add support for toggles that are open by default.
* toggle: Fix to work in preview mode.
* toggle: Add javascript to top of page, not to end. This avoids flicker
since closed toggles will not be displayed as the page is loading.
* The editpage form now uses the raw page name, not the page title, in its
'page' cgi parameter. Using the title was ambiguous and made it
impossible to tell between some pages, like "foo/bar" and "foo__47__bar",
sometimes causing the wrong page to be edited.
* This change means that some edit links need to be updated.
Force a rebuild on upgrade to this version.
* Above change also allowed really fixing escaped slashes from the blogpost
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 06 Jul 2008 19:15:37 -0400
ikiwiki (2.51) unstable; urgency=low
* Improve toplevel parentlink to link directly to index.html when usedirs is
* map: Add a "show" parameter. "show=title" can be used to display page
titles, rather than the default page name. Based on a patch from
Jaldhar H. Vyas, Closes: #484510
* hnb: New plugin, contributed by Axel Beckert.
* meta: Store "description" in pagestate for use by other plugins.
* map: Support show=description.
* textile: The Text::Textile perl module has some regexps that fail if
input is flagged as utf-8, but contains invalid characters such as 0x92.
To prevent it from crashing, re-encode the content before calling it,
which will ensure that it's really utf-8.
* Version the suggests of xapian-omega to a version known to be new enough
to work with ikiwiki. Reportedly, version 0.9.9 is too old to work.
Closes: #486592
* creole: New plugin from Bernd Zeimetz. Closes: #486930
* aggregate: Add template parameter.
* Add support for the universal edit button <>
(To get this on all pages of an exiting wiki, rebuild the wiki.)
* txt: New plugin, contributed by Gabriel McManus.
* smiley: Generate links relative to the destpage. (Fixes a reversion from
* toc: Revert change in 2.45 that made it run at sanitize time. That broke
use of toc in a sidebar.
* Call format hooks when generating page previews, thus fixing toc display
there, as well as fixing inlins to again display in page previews, since
it's started using format hooks. This also allows several other things,
like embed, that use format hooks, to work during page preview time.
* Format hooks should not rely on getting an entire html document, as they
will only get the body during page preview.
* toggle: Deal with preview mode when adding javascript.
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 29 Jun 2008 14:09:37 -0400
ikiwiki (2.50) unstable; urgency=low
* img: Support captions.
* img: Don't generate empty title attributes, etc.
* img: Allow setting defaults for class and id too.
* ikiwiki-mass-rebuild: Make group list comparison more robust.
* search: Work around xapian bug #486138 by only stemming locales
in a whitelist.
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 13 Jun 2008 15:17:30 -0400
ikiwiki (2.49) unstable; urgency=low
* haiku: Generate valid xhtml.
* ikiwiki-mass-rebuild: Don't trust $! when setting $)
* inline: The optimisation in 2.41 broke nested inlines. Detect those
and avoid overoptimising.
* search: Converted to use xapian-omega.
* Filter hooks are no longer called during the scan phase. This will
prevent wikilinks added by filters from being scanned properly. But
no known filter hook does that, so let's not waste time on it.
* Pass a destpage parameter to the sanitize hook.
* The search interface now allows searching for a page by title
("title:foo"), as well as for pages that contain a given link
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 07 Jun 2008 15:22:41 -0400
ikiwiki (2.48) unstable; urgency=high
* Fix security hole that occurred if openid and passwordauth were both
enabled. passwordauth would allow logging in as a known openid, with an
empty password. Closes: #483770 (CVE-2008-0169)
* Add rel=nofollow to edit links. This may prevent some spiders from
pounding on the cgi following edit links.
* passwordauth: If Authen::Passphrase is installed, use it to store
password hashes, crypted with Eksblowfish.
* `ikiwiki-transition hashpassword /path/to/srcdir` can be used to
hash existing plaintext passwords.
* Passwords will no longer be mailed, but instead a password reset link.
* The password_cost config setting is provided as a "more security" knob.
* teximg: Fix logurl.
* teximg: If the log isn't written, avoid ugly error messages.
* Updated French translation. Closes: #478530
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 30 May 2008 17:36:07 -0400
ikiwiki (2.47) unstable; urgency=low
* mdwn: Add a multimarkdown setup file option.
* If PERL5LIB is set to the libdir when building ikiwiki, calculate and
hardcode a proper 'use lib' statement anyway. This fixes a gotcha,
since PERL5LIB won't work once ikiwiki is running via a wrapper or as
a cgi.
* orphans: As a special case, the toplevel index page is never considered
an orphaned page.
* inline: Display a message if the 'pages' parameter is missing, before
it just expanded to nothing.
* git: Skip over signed-off-by and similar lines in commit messages
when generating recentchanges.
* ENV can be used in the setup file to override environment variable
settings, such as TZ or PATH.
* Perls older than 5.10 need to use the old method of decoding utf-8 in CGI
values. Neither method will work for all versions of perl, so check
version number at runtime.
* Avoid unsightly warning message when evaling broken pagespecs.
* Improve error message when a pagespec fails to parse.
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 25 May 2008 14:25:42 -0400
ikiwiki (2.46) unstable; urgency=low
* amazon_s3: New plugin, which injects wiki pages into Amazon S3, allowing
ikiwiki to be used without a dedicated web server.
* aggregate: Add support for web-based triggering of aggregation
for people stuck on shared hosting without cron. (Sheesh.) Enabled
via the `aggregate_webtrigger` configuration optiom.
* Add pinger and pingee plugins, which allow setting up mirrors and branched
wikis that automatically ping one another to stay up to date.
* Optimised file statting code when scanning for modified pages;
cut the number of system calls in half. (Still room for improvement.)
* Fixes for behavior changes in perl 5.10's CGI that broke utf-8 support
in several interesting ways.
-- Joey Hess <> Mon, 12 May 2008 20:51:50 -0400
ikiwiki (2.45) unstable; urgency=low
* toc: Add the table of contents at sanitize time, rather than at format
time. This allows the toc to be displayed when previewing an edit. It also
avoids headers in the page template from showing up in the toc.
* Add PREFIX/bin to the hardcoded PATH within ikiwiki.
* Deal with different paths to perl when removing -T flag.
* Add missing de.po. Closes: #471540
* img: Support a title attribute, will be passed through to html.
Closes: #478718
* anonk: Add anonok_pagespec configuration setting that can be used to
allow anonymous users to edit only matching pages. Closes: #478892
* Fix ugly display when editing a page that has vanished.
* srcfile now has an optional second parameter to avoid it throwing an error
if the source file does not exist.
* git: Put -- before the filename when calling git rev-list to avoid
warning message when the file doesn't exist.
* Add a Bundle::IkiWiki and Bundle::IkiWiki::Extras to the source for use
with CPAN to install perl modules.
* Add a cpan directory containing a CPAN::MyConfig that can ease use of
CPAN to install in a home directory on shared hosting providers.
* With these changes, it's pretty easy to install onto
and probably other shared hosting providers like dreamhost. Added
a page documenting the process for nearlyfreespeech.
-- Joey Hess <> Mon, 05 May 2008 15:06:05 -0400
ikiwiki (2.44) unstable; urgency=medium
* Bring back the svnrepo setup file option. This is needed for
recentchangediff to work with svn repos.
* Allow libtext-markdown-perl to satisfy dependencies, as a
an alternative to the markdown package.
* Correct a bug in pagespec matching, where a empty pagespec matched all
pages. This manifested as wikis with no locked pages treating them all as
locked. The bug was introduced in version 2.41.
* Medium urgency upload due to above fix.
-- Joey Hess <> Thu, 17 Apr 2008 14:33:54 -0400
ikiwiki (2.43) unstable; urgency=low
* Fix missing import of escapeHTML in userlink. (Scott Bronson)
* Fix broken rcs_update for bzr. (Scott Bronson)
* Use bzr --quiet to avoid it outputting stuff and messing up http headers.
(Scott Bronson)
* Give the full path to the hyperestraier helpfile in estseek.conf.
* Recommend a recent git-core for git init. Closes: 475609
-- Joey Hess <> Wed, 16 Apr 2008 18:35:13 -0400
ikiwiki (2.42) unstable; urgency=high
* aggregate: Correct a mistake in the code that dummy up a guid for feeds
lacking one.
* inline: Correct handling of urls relative to baseurl in feeds.
* Fix CSRF attacks against the preferences and edit forms. The fix involved
embedding the session id in the forms, and not allowing the forms to be
submitted if the embedded id does not match the session id. Closes: #475445
-- Joey Hess <> Thu, 03 Apr 2008 02:35:39 -0400
ikiwiki (2.41) unstable; urgency=low
[ Adeodato Simó ]
* Preprocessor directives generated by the shortcut plugin accept a `desc`
parameter that overrides the anchor text provided at shortcut definition
time. (Closes: #458126)
[ martin f. krafft ]
* The meta plugin now allows for the robots tag to be specified without the
risk of it being scrubbed.
* Let meta.openid set X-XRDS-Location header
* Make makerepo set the Git merge remote.
branch.master.remote previously used to default to origin, which has
recently been changed; it now needs to be set explicitly, which this
patch does. Closes: #470517
* meta: Also generate openid2 headers.
* Handle SimpleXMLRPCDispatcher arg count change in python 2.5
* Provide XML-RPC proxy abstraction for Python plugins.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Add recentchangesdiff plugin that adds diffs to the recentchanges feeds.
* rcs_diff is a new function that rcs modules should implement.
* Implemented rcs_diff for git, svn, and tla (tla version untested).
Mercurial and monotone still todo.
* Support Text::Markdown::markdown, which is the spelling used by
version 1.0.16 of Text::Markdown.
* Updated Spanish translation from Victor Moral.
* Fix example exclude regexp. Closes: #469691
* Remove locking code in git rcs_commit. I'm not sure if this was ever
correct, and it's certianly not correct now, since the wiki is locked
before rcs_commit is ever called, and should not be unlocked by
rcs_commit either.
* monotone: Require version 0.38 or greater, and stop using the mtnmergerc
option. (Brian May)
* Use forcebaseurl to make page previews be displayed with the html base
set to the destination page. This avoids need for hacks to munge the urls
in preview mode, which fixes several bugs.
* Several destpage fixes in plugins.
* Use absolute url for feedurl when filling out the feed templates.
Closes: #470530
* Fix expiry of old recentchanges changeset pages.
* French translation update. Closes: #471010
* external: Fix support of XML::RPC::fault.
* htmltidy: Pass --markup yes, in case tidy's config file disabled it.
* external: Add getargv and setargv methods to allow access to ikiwiki's
* Correct bug in encoding of %pagestate keys, fixes edittemplate.
* Detect invalid pagespecs and do not merge them in add_depends,
as that can result in a broken merged pagespec that matches nothing.
* Record new pages in %pagesources temporarily when previewing so that
things that need to know the page source or type can query it from there.
Fixes previewing of tables when creating a new page.
* German translation update. Closes: #471540
* Time::Duration is no longer used, remove from docs and recommends.
* Store userinfo in network byte order for easy portability.
(Old files will be automatically converted.)
* Close meta tag for redir properly.
* smiley: Detect smileys inside pre and code tags, and do not expand.
* inline: Crazy optimisation to work around slow markdown.
* Precompile pagespecs, about 10% overall speedup.
* Changed to a binary index file, written using Storable, for speed.
* external: Work around XML RPC's lack of support for null by passing
a special sentinal value.
* inline: Allow the "feedshow" parameter to take values greater than the
value for "show".
* Added a hardlink option in the setup file, useful if the source and
dest are on the same filesystem and the wiki includes large media files,
which would normally be copied, wasting time and space.
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 29 Mar 2008 21:07:22 -0400
ikiwiki (2.40) unstable; urgency=low
[ Josh Triplett ]
* Add new preprocessor directive syntax¸ using a '!' prefix. Add a
prefix_directives option to the setup file to turn this syntax on;
currently defaults to false, for backward compatibility. Support
optional '!' prefix even with prefix_directives off, and use that in
the underlay to support either setting of prefix_directives. Add NEWS
entry with migration information.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Danish translation update from Jonas Smedegaard. Closes: #465152
* Generate XML RPC messages with the encoding set to utf-8 instead
of XML::RPC's default of us-ascii. Allows interoperation with
python's xmlrpc library, which threw invalid encoding exceptions and
caused the rst plugin to hang.
* Add the linkify and scan hooks. These hooks can be used to implement
custom, first-class types of wikilinks.
* Move standard wikilink implementation to a new link plugin, which
will of course be enabled by default.
* camelcase: Convert to use new linkify and scan hooks rather than the old
* Setting NOTAINT=1 had no effect when building ikiwiki itself, fix this.
* Depend on HTML::Scrubber, since the scrubber is enabled by default and
dies if its can't be loaded.
* The search plugin needs to override <base> to point to the directory
containing ikiwiki.cgi, but this should not change the urls to the style
sheets etc. Add a new forcebareurl parameter to misctemplate to allow
it to do that.
* Preview limits the page dropdown to what's selected previously
(as preserving the full list across preview would be tricky). Userdirs
were still being offered as an option there, remove them.
* Fix a bug where user A created a page concurrently with user B, and
when B previewed it would redirect B to A's new page, losing B's work.
Instead, don't redirect and let conflict handling resolve it.
* monotone: Add code to default mergerc file to run
_MTN/ikiwiki-netsync-hook when a commit is merged in from the net.
* tla: Remove call to escapeHTML when constructing recentchanges message;
the html is escaped at a different level. Closes: #466495
* bzr, mercurial: Remove unused import of escapeHTML.
* Fix another preview will_render bug. This one involved inline,
which forced a scan of the page to make available metadata that
appeared after the inline directive. Problem is that scan made it forget
about any other files rendered due to the page. The scan also turns out
to be unnecessary now, since meta persistently stores state and it's
always available. So it was just removed.
* Disable taint checking for all builds as people keep complaining about it,
and since all versions of perl seem to be hopelessly broken.
* Fix links generated by preprocessor directives when previewing.
* inline: When forcing urls absolute for rss feeds, skip mailto and other
such urls.
* ikiwiki-makerepo: Don't fail if the third argument ends in a slash.
* Allow colons in URLs after the first slash. (Adeodato Simó)
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 29 Feb 2008 23:05:39 -0500
ikiwiki (2.31.3) unstable; urgency=high
[ Josh Triplett ]
* Do not allow the about: URI scheme; some browsers interpret about:
URIs like a limited version of data: URIs. In particular, some
versions of Internet Explorer interpret arbitrary HTML content in
about: URIs.
* Also filter the attributes cite, longdesc, and usemap, which can contain
[ Joey Hess ]
* meta: Check that the urls provided for authorurl, permalink, and openid
are safe and can't contain javascript.
[ Josh Triplett ]
* Match literal '.' in URI schemas containing '.', rather than matching any
* Do not allow the steam: URI scheme.
* Allow the snews: URI scheme.
* Allow the smb: URI scheme.
-- Josh Triplett <> Sun, 10 Feb 2008 14:48:48 -0800
ikiwiki (2.31.2) unstable; urgency=high
* The security fix in the last release had buggy handling of data:image,
now fixed. Closes: #465110 (CVE-2008-0808, CVE-2008-0809)
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 10 Feb 2008 15:31:17 -0500
ikiwiki (2.31.1) unstable; urgency=low
* htmlscrubber security fix: Block javascript in uris.
* Add htmlscrubber test suite.
* Thanks to Josh Triplett for pointing out the holes and for his help
in implementing and checking fixes.
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 10 Feb 2008 13:22:59 -0500
ikiwiki (2.31) unstable; urgency=low
[ Joey Hess ]
* Revert preservation of input file modification times in output files,
since this leads to too many problems with web caching, especially with
inlined pages. Properly solving this would involve tracking every page
that contributes to a page's content and using the youngest of them all,
as well as special cases for things like the version plugin, and it's just
too complex to do.
* aggregate: Forking a child broke the one state that mattered: Forcing
the aggregating page to be rebuilt. Fix this.
* cgi hooks are now run before ikiwiki state is loaded.
* This allows locking the wiki before loading state, which avoids some
tricky locking code when saving a web edit.
* poll: This plugin turns out to have edited pages w/o doing any locking.
Oops. Convert it from a cgi to a sessioncgi hook, which will work
much better.
* recentchanges: Improve handling of links on the very static changes pages
by thunking to the CGI, which can redirect to the page, or allow it to be
created if it doesn't exist.
* recentchanges: Exipre all *._change pages, even if the directory
they're in has changed.
* aggregate: Lots of changes; aggregation can now run without locking the
wiki, and there is a separate aggregatelock to prevent multiple concurrent
aggregation runs.
* monotone changes by Brian May:
- On commits, replace "mtn sync" bidirectional with "mtn push" single
direction. No need to pull changes when doing a commit. mtn sync
is still called in rcs_update.
- Support for viewing differences via patches using viewmtn.
* inline: When previewing, still call will_render on rss/atom files,
just avoid actually writing the files. This is necessary because ikiwiki
saves state after a preview (in case it actually *did* write files),
and if will_render isn't called its security checks will get upset
when the page is saved. Thanks to Edward Betts for his help tracking this
tricky bug down.
* inline: Add new `allowrss` and `allowatom` config options. These can be
used if you want a wiki that doesn't default to generating rss or atom
feeds, but that does allow them to be turned on for specific blogs.
* Don't die if running with --getctime and rcs_getctime throws an error.
There are several cases (recentchanges files, aggregated files)
where some source files are not in revision control.
* Page templates can now use CTIME to show when the page was created.
[ Josh Triplett ]
* README.Debian: Mention user wikilists.
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 09 Feb 2008 23:09:45 -0500
ikiwiki (2.30) unstable; urgency=low
[ Joey Hess ]
* Old versions of git-init don't support --git-dir or GIT_DIR with
--bare. Change ikiwiki-makerepo to use a method that should work with
those older versions too.
* aggregate: Don't let feeds set creation times for pages in the future.
* Add full parser for git diff-tree output (Brian Downing)
* aggregate: Fork a child process to handle the aggregation. This simplifies
the code, since that process can change internal state as needed, and
it will automatically be cleaned up for the parent process, which proceeds
to render the changes.
[ Josh Triplett ]
* Add trailing comma to commented-out umask in sample ikiwiki.setup, so
that uncommenting it does not break the setup file.
[ Joey Hess ]
* inline: The template can check for FIRST and LAST, which will be
set for the first and last inlined page. Useful for templates that build
tables and the like.
* prettydate,ddate: Don't ignore time formats passed to displaytime
* Pages with extensions starting with "_" are internal-use, and will
not be rendered or web-edited, or matched by normal pagespecs.
* Add "internal()" pagespec that matches internal-use pages.
* RecentChanges is now a static html page, that's updated whenever a commit
is made to the wiki. It's built as a blog using inline, so it can have
an rss feed that users can subscribe to.
* Removed support for sending commit notification mails. Along with it went
the svnrepo and notify settings, though both will be ignored if left in
setup files. Also gone with it is the "user()" pagespec.
* Add refresh hook.
* meta: Add pagespec functions to match against title, author, authorurl,
license, and copyright. This can be used to create custom RecentChanges.
* meta: To support the pagespec functions, metadata about pages has to be
retained as pagestate.
* Fix encoding bug when pagestate values contained spaces.
* Add support for bzr, written by Jelmer Vernooij. Thanks also to bma for
his independent work on bzr support.
* Copyright file updates.
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 02 Feb 2008 17:41:57 -0500
ikiwiki (2.20) unstable; urgency=low
* inline: Add copyright/license info on a per-post basis to atom
feeds if available. (rss doesn't allow such info on a per-post basis)
* Also include overall copyright/license and author info in atom feeds if
* meta: Allow copyright/license metadata to contain arbitrary markup.
* Call preprocessor hooks in void context during the scan pass. This allows
the hook to determine if it's just scanning, and avoid expensive
* img: Detect scan mode and avoid generating and writing the image file
during it, for a 2x speedup.
* meta: Run in scan mode again (more intelligently) and re-add support for
meta link.
* Fix support for the case where metadata appears after an inline directive
that needs to use it. This was broken in version 2.16.
* template: Remove bogus htmlize pass added in 2.16.
* template: Htmlize template variables, but also provide a raw version
via `<TMPL_VAR raw_variable>`.
* When htmlizing text, if the input is a single line with no newline,
and the htmlizer (such as markdown and textile) generates a html
paragraph, remove it. This allows removing several hacks from other
plugins that htmlize fragements of pages.
* In preferences, allow the subscriptions and email fields to be cleared.
* teximg: Fix to support the same formula on multiple pages.
-- Joey Hess <> Thu, 10 Jan 2008 14:52:57 -0500
ikiwiki (2.19) unstable; urgency=low
* Only try postsignin if no other action matched. Fixes a bug where the
user goes back from the signin screen and does something else.
* Improve behavior when trying to sign in with no cookies.
* Improved the canedit hook interface, allowing a callback function to be
returned (and not run in some cases) rather than the plugins directly
forcing a user to log in.
* opendiscussion: allow editing of the toplevel discussion page,
and, indirectly, allow creating new discussion pages.
* Add a prereq on Data::Dumper 2.11 or better, needed to dump q// objects.
* htmlscrubber: Further work around #365971 by adding tags for 'br/', 'hr/'
and 'p/'.
* aggregate: Include copyright statements from rss feed as meta copyright
* aggregate: Yet another state saving fix (sigh).
* aggregate: Add hack to support feeds with invalidly escaped html entities.
-- Joey Hess <> Tue, 08 Jan 2008 20:43:18 -0500
ikiwiki (2.18) unstable; urgency=low
* Split error messages for failures to drop real uid and gid.
* Retry dropping uid and gid, possibly this will help with the "Resource
temporarily unavailable" failures I've experienced under xen.
* Stop testing Encode::is_utf8 in decode_form_utf8: That doesn't work.
* decode_form_utf8 only fixed the utf-8 encoding for fields that were
registered at the time it was called, which was before the
formbuilder_setup hook. Fields added by the hook didn't get decoded.
But it can't be put after the hook either, since plugins using the hook
need to be able to use form values. To fix this dilemma, it's been changed
to a decode_cgi_utf8, which is called on the cgi query object, before the
form is set up, and decodes *all* cgi parameters.
* aggregate: Only save state if it was already loaded. This didn't used to
matter, but after recent changes, state is not always loaded, and saving
would kill it.
* table: Fix dependency tracking for external data files. Closes: #458387
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 05 Jan 2008 02:15:18 -0500
ikiwiki (2.17) unstable; urgency=low
* Improved parentlinks special case for index pages.
* redir: Support for specifying anchors.
* img: Avoid nesting images when linking to another image. Closes: #457780
* img: Allow the link parameter to point to an exterior url.
* conditional: Improve regexp testing for simple uses of pagespecs
that match only the page using the directive, adding 'included()'
and supporting negated pagespecs and added whitespace.
* map: Fix handling of common prefix to handle the case where it's
in a subdirectory. Patch by Larry Clapp.
* aggregate: Fix stupid mistake introduced when converting it to use
the needsbuild hook. This resulted in feeds not being removed when pages
were updated, and feeds sometimes being forgotten about.
* aggregate: Avoid uninitialised value warning when removing a feed that
has an expired guid.
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 30 Dec 2007 14:57:44 -0500
ikiwiki (2.16) unstable; urgency=low
* Major basewiki reorganisation. Most pages moved into ikiwiki/ subdirectory
to avoid polluting the main namespace, and some were further renamed.
* meta: Add redir support, based on a patch by Thomas Schwinge.
* Redirs added for moved basewiki pages. These will be removed in a future
* Remove .otl file from sandbox to avoid build ugliness. Closes: #454181
* Finally implemented a simple per-page data storage mechanism for plugins,
via the %pagestate hash.
* Use pagestate in meta to detect potential redir loops.
* Added a version plugin that saves state about what's using it, to force
pages to rebuild when ikiwiki's version changes.
* The calendar plugin stores state about when it needs to be updated,
and forces rebuilds of the pages that contain calendars. So
running ikiwiki --refresh at midnight is now enough, no need for a full
wiki rebuild each midnight.
* calendar: Work around block html parsing bug in markdown 1.0.1 by
enclosing the calendar in an extra div.
* Fix file pruning code to work if ikiwiki is run with "." as the srcdir.
* Add an edittemplate plugin, allowing registering template pages, that
provide default content for new pages created using the web frontend.
* Change formbuilder hook to not be responsible for displaying a form,
so that more than one plugin can use this hook.
I believe this is a safe change, since only passwordauth uses this hook.
(If some other plugin already used it, it would have broken passwordauth!)
* Ensure that web edited pages always end in a newline.
* Avoid unnecessary stat calls to get mtime when rendering pages, use
cached value.
* Preserve input file modification times in output files.
* Allow dashes in preprocessor directive commands, and shortcuts.
* Htmlize parameters passed to the template preprocessor directive before
inserting them into the html template. This ensures that markdown
acts on them, even if the value is expanded inside a block-level html
element in the html template. Closes: #454058
* Use a div in the note template rather than a span.
* shortcut: Expand %S to the raw input text, not url-encoded.
* Don't increment feed numbers when an inline has no feeds. (Nis Martensen)
* Allow editing a page and deleting all content, while still disallowing
creating a new page that's entirely empty.
* meta: Drop support for "meta link", since supporting this for internal
links required meta to be run during scan, which complicated its data
storage, since it had to clear data stored during the scan pass to avoid
duplicating it during the normal preprocessing pass.
* If you used "meta link", you should switch to either "meta openid" (for
openid delegations), or tags (for internal, invisible links). I assume
that nobody really used "meta link" for external, non-openid links, since
the htmlscrubber ate those. (Tell me differently and I'll consider bringing
back that support.)
* meta: Improved data storage.
* meta: Drop the hackish filter hook that was used to clear
stored data before preprocessing, this hack was ugly, and broken (cf:
liw's disappearing openids).
* aggregate: Convert filter hook to a needsbuild hook.
* map: Don't inline images.
* brokenlinks: Don't list the same link multiple times. (%links might
contain multiple copies of the same link)
* git: Correct display of multiline commit messages in recentchanges.
* Re-organise dependencies and recommends now that recommends are installed
by default.
* Don't refuse to render files with ".." in their name. (Anchor the regexp.)
* Work around perl taint checking bug #411786, where perl sometimes randomly
sets the taint flag on untainted variables, by disabling taint checking
in the deb. This sucks.
-- Joey Hess <> Tue, 18 Dec 2007 16:37:22 -0500
ikiwiki (2.15) unstable; urgency=low
* Add a new ikiwiki-makerepo program, that automates setting up a repo
and importing existing content for svn, git, and mercurial. This makes
the setup process much simpler.
* Reorganised git documentation.
* Actually install the ikiwiki-update-wikilist program.
* Improve workaround for perl bug #376329. Rather than double-encoding,
which has been reported to cause encoding problems (though I haven't
reproduced them), just catch a failure of markdown, and retry.
(The crazy perl bug magically disappears on the retry.)
Closes: #449379
* Add umask configuration option. Closes: #443329
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 01 Dec 2007 11:44:01 -0500
ikiwiki (2.14) unstable; urgency=high
* Let CC be used to control what compiler is used to build wrappers.
* Use 'cc' instead of gcc as the default compiler.
* Security fix: Ensure that there are no symlinks anywhere in the path
to the top of the srcdir. In certian unusual configurations, an attacker
who could commit to one of the parent directories of the srcdir could
use a symlink attack to cause ikiwiki to publish files elsewhere in the
filesystem. More details at <>
-- Joey Hess <> Mon, 26 Nov 2007 15:26:06 -0500
ikiwiki (2.13) unstable; urgency=low
The ikiwiki zombie army release.
* Add liblwpx-paranoidagent-perl to recommends of Debian package,
this is needed to do OpenID really securely.
* ikiwiki.setup is licensed same as the basewiki, not GPLed.
* inline: Add timeformat parameter to control how the ctime of
inlined pages is displayed. Closes: #451019
* Add wrappergroup config option, which can be used to cause wrappers
to be created owned by some group other than the default. Useful
then there's a shared repository with access controlled by a group,
to let ikiwiki run setgid to that group.
* ikiwiki-mass-rebuild: Run build with the user in all their groups.
* Correct markdown in example index page in setup. Closes: #451469
* Better error message when a setup file has a syntax error.
Closes: #451666
* Fix mercurial historyurl in example setup file.
* More compact output for the brokenlinks plugin.
* Allow trailing slashes after page names in wikilinks.
* Don't consider links to anchors on the same page to be self links.
Patch by Daniel Burrows. Closes: #451729
* When usedirs is disabled, link direct to index.html files, not to
directories, to improve browsing of file:// urls.
Patch by Daniel Burrows. Closes: #451728
* Allow html5 video and audio tags and their attributes in the htmlscrubber.
* toc: Handle html elements embedded inside a header, rather than
stopping collecting the header text at the first element.
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 24 Nov 2007 16:06:22 -0500
ikiwiki (2.12) unstable; urgency=low
[ Joey Hess ]
* Fix some issues with toggles in preview mode.
* Fix an aggregate plugin expiry bug. Over time, it's possible for the same
page name to be expired and reused for several distinct guids. When this
happened, the expiry code counted each past guid that had used that page
name as a currently existing page, and thus expired too many pages.
* Avoid a race in the git rcs_commit function, by not assuming HEAD will
stay the same for the duration of the function.
* Avoid using commands like git-diff and instead use "git diff".
In some configurations, only the main git command is in the path.
* Improve the RecentChanges display for git merges, by passing -c instead
of -m to git-log, and by skipping display of commits that change no
* Don't truncate git commit messages to the first line in RecentChanges,
show the full message.
* map: Recent changes caused unnecessary ul's to be inserted for items
that were all at the same level, fix. Closes: #449285
[ Josh Triplett ]
* Fix table plugin to not generate an unbalanced tbody tag with header=no
* Add xmlns attribute on html element in templates; pages can now
[ Joey Hess ]
* In the example setup file, use mode 6755 for the git post-update hook.
It needs to be setgid if the master repo is a shared repository, so
that pushes into the working copy repository happen as the same group,
avoiding permissions problems.
* The first git commit legitimately has no parents. Avoid recentchanges
spewing uninitialised value warnings and debug messages about it.
Dummying up a parent of 0000000 allows gitweb to work too.
-- Joey Hess <> Mon, 12 Nov 2007 14:35:09 -0500
ikiwiki (2.11) unstable; urgency=low
* Correct a pair of logic errors that triggered if svnpath was empty.
* If gitorigin_branch is set to the empty string, don't push or pull.
Useful for laptop clones of remote wikis.
* Add a calendar plugin, contributed by Manoj Srivastava.
* Reformat calendar plugin to ikiwiki conventions.
* The calendar plugin made *every* page depend on every other page,
which seemed a wee tiny little bit overkill. Fixed the dependency
calculations (I hope.)
* Removed manual ctime statting code, and just have the calendar plugin use
* Ikiwiki has moved into a git repository.
* postsparkline: Avoid a confusing error message if no pages match
and instead show an empty graph.
* Add handling of feeds for nested inlines, as well as support for a
single page containing two different feeds.
* Also fixed some places in inline that failed to use destpage correctly.
* ikiwiki-mass-rebuild: Patch from HenrikBrixAndersen to fix order
of permissions dropping code to work on FreeBSD.
* ikiwiki-mass-rebuild: Don't clear PATH from the environment.
* Run git-commit -q (though it doesn't do much good due to its stderr
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 26 Oct 2007 03:29:09 -0400
ikiwiki (2.10) unstable; urgency=low
* Tidy ctime debug output for git.
* French translation update. Closes: #445923
* Fix --get-ctime with git, needed to remove srcdir from filename.
* In the cgi edit path, reload the index file before rendering. A bug
showed up where a web edit that added a page caused a near-concurrent
web edit to fail in will_render. While it would be hard to reproduce this,
my analysis is that the failing cgi started first, loaded the index file
(prior to locking) then the other cgi created the new page and rendered
it, and then the failing cgi choked on the new file when _it_ tried to
render it. Ensuring that the index file is loaded after taking the lock
will avoid this bug.
* Fix strange stderr-hiding code in the git module, allow error messages
to be passed on to stderr. Also fixes a potential bug, since git error
meesages were treated as if they came from git stdout.
* Add a "createlink" class attribute to the span for wikilinks pointing
to not-yet-existing pages. I don't have a useful style defined for that
* Rewritten rst plugin by madduck is a python program that communicates with
ikiwiki via XML RPC. This should be much faster than the old plugin that
had to fork python for every rst page render. Note that if you use
the rst plugin, you now need to have the RPC::XML perl module installed.
* Danish translation from Jonas Smedegaard. Closes: #446952
* Support git authors of the form "joey <joey>", which is common when
importing from a svn repo.
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 20 Oct 2007 19:42:46 -0400
ikiwiki (2.9) unstable; urgency=low
* Fix copyright and licence styling.
* tag: Add taglink preprocessor directive, supporting visible tag links.
Closes: #443344
* map: Fully specify paths to links to avoid issues when the bestlink
didn't point to the correct page.
* map: Render pages on the way to subpages whose parent pages
are not included in the map. Include special styling for such pages.
* map: Remove common prefixes and don't over-indent.
* Add class option to htmllink().
* img: Allow link=somepage to cause the image to link to a given page.
Slight overriding of link, as link=no is still used to disable the linking
entirely. Unless you have a page named "no"..
* Save index after previewing page edit, since even previewing can create
files in some situations, and this is appropriate in some cases, such as
the teximg plugin's error log file.
Such files will be automatically cleaned up at an appopriate later time.
* Don't allow whitespace in link text in a wikilink. This was still
allowed by the regexp in one case though not documented to work, and
was ambiguous with preprocessor directives.
* camelcase: Tighten regexp to avoid false positives. WikiWords are only
linkified now if they are preceeded by whitespace.
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 30 Sep 2007 15:07:24 -0400
ikiwiki (2.8) unstable; urgency=low
* Redid the debian/copyright file, using the proposed new copyright file
format. Included many details not previously listed in the old file.
* inline: add feedonly option, set feedonly=yes to get only the feed button
but not inline the pages.
* meta: Support license and copyright information. The information will
be shown in the page footer. HTML will also be inserted that should
support the rel=license microformat as well as the HTML spec's
* table plugin: Actually specify the delimiter when parsing CSV.
* table plugin: The previous version broke WikiLinks inside quoted values.
Fix this by linkifying CSV data after parsing it, while DSV data is still
linkified before parsing.
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 16 Sep 2007 20:02:25 -0400
ikiwiki (2.7) unstable; urgency=low
[ Joey Hess ]
* Add an editcontent hook.
* Support for looking in multiple directories for underlay files.
* Plugins can add new directories to the search path with the add_underlay
* Split out smiley underlay files into a separate underlay, so if the plugin
isn't used, the wiki isn't bloated with all those files.
* Allow -cgi -wrapper to be passed on the command line to generate a
* Fix some taint issues with generating wrappers using the command line.
* Don't allow newlines in link text in a wikilink.
* Tables containing links with a link text were misparsed, because the "|"
in the wikilink looked like a table field separator. Avoid this ambiguity
by linkifying the data before parsing it as a table.
* Turn on allow_loose_quotes in the table plugin's Text::CSV object,
so that links from wikilinks don't confuse the parser.
* mercurial: Pass --style default to hg log to ensure right format is used.
* mercurial: Fix rcs_getctime (thanks, bma)
[ Josh Triplett ]
* Use git-log rather than the shell, git-rev-list, and git-diff-tree.
Patch by Jamey Sharp <>.
* Renames from git-diff-tree aren't handled, so don't ask for them.
Patch by Jamey Sharp
* Handle operating in sub-trees of a git repository.
When looking for git commits that affect the wiki, only include changes
that affect the ikiwiki source directory. If that is not the top-level
directory in this git repository, strip off the prefix as given by
`git-rev-parse --show-prefix` from all names reported by git-log.
Patch by Jamey Sharp
[ Joey Hess ]
* Correct generation of RFC 3339 format times for atom/rss feeds. Always use
gmtime for these since a time zone is not specified.
* Updated Spanish translation from Victor Moral.
* table: Text::CSV doesn't return decoded unicode (XS module); decode its
return values.
* Change git test suite to reflect change in log for initial repo creation
* Add the ikiwiki-update-wikilist command.
* Exclude external plugin from syntax check since it uses a module that is
not in the build depends. Closes: #441171
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 08 Sep 2007 21:54:11 -0400
ikiwiki (2.6.1) unstable; urgency=low
* Ye olde brown paper bag.
* Fix minor bug when blogging by cgi, introduced in last version.
* Fix a bug in unlockwiki intorduced last version that made it crash ikiwiki
if it wasn't locked when called. This is known to break post-commit
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 26 Aug 2007 13:38:23 -0400
ikiwiki (2.6) unstable; urgency=low
* Various minor bug fixes for silly mistakes in the code, thanks to the
various reviewers.
* Fix problems with previewing in the graphviz plugin. Thanks,
* Allow raw html in the rst plugin.
* Add --set-option command line switch.
* pagetemplate: don't display template name
* Add rel=tag attribute to tag links, supporting that microformat, as well
as allowing them to be styled specially. Thanks, NicolasLimare.
* Add sessioncgi hook.
* Move blog form code out of and into the inline plugin.
* Updated Spanish translation from Victor Moral.
* Updated French translation from Cyril Brulebois. Closes: #437181
* The toc directive doesn't work well or make sense inside an inlined page.
Disable it when the page with the toc is nested inside another page.
* Apply a patch from NicolasLimare adding modification date tags to rss and
atom feeds, and also changing the publication time for a feed to the
newest modiciation time (was newest creation time).
* The patch also adds dcterms:creator to rss items that have a known author.
* Support pagespec "functions" with no parameters, like included() in the
conditional plugin.
* Add time=mtime option to postsparkline.
* Fix --libdir to work at the command line.
* Plugins can now be written as standalone external programs, which can
be written in any language that can do XML RPC.
* Change yet again how unhandled and escaped preprocessor directives are
re-output onto the page. Hopefully I finally got it right..
* Fix bug in deletion/move during edit code introduced in 1.44. Need to take
the underlaydir into account.
* Fix bug when editing file from underlaydir, need to rcs_add it even though
a page creation isn't occuring.
* Various minor fixes and stylistic improvements suggested by Perl::Critic.
* Applied Jeremie Koenig's pluggable editpage buttons patch:
- add a title to the editpage form;
- pass a reference to the list of buttons to the formbuilder_setup
hooks, so we can add ours;
- relax asumption about the possible submit values (use "Save Page"
- de-hardcode the submit buttons from the editpage template
(This was needed for compatibility with a bug in CGI::FormBuilder
3.0401, but ikiwiki already needs a newer version.)
* Pass buttons to all other formbuilder_setup hooks too.
* Add color parameter to postsparkline. Closes: #438900
* Add proper Homepage field to Debian package (needs uber-new dpkg).
* Add monotone support, contributed by William Uther.
* Avoid ugly gettext messages if LANG is empty. Closes: #439035
* Added teximg plugin to generate images from latex code.
Contributed by Patrick Winnertz as a GSoC project.
* Call the formbuilder hook for the edit page.
* Call decode_form_utf8 before running formbuilder_setup hooks.
* Add editdiff plugin contributed by Jeremie Koenig.
* Fix it to not leak path info.
* Add embed plugin, which allows embedding content from google maps, video,
calendar, and youtube. Normally, the htmlsanitiser eats these since they
use unsafe tags, the embed plugin overrides it for trusted sites.
* The googlecalendar plugin is now deprecated, and will be removed
eventually. Please switch to using the embed plugin.
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 24 Aug 2007 17:09:44 -0400
ikiwiki (2.5) unstable; urgency=low
* Wrap the editpage template in the standard misctemplate, this allows the
pagetemplate hook to work for that page.
* Above change fixes the favicon plugin to work on edit pages.
* Correct some issues with escaped preprocessor directives.
* Make the map plugin notice when pages in the map are deleted and update
* Add a htmlext config option, this can be used to make ikiwiki generate
html files with a different extension.
* Fix graphviz plugin to not try to read images as utf-8; they might
sometimes contain invalid utf-8 byte sequences. Thanks,
* Fix re-rendering of pages when a linked to page goes away. This was broken
in version 1.50 with the addition of %destsources. Thanks, Ethan
* Add templatefile hook.
* Add pagetemplate plugin, which allows changing the template used for
a page. (Not to be confused with the hook of the same name..)
* Add a libdir config option to let ikiwiki load perl modules, including
plugins, from a user-configurable directory.
-- Joey Hess <> Thu, 26 Jul 2007 21:42:43 -0400
ikiwiki (2.4) unstable; urgency=low
* Make the toc plugin use html-compatible anchors. This is necessary since
most web sites serve ikiwiki xhtml files as text/html and mozilla browsers
get confused. So it's best for ikiwiki to follow the compatibility
recommendations in appendix C of the XHTML spec. Closes: #432045
* Support building on systems that lack asprintf.
* mercurial getctime is currently broken, apparently by some change in
mercurial version 0.9.4. Turn the failing test case into a TODO test case.
* Fix links to alternate stylesheets when usedirs is enabled. Closes: #432556
* Use type= not style= in html for alternate stylesheets, which is more
correct (but in my testing both epiphany and iceweasel work ok with
* In img tag, allow link=no to disable link to full size image. Thanks,
Nis Martensen. Closes: #433188
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 15 Jul 2007 15:02:43 -0400
ikiwiki (2.3) unstable; urgency=low
* Corrected a typo in an error handler in the image plugin.
* Allow svnpath config option to contain additional extra slashes anywhere
w/o confusing ikiwiki.
* Rcs modules are now imported, so other modules that need similar
normalisation of configs etc can do so.
* Patch fixing various additional problems with test suite. Closes: #425891
once more.
* French update from Jean-Luc Coulon. Closes: #430771
* Correct a longstanding bug that could cause the edit form to be empty.
This turns out to have occured if the cgi wrapper was created by an
ikiwiki invocation that included --rebuild. Thanks to Carl Worth for
tracking that down.
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 29 Jun 2007 18:30:38 -0400
ikiwiki (2.2) unstable; urgency=low
* Change the aggregate plugin's locking strategy. Now it defers loading state
until the wiki is building and already locked, unless it's aggregating.
When aggregating, it does not wait for the lock if it cannot get it, and
instead exits, to prevent aggregating processes from piling up.
* Updated Spanish translation from Victor Moral.
* Correct bug in the img plugin that caused dependencies on images to not
always be tracked correctly.
* Deal better with rebuilds that involve moving files; track and clean up the
old files.
* Change where the img plugin puts scaled images. It's better to make the
scaled images subpages of the page that embeds them, rather than putting
them alongside the original image, since if two pages scale the same image
the same way, this prevents complications in dealing with two pages
creating the same file. The move will be handled transparently, though you
might want to rebuild your wiki to make it occur in one step.
* Fix FTBFS in test suite introduced in last version. Closes: #425891
* Apply a patch from Carl Worth allowing a class attribute to be passed
through the img plugin. Also allow the id attribute to be passed through.
* More consistent encoding of titles in rss and atom feeds. Don't use
ESCAPE=HTML for titles in the templates for these feeds, and instead
escape the title going in to the template. Previously, the title was
sometimes double-escaped in a feed (if set via meta title), and sometimes
not (if set from the page filename).
* In the meta plugin, when a title is set, encode the html entities in it
numerically. This works better in the current landscape of a rss spec that
doesn't specify encoding, and variously broken feed consumers, according
to <>.
* Correct some issues with display of unhandled preprocessor directives.
* Apply a patch from Carl Worth adding support for using globs in link()
in a PageSpec.
* Explode some of the more insane regexps.
* Add test suite for preprocessor directive parsing.
* Fix wrapper generator and untaint code's handling of strings contining
* Make the url absolution code for feeds significantly more robust.
* Add typographyattributes configuration setting to typography plugin.
-- Joey Hess <> Mon, 18 Jun 2007 21:21:56 +0100
ikiwiki (2.1) unstable; urgency=low
[ Joey Hess ]
* Use div layout for the signin and preferences forms, so that they can be
styled using the stylesheet, rather than by creating signin and prefs
* Make the openid login form nicely styled.
* Fix a bug that prevented clearing email or subscriptions.
* Improve handling of edits of locked pages by users who are not yet signed
* Make testpagespec more robust, including checking for missing/bad
* Add all=no option to conditional, can be used to form conditionals that do
not need to examine every page in the wiki.
* Add the needsbuild hook. Plugins can use this to manipulate which files
ikiwiki builds when refreshing the wiki.
[ Josh Triplett ]
* Add an account-creation password as a simple anti-spam mechanism. If
set in the wiki setup, passwordauth will require the password in
order to create an account.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Updated Czech translation from Miroslav Kure.
* Apply patch from Paweł Tęcza to avoid using -L in Makefile as it's not
available in older finds.
* Make all templates have a footer div to ease themeing. Required template
and style sheet updates, and unless you're using customised versions,
you'll want to rebuild wikis on upgrade to this version to avoid
* Allow WIKINAME to to used in footers, as an example of something to put
* Patch from hb to fix the pagestats plugin, which was broken by a past
change to the backlinks() function.
* Fix some bugs in password handling:
- If the password is empty in preferences, don't clear the existing
- Actually check the confirm password field, even if it's left empty.
* Add a destpage parameter to the filter hook.
* Fix links to smilies generated by the smiley plugin for inlined pages. The
old links were often wrong, but often still worked by accident.
* Add a test ensuring that the basewiki is self-contained and has no broken
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 19 May 2007 20:37:38 -0400
ikiwiki (2.00) unstable; urgency=low
[ Josh Triplett ]
* Avoid using GNU extensions to cp during "make install", which did
not work on FreeBSD. Thanks to Henrik Brix Andersen for the patch.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Use fieldsets in the preferences form to group related options together.
Especially cleans up the ordering of the admin's preferences form.
* Use a fieldset to set off the openid entry from the rest of the login
* Enable openid logins by default.
* Enable usedirs by default.
[ Josh Triplett ]
* fieldset support appeared in CGI::FormBuilder 3.05, so increase
version in Depends on libcgi-formbuilder-perl to 3.05
[ Joey Hess ]
* If Net::OpenID::Consumer is not available, the openid module will quietly
disable itself, this avoids needing a hard dependency on the perl module.
-- Joey Hess <> Mon, 30 Apr 2007 00:43:02 -0400
ikiwiki (1.51) unstable; urgency=low
[ Joey Hess ]
* Support setting svnpath to "" for wikis that are rooted at the top of
their svn repositories, with no trunk directory.
* Minor template improvements by Alessandro.
* In mercurial backend, untaint ipaddr when using it as the user for the
commit. Thanks, Alexander Wirt. Closes: #420428
* Fix aggregator to not warn when a feed contains no body content at all.
* Work around bug #420636 by, if XML::Parser crashes, running the feed
content though Encode::decode_utf8.
[ Josh Triplett ]
* Change basewiki CSS to not put a border around images used as links.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Move the footer div to enclose tags and links too.
* More style sheet updates, remove the hack that used the tags div to create
the footer border.
* Due to template changes and style sheet changes that depend on them,
wiki rebuilds are recommended on upgrade to this version.
* Avoid .svn directories when installing from svn checkout.
* Fix sending of commit mails when new pages are added via the web.
* Add user(name) to the PageSpec for commit subscriptions.
* pagespec_match() has changed to take named parameters, to better allow
for extended pagespecs. The old calling convention will still work for
back-compat for now.
* The calling convention for functions in the IkiWiki::PageSpec namespace
has changed so they are passed named parameters.
* Plugin interface version increased to 2.00 since I don't anticipate any
more interface changes before 2.0.
* Updated Gujarati translation from Kartik Mistry. Closes: #421198
* Make pagespec_match return an object that can be stringified to tell
the reason why the match failed or succeeded.
* Add testpagespec plugin, which might be useful to see why a pagespec isn't
working as desired.
[ Josh Triplett ]
* Fix bestlink to use pagecase for pages in userdir, to support pages
with non-lowercase filenames.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Include wikiname in syslogged messages.
* Updated Polish translation from Paweł Tęcza.
* Updated Czech translation from Miroslav Kure.
* Updated Spanish translation from Victor Moral.
* Apply patch from hb that uses the full path to a file when adding a file
using the mercurial backend. Not 100% sure why it failed w/o the full
path, but this still passes the test suite, and indeed, is how the test
suite calls hg add.
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 29 Apr 2007 00:01:23 -0400
ikiwiki (1.50) unstable; urgency=low
[ Josh Triplett ]
* Add a graphviz plugin.
* Suggests: graphviz
* Enhance helponformatting and related documentation to supply more
information about available preprocessor directives.
* Add myself as a co-maintainer, with Joey's approval.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Add support for PROFILE=1 to the Makefile, this turns on profiling of the
wiki build using Devel::Profiler (Dprof can't handle ikiwiki).
* Add a new %destsources hash, which maps between a destination file and
the source page used to create it, ie it's the reverse of %renderedfiles.
* Use %destsources in htmllink and urlto for 20-50% speedup. Thanks
Josh Triplett for the idea.
* Optimise displaytime, trimming maybe 6% off the build time.
[ Josh Triplett ]
* Conflicts/Replaces/Provides the unofficial ikiwiki-plugin-table
package, because ikiwiki now provides the table plugin, and thus has
a file overlap with ikiwiki-plugin-table.
* Add libtext-csv-perl to Suggests, for the table plugin.
* Add libdigest-sha1-perl to Suggests, for sparkline and graphviz.
* Add libtext-typography-perl to Suggests for the typography plugin.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Add postformtext parameter to inline.
* Internal version number and installdir substitutions were lost, fix.
* Apply patch from Ethan to improve an error message that should never
* Patch from Tuomov to link to the directory in feeds when usedirs is in
effect. Note that this changes permalinks, so if you are already using
usedirs you'll have to deal with that on upgrade to this version.
* Add feedshow parameter to inline, which can be useful for eg, removing
old posts from feeds when permalinks change.
* Add .dpkg-tmp to prune regexp, so that if ikiwiki is run right as it's
being upgraded by dpkg it will ignore dpkg temp files in the basewiki.
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 15 Apr 2007 16:02:05 -0400
ikiwiki (1.49) unstable; urgency=low
[ Joey Hess ]
* Add --post-commit option, which allows for the case of a split web server
and RCS server (or a push mirror). With this the RCS server can have a
real post-commit hook that sshs back to the web server, and runs ikiwiki
in post-commit mode to update the wiki.
* Fix urls generated by mirrorlist plugin.
* Add a templates page to the basewiki. It will automatically list all
available templates. Rename the old templates page to wikitemplates.
* Include the note template in the basewiki.
* Add a popup template in the basewiki. CSS based on some by Martin Krafft.
* Make the note, popup, and plugin templates detect missing variables and be
self-documenting, listing the available variables.
* Hide excess backlinks and expand using CSS trick; control quantiy via
the numbacklinks setting.
* Finally apply the index.html patch, with thanks to everyone who worked
on and supported creating it (especially Tuomov). This adds a "usedirs"
option that makes ikiwiki use foo/index.html instead of foo.html as
output page names. It is not yet enabled by default.
* Fix a bug in the img plugin that caused thumbnailed files to not be
tracked properly.
* Make the OpenID library a reccommendation of the Debian package, rather
than just a suggests, since OpenID is enabled by default.
* Fix a bug that caused link(foo) to succeed if page foo did not exist.
* Fix tags to page names that contain special characters.
[ Josh Triplett ]
* Use pngcrush and optipng on all PNG files.
* Add neutral smileys ":|" and ":-|", and question icon smiley "(?)",
with images taken from phpBB (GPL) and converted with gif2png.
* Improvements to Description in debian/control:
* Note that some plugins have additional dependencies, found among the
Recommends and Suggests.
* ikiwiki supports both RSS and Atom feeds.
* Fix typos.
* Add Homepage field.
* Add XS-Vcs-Browser field.
[ Joey Hess ]
* Updated French translation from JLC. Closes: #417982
* Reorder the icon in the template above the stylesheets, to avoid icon
flashing during page load.
* Fix smiley plugin to scan smileys.mdwn after it's updated, which fixes
a bug caused by committing changes to smilies.mdwn.
* Fix display of escaped wikilinks containing anchors.
[ Josh Triplett ]
* Remove stray semicolon in
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 08 Apr 2007 16:14:46 -0400
ikiwiki (1.48) unstable; urgency=low
* Fix link() PageSpecs to not just look at the raw link text, but at where
that given link points based on the page doing the linking. Note that this
could make such PageSpecs match different things than before, if you
relied on the old behavior of them only matching the raw link text.
* This required changing the match_* interface, adding a third parameter.
* Allow link() PageSpecs to match relative, as is allowed with globs.
* Add postform option to inline plugin.
* Add an bug tracker to the softwaresite example.
* Make ikiwiki's stylesheet support printing by hiding parts of the page
that shouldn't appear in a printout: Search box, actions bar,
blog post form, tags, backlinks, and feed buttons.
* Finally fixed the longstanding inline removal bug.
* Renamed %oldpagemtime to a more accurately named %pagemtime and fix it to
actually store pages' mtimes.
* Add "mtime" sort parameter to inline plugin.
* Fix mercurial backend to deal with empty commit messages.
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 24 Mar 2007 11:14:10 -0400
ikiwiki (1.47) unstable; urgency=low
* Fix a security hole that allowed insertion of unsafe content via the meta
plugins's support for inserting html link and meta tags. Now such content
is passed through the htmlscrubber like everything else.
* Unfortunatly, that means that some valid uses of those tags are no longer
usable, and special case methods needed to be added for including
stylesheets, and for doing openid delegation. If you use either of these
in your wiki, it will need to be modified. See the meta plugin docs
for details.
-- Joey Hess <> Wed, 21 Mar 2007 14:05:00 -0400
ikiwiki (1.46) unstable; urgency=low
* Fix a bug with inlined create page links, including Discussion links on
blog post pages. The links will now create pages relative to the page that
actually contains the link.
* French update. Closes: #414597
* Fix some broken logic in cgi creation of a subpage when a toplevel page
with the same name already exists, and generally simplify the edit code.
* Make ikiwiki -verbose -setup with a setup file that enabled syslog logging
output the verbose build log to stdout, rather than to the syslog.
* Detect the case of two people independently creating the same page at the
same time, and let the second person resolve the conflict.
* Applied a patch from Michał to make the mercurial backend pass --quiet to
* Fix a security hole that allowed a web user to insert arbitrary html in
the title of a page due to missing escaping of titles in the meta plugin.
-- Joey Hess <> Wed, 21 Mar 2007 01:51:30 -0400
ikiwiki (1.45) unstable; urgency=low
* Allow for underscores to appear in page titles, if encoded appropriately
(__95__) in filenames. Previously, all underscores were replaced with
spaces. Thanks, Enrico Zini for noticing that bug.
* Add "template" option to inline plugin to allow for use of customised
* Add titlepage template for inline plugin.
* Add preview parameter to preprocesser calls, use this rather than the
previous ugly hack used to avoid writing rss feeds in previews.
* Fix the img plugin to avoid overwriting images in previews. Instead it
does all the work to make sure the resizing works, and dummys up a resized
image using width and height attributes.
* Also fixes img preview display, the links were wrong in preview before.
* Add a sparkline plugin.
* Add a postsparkline plugin.
* The slash escaping when adding to a blog from the CGI was not working
since it ended up being double-escaped. Instead, just remove slashes.
* Fix some nasty issues with page name escaping during previewing
(introduced in 1.44).
* Add a table plugin, derived from the one written by Victor Moral.
* The underscore escaping support exposed a bug in edit links: Such links
were titlepage escaped in the urls, and then doubly escaped by the CGI
when editing. To fix this, I removed the titlepage escaping in the edit
* That means that *every edit link* on the wiki is potentially changed.
Rebuilding wikis on upgrade to this version therefore necessary; enabled
that in postinst.
* Correct a deadlock that could occur in post-commit if the aggregate plugin
was enabled and tried to lock the already locked wiki.
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 10 Mar 2007 21:11:05 -0500
ikiwiki (1.44) unstable; urgency=low
* Patch by Ben to fix validaton of atom feeds by fixing the category tags.
* Add a openidlogin-bg.gif to wikiicons and have the stylesheet use it for the
OpenID login form rather than linking to a remote logo, to avoid various
issues. Since there is not yet a license for the actual OpenID logo, this
file is currently a blank image. Users who want to can copy into their wiki.
* Allow setting NOTAINT=1 when building the wiki to remove taint checking
flags, which can be useful on some hosting providers.
* Fix a bug that made links like [[0|foo]] use "foo" as the link text,
instead of "0".
* Changed calling convention for httmllink slightly. The first three
parameters remain the same, but additional options are now passed in using
named parameters.
* Change plugin interface version to 1.02 to reflect this change.
* Add a new anchor option to htmllink. Thanks Ben for the idea.
* Support anchors in wikilinks.
* Add a "more" plugin based on one contributed by Ben to allow implementing
those dreaded "Read more" links in blogs.
* Don't error out if estcmd fails, just print a warning message. estcmd is
too fragile to let it kill ikiwiki.
* Make img plugin not fail immediately if Image::Magick is not available.
This lets ikiwiki not build depend on perlmagic.
* Detect old versions of xgettext and avoid using them.
* perl is broken: print "" || die fails! Work around this insanity.
* Smarter detection of no-op changes to po files.
* Elegant patch from Ethan to clean up the display of page names in the
dropdown when creating a new page.
* Since the CGI had to drop the wiki lock to avoid deadlocking the
commit hook, it was possible for one CGI to race another one and "win"
the commit of both their files. This race has been fixed by adding a new
commitlock, which when locked by the CGI, disables the commit hook
(except for commit mails). The CGI then takes care of the updates the
commit hook would have done.
* French translation update. Closes: #411899
* Patch from HenrikBrixAndersen to fix a broken use of foreach in the
search plugin.
* Correct a bug that could lead to infinite looping after signin in some
* Patch from Ethan to improve behavior if a page is deleted or moved while
someone is editing it.
* Some cleanup of field setting in the failed edit and conflict handling
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 24 Feb 2007 20:16:35 -0500
ikiwiki (1.43) unstable; urgency=low
* Allow plugins to add new types of tests that can be used in PageSpecs.
* Add a "conditional" plugin, which allows displaying text if a condition
is true. It is enabled by default so conditional can be used in the
* Use conditionals in the template for plugins, so that plugin pages
say if they're currently enabled or not, and in various other places
in the wiki.
* Updated Spanish translation.
* Make the basewiki be full of symlinks to pages that should be the same
in the doc wiki. This will allow direct edits to alter the base wiki
without manual munging.
* Fix the template, toggle, and conditional plugins to filter text before
preprocessing it.
* Fix smiley plugin to support smileys at the very beginning or end of
the content.
* Allow multiple tag settings to appear in a single page.
* Many changes to make ikiwiki very resistant to write failures
including out of disk space situations. ikiwiki should never leave
truncated files, and if the error occurs during a web-based file edit,
the user will be given an opportunity to retry.
Inspired by the many ways Moin Moin destroys itself when out of disk. :-)
* Fix syslogging of errors.
* Patch from Ethan to allow using meta tags to set creation dates of pages.
* Add a prettydate plugin that formats dates in a more readable fashion.
(I had to get a pretty date somehow today..)
* Updated Czech translation.
* Avoid potential syslog format string issue, although only older versions
of perl are vulnerable and it is not known to really be exploitable from
* Add explicit module prereqs to Makefile.PL
* New domain name for ikiwiki: Update your links.
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 18 Feb 2007 23:26:32 -0500
ikiwiki (1.42) unstable; urgency=low
* Fix several more missing translations of Discussion.
* Fix for missing backlinks() in pagestats plugin.
* Add canedit hook, allowing arbitrary controls over when a page can be
* Move code forcing signing before edit to a new "signinedit" plugin, and
code checking for locked pages into a new "lockedit" plugin. Both are
enabled by default.
* Remove the anonok config setting. This is now implemented by a new
"anonok" plugin. Anyone with a wiki allowing anonymous edits should
change their configs to enable this new plugin.
* Add an opendiscussion plugin that allows anonymous users to edit
discussion pages, on a wiki that otherwise wouldn't allow it.
* Lots of CGI code reorg and cleanup.
* Avoid using lots of memory when copying large non-html files.
Yes, you can keep videos in the wiki..
* Add feedshow option to allow reducing the number of items included in
an rss or atom feed.
* Change based on a patch from Ethan to support relative matching in
PageSpecs, by using "./".
* pagespec_match() has grown a new third parameter to support this.
* Add "reverse" option to inline to invert sort orders.
* Drop the BSD license for the templates and basewiki, and just allow them
to be used as close to public domain as possible.
* viewcvs is now viewvc (in Debian unstable), update everything to use the
new name.
* Fix a security hole that allowed a web user to edit images and other
non-page format files in the wiki. To exploit this, the file already had
to exist in the wiki, and the web user would need to somehow use the web
based editor to replace it with malicious content.
(Sorry Josh, this means you can't edit style.css directly anymore,
although I do appreciate your fixes, actually..)
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 10 Feb 2007 15:37:39 -0500
ikiwiki (1.41) unstable; urgency=low
* Gettext 1.04 or up is needed for the OO interface that ikiwiki needs,
if an older version is installed, just don't gettext strings, instead of
* Added smileys for Moin Moin compatibility.
* Fix handling of discussion links on discussion pages when l10n is used.
* Make gitorigin_branch and gitmaster_branch configurable via the setup
file. Closes: #408599
* French translation update. Closes: #408593
* Improve use of svn merge, by specifying the file to merge, rather than
chdiring to the srcdir (which wasn't right when merging in a subdir).
Thanks Ethan.
* Always call rcs_update after a commit during a web edit, to work around
the problem described in bugs/svn_fails_to_update. Thanks to Ethan for the
analysis and patch.
* Replace underscores in shortcut texts with spaces when formatting for
display. This allows using a shortcut like [[wikipedia War_of_1812]],
which links to the correct remote page, but is displayed nicely.
* When building the doc wiki, build with LANG=C.
* More gettext fun.
* Fix openid signin secret generation code. This fixes the bug that made
all openid signins fail the first time, and then succeed the second
-- Joey Hess <> Tue, 30 Jan 2007 02:36:53 -0500
ikiwiki (1.40) unstable; urgency=low
* Fix missing categories in rss/atom feeds.
* Add French translation by Jean-Luc Coulon. Closes: #406881
* Fix bogus use of CDATA in atom feeds. Closes: #406898
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 14 Jan 2007 21:42:27 -0500
ikiwiki (1.39) unstable; urgency=low
* Add a rawhtml plugin that allows copying raw html files from the srcdir.
* Fix --locale to control LC_ALL now.
* Include the pot file in the source tarball. Closes: #405890
* Add a Swedish translation by Daniel Nylander. Closes: #406410
* Add a Czech translation by Miroslav Kure.
* Add a Bulgarian translation by Damyan Ivanov. Closes: #406580
* Add a Gujarati translation by Kartik Mistry. Closes: #406635
* Add a Vietnamese translation by Clytie Siddall.
* Fix encoding issue with use of Locale::Gettext. Seems that the OO
interface returns proper utf-8 decoded strings, unlike the traditional
interface, so use the OO interface.
* Search in default location for templates as a fallback when templatedir is
pointed elsewhere, so that only modified templates need to be copied into
a templatedir. Based on work by JeremyReed.
* In the aggregator, check for and deal with post filenames that are
longer than the maximum file length.
* Change the RecentChanges page to show the path of changed pages.
* Various minor bugfixes.
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 13 Jan 2007 23:30:20 -0500
ikiwiki (1.38) unstable; urgency=low
* Corrected a bum regexp in openid munging.
* Added a Spanish translation by Victor Moral.
* A few translation infrastructure fixes.
* Added a Polish translation by Paweł Tęcza.
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 5 Jan 2007 23:13:59 -0500
ikiwiki (1.37) unstable; urgency=low
* Add mirrorlist plugin.
* Fixed permissions of some files that were 600 in the tarball. (Did not
affect the deb).
* Avoid creating edit links when the cgi url is not known.
* Avoid displaying discussion links at all, if there's not a discussion
page, when the cgi url isn't known.
* Before, svn was used as the RCS by default unless configured otherwise,
now it defaults to using no RCS unless configured to do so, to avoid some
suprising behavior when using a setup file and not uncommenting any RCS
* Fix some bugs in the commit email sending code.
* Improve code that ignores files in the underlaydir if the srcdir has a
file building the same page. Now it will work even if the extensions of
the source files differ.
* Initial work on internationalization of the program code. po/ikiwiki.pot
is available for translation.
* Export gettext() from IkiWiki module.
* Don't put discussion links on discussion pages.
* Allow disabling of plugins included in goodstuff.
* Add a textile format plugin contributed by mazirian.
* If a userdir is configured, links to pages in it can be made without
specifying the path. This allows for easy signing of comments by linking
to your page in the userdir.
* Escape slashes in page titles entered in the blog post form.
* Munge openids of the form (trial, may revert).
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 31 Dec 2006 17:31:22 -0500
ikiwiki (1.36) unstable; urgency=low
* Fix various links on the hyperestraier pages.
* Use POST for poll to avoid some robots.
* Fix sometimes broken links to Discussion pages from blog pages.
* Add userdir config setting.
* Fix man page perms in install.
* Fix an issue with inlining a page with a rss feed inside another
page with an rss feed.
* Turn $config{wiki_file_prune_regexps} into an array that is easier to
* Only exclude rss and atom files from processing if the inline plugin
is enabled and that feed type is enabled. Else it's just a copyable file
* Move rss and atom option handling code into the inline plugin.
* Applied a rather old patch from Recai to fix the "pruning is too strict"
issue. Now you can have wiki source directories inside dotdirs and the
like, if you want.
* Patch from Emanuele Aina to fix modification time code in mercurual
* Add support for links of the form [[/foo]]
* Fix code to make absolute urls for rss feeds, was missing some urls.
* Fix double-escaping of html entities in titles etc in rss feeds
that occured if escaped characters were present in the page filename.
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 22 Dec 2006 15:55:05 -0500
ikiwiki (1.35) unstable; urgency=low
* Fix daemonisation code to only do daemon setup things after forking the
child process.
* The hack used to make the pagetemplate hook have access to the editpage
template won't work with CGI::FormBuilder 3.0401, so disable it for now.
* CGI::FormBuilder 3.0401 seems to work ok now with ikiwiki, although
there might still be bugs lurking..
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 1 Dec 2006 19:14:36 -0500
ikiwiki (1.34.2) unstable; urgency=low
* Allow /etc/ikiwiki/wikilist to list just the names of users, if so then
~user/.ikiwiki/wikilist will be read.
* Fix url absolution code in inline plugin to support class and id fields in
links and imgs, and to support anchor urls.
* More build deps updates.
* /dev/null fortune failures
-- Joey Hess <> Tue, 28 Nov 2006 12:58:47 -0500
ikiwiki (1.34.1) unstable; urgency=low
* Add libtime-duration-perl to build deps, as it's used by the svn module
which is now tested at build.
-- Joey Hess <> Mon, 27 Nov 2006 12:26:12 -0500
ikiwiki (1.34) unstable; urgency=low
* Add an openid plugin to support logging in using OpenID.
* Web commits by OpenID users will record the full OpenID url for the user,
but in recentchanges, these urls will be converted to a simplified display
* Modified svn, git, tla backends to recognise such web commits.
* Move httpauth support to a plugin.
* Add openidsignup config option.
* Make the openid plugin support the callbacks from via its
affiliate program.
* Add toggle plugin.
* Add a poll plugin.
* Add quick mode for archive page generation.
* Introduce the goodstuff bundle. This is a kind of plugin, that just enables
many other plugins. It's an easy way to boost ikiwiki from its default,
basic wiki, to a full-featured wiki, without manually picking the right
set of plugins. New plugins will be added to goodstuff from time to
* Change how post signin actions are propigated through the signin process;
they're now stored in the session.
* Add optional "desc" parameter to shortcut definitions.
* Avoid locking the wiki at all when handling some basic cgi stuff
(searches, recentchanges).
* Add "last" parameter to hook function. Very basic ordering, and hopefully
nothing more spohisticated will be needed.
* Add formbuilder_setup and formbuilder hooks.
* Split out a passwordauth module, that holds all the traditional password
based authentication etc code. It's enabled by default, but can be disabled
if you want only openid or some other auth method.
* Rename so MakeMaker doesn't see it, and install it.
* Add some code to the build system that tries to determine if the
lib installation directory is in @INC. If it's not, munge ikiwiki
to hardcode the path to the lib directory. This should allow installing
ikiwiki in nonstandard locations, including home directories, by just
setting PREFIX at build time.
* Fix nested examples directory in deb.
* Add a test suite for the mercurial backend, contributed by Emanuele Aina.
* Add a test suite for the svn backend.
* Add a test suite for the git backend, from Recai
* Daemonize before sending RPC pings, since that can take a while
and/or hang.
* Daemonize before sending commit mails, as that can also take a long
time/hang if the mail server is unhappy.
* Factor out commit mail sending code into new function.
* Change rcs_commit, it is now passed the name of the user doing the commit
and their IP address, and needs to construct its own commit message
containing them, or do something more appropriate for the given RCS.
* Add softwaresite example.
* Mercurial backend improvements, including --get-ctime support. (Emanuele
* Git backend improvements, including bug fixes and better robustness,
from Recai.
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 26 Nov 2006 20:46:56 -0500
ikiwiki (1.33) unstable; urgency=low
* Fix issue with aggregate plugin updating expired pages.
* Avoid syntax errors in templates used by the template plugin crashing
* Enable utf8 file IO in aggregate plugin.
* Fix some issues with the new registration form.
* Patch from Ethan Glasser Camp to add a skip option to the inline plugin.
* Make sure to check for errors from every eval.
* Fix img plugin's handling of adding dependencies for images that do not
yet exist.
* Work around a strange bug in CGI::FormBuilder 3.0401 that makes
FORM-SUBMIT unusable on customised formbuilder templates. For now,
hardcode the submit buttons in editpage.tmpl instead of using the
template variable, which is ok, since the buttons are static.
* Work with hyperestraier 1.4.9.
-- Joey Hess <> Wed, 15 Nov 2006 18:32:26 -0500
ikiwiki (1.32) unstable; urgency=low
* Add a separate pass to find page links, and only render each page once,
instead of over and over. Typical speedup is ~4x. Max possible speedup:
* Add "scan" parameter to hook(), which is used to make the hook be called
during the scanning pass, as well as the render pass. The meta and tag
plugins need to use the new scan parameter, so will any others that modify
* Now that links are calculated in a separate pass, it can also
precalculate backlinks in one pass, which is O(N^2) instead of the
previous code that was O(N^3). A very nice speedup for wikis with lots
(thousands) of pages.
* Stylish update to the ikiwiki logo, thanks to Recai Oktaş and Selçuk
* Add a default stylesheet entry for the pagecloud.
* Add examples page with some examples of things that can be done using
ikiwiki, like a weblog. The examples can be copied into a user's wiki
for a quick start, without needing to learn everything about how to put
them together.
* Install the source of the examples into /usr/share/doc/ikiwiki/examples.
* Add perlmagick to build-depends so syntax check of img plugin works.
Closes: #396702
* Improve login/register process, the login dialog has only name and
password fields, which allows more web browsers to regognise it as a login
field, and is less confusing.
* Implemented expiry options for aggregate plugin.
* Use precalculated backlinks info when determining if files need an update
due to a page they link to being added/removed. Mostly significant if
there are lots of pages.
* Remove duplicate link info when saving index. In some cases it could
pile up rather badly. (Probably not the best way to deal with this
* Patch from James Westby to support podcasting, photoblogging, vidcasting,
or what have you, by creating enclosures for non-page items that are
included in feeds.
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 3 Nov 2006 14:46:37 -0500
ikiwiki (1.31) unstable; urgency=low
* Patch from Paweł Tęcza to cp -a the templates in the Makefile.
* Change the rss feed title from the wikiname to the page title, with
an exception for the wiki's toplevel index page, which will still use the
wikiname as the feed title.
Overriding the page title with meta title already overrode the rss feed
* Add an img plugin, based on Christian Mock's img plugin, but stripped
down to the bare essentials. Useful for handling large images on websites.
* Sanitize possibly problimatic characters out of the polygen grammar names,
just in case. Should not be exploitable anyway, since it only tries to run
polygen after finding the specified grammar file.
* Add missing dependency on the URI perl module.
* Add basic spam fighting tool for admins: An admin's prefs page now allows
editing a list of banned users.
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 27 Oct 2006 23:16:33 -0400
ikiwiki (1.30) unstable; urgency=low
* Add no_override parameter to hook().
* Add a shortcut plugin, inspired by Victor Moral's contributed shortcuts
plugin, but featuring a more ikiwiki-ish syntax and with shortcuts that
can be configured using a page in wiki.
* Fix support for --pingurl at the command line.
* Fix a subtle bug in will_render that broke some builds, by only clearing
items from renderedfiles the first time per build.
* Wrap entire technortati ping operation in an eval to catch all possible
failure modes, after I observed a simple ->value crashing ikiwiki when
a ping failed.
-- Joey Hess <> Mon, 16 Oct 2006 15:17:38 -0400
ikiwiki (1.29) unstable; urgency=low
* Patch from Paul Tötterman to use CP in the Makefile.
* Patch from Alec Berryman adding a http_auth config item that allows
using HTTP Authentication instead of ikiwiki's built in authentication.
Useful for eg, large sites with their own previously existing user auth
setup. Closes: #384534
* Change %renderedfiles to store an array of files rendered from a given
source file, to allow tracking of extra rendered files like rss feeds.
* Note that plugins that accessed this variable will need to be updated!
The plugin interface has been increased to version 1.01 for this change.
As few plugins use %renderedfiles I haven't done anything else to ensure
compatibility of old plugins.
* Add will_render function to the plugin interface, used to register that a
page renders a destination file, and do some security checks. Previously
but no longer rendered files will be cleaned up.
* Use will_render in the inline and linkmap plugins.
* You will need to rebuild your wiki on upgrade to this version.
* Atom feed support based on a patch by Clint Adams.
* Add feeds=no option to inline preprocessor directive to turn off all types
of feeds.
* $IkiWiki::version now holds the program version, and is accessible to
* Make the aggregate plugin emphasize error messages.
* Patch from Recai to limit recentchanges to displaying max 10 files for a
given changeset (to avoid large number of file changes excessively
bloating the page).
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 13 Oct 2006 23:14:28 -0400
ikiwiki (1.28) unstable; urgency=low
* inline: Add ability to sort by page name, based on a patch from
Benjamin A'Lee.
* Fix a forkbomb in various calls to IPC::Open2, which has a highly
braindead interface. Closes: #389383
* Don't rm -rf ikiwiki on distclean, since a) there's no such file
and b) those poor Mac OSX users and their case insensative files!
* Don't fail syntax check if Text::Typography isn't installed.
Closes: #389406
-- Joey Hess <> Tue, 26 Sep 2006 02:08:17 -0400
ikiwiki (1.27) unstable; urgency=low
* Work on firming up the plugin interface:
- Plugins should not need to load IkiWiki::Render to get commonly
used functions, so moved some functions from there to IkiWiki.
- Picked out the set of functions and variables that most plugins
use, documented them, and made IkiWiki export them by default,
like a proper perl module should.
- Use the other functions at your own risk.
- This is not quite complete, I still have to decide whether to
export some other things.
* Changed all plugins included in ikiwiki to not use "IkiWiki::" when
referring to stuff now exported by the IkiWiki module.
* Add a module version number to IkiWiki, so you can "use IkiWiki '1.00'"
to declare which version of the interface your plugin needs.
* Anyone with a third-party ikiwiki plugin is strongly encouraged
to make like changes to it and avoid use of non-exported symbols from
* Link debian/changelog and debian/news to NEWS and CHANGELOG.
* Support hyperestradier version 1.4.2, which adds a new required phraseform
* If an inlined page has a permalink, link the page title to that.
* Patch from Recai to use utf8 when reading the setup file, so that
utf8 wikinames from there will be used properly.
* Patch from Recai to kill utf-8 on the wiki name when generating the
session cookie.
* Change ddate plugin to use the DateTime::Calendar::Discordian perl module.
* Fix a baseurl problem in hyperestradier search results.
* Add a stub local.css to avoid problems with 404's.
* Patch from Recai to fix a wide character warning from the search plugin
during setup if the wikiname contains utf8.
* Yet another fix for those poor case-insensative OS X users.
* pagetemplate hooks are now also called when generating cgi pages.
* Add a favicon plugin, which simply adds a link tag for an icon to each
page (and cgis).
* Patch from James Westby to deal with the case where you're editing a
new page, hit cancel, and need to be redirected to somewhere sane.
* Various documentation improvements by various wiki users.
* Support Text::Markdown from CPAN, which has a different interface from
the original markdown or the one in Debian.
* Version the libcgi-session-perl dependency, some features that need
the new version are used in some cases (sslcookie).
* Numerous tla fixes from Clint.
* Updated ikiwiki.svgz from Recai, includes an icon and is used to generate
a multi-resolution favicon.ico.
* README.Debian: typo Closes: #388110
* chomp trailing newline at the end of templates read in by the template
plugin, to allow use of the template preprocessor directive in
whitespace-sensative situations. Closes: #387073
* Patch from James Westby to make the location of the estseek.cgi script
* Add typography (SmartyPants) plugin by Recai.
* Add --render mode, which can be used to preview an edit at the command
line by test rendering a single page.
* Add a googlecalendar plugin. A bit special-purpose, but it shows
one way to to deal with user-supplied content that could cause XSS
issues w/o the htmlscrubber, and won't survive the scrubber.
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 24 Sep 2006 00:02:21 -0400
ikiwiki (1.26) unstable; urgency=low
* Add a missing -n to tla undo call.
* otl2hmtl can't be safely used with IPC::Open2 since it sometimes
writes before consuming its whole stdin. Avoid this deadlock.
* Fix alt tags for outline checkboxes.
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 8 Sep 2006 16:24:16 -0400
ikiwiki (1.25) unstable; urgency=low
* Add proper waitpid calls for open2ed processes throughout to avoid
zombies; this hit htmltidy especially badly.
* Drop real uid/gid in the suid wrapper, thus allowing commits to remote
subversion repos and fixing some other issues.
* Add support for tla, contributed by Clint Adams. Closes: #385936
* Add support for mercurial, contributed by Emanuele Aina.
* Include <link rel> tag for RSS feeds, used by some aggregators and
firefox to find the feed.
* Add a linkmap plugin (requires graphviz).
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 8 Sep 2006 01:54:14 -0400
ikiwiki (1.24) unstable; urgency=low
* Simplify the data structure returned by rcs_recentchanges to avoid
each rcs plugin needing to form complex strings on its own.
* Fix another destpage issue in the inline directive. Closes: #385512
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 3 Sep 2006 15:46:45 -0400
ikiwiki (1.23) unstable; urgency=low
* Allow inline directives to be nested inside eg, sidebars. Closes: #385512
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 3 Sep 2006 12:14:45 -0400
ikiwiki (1.22) unstable; urgency=low
* Change how the stylesheet url is determined in the templates: Remove
STYLEURL and add BASEURL to all templates (some already had it). This
new more general variable can be used to link to other things (eg, images)
from the template, as well as stylesheets.
* Fix a bug introduced last version to do with nested inlines.
* Allow preprocessor directives to span multiple lines, both to make
long ones with lots of values easier to write, and to allow for ones with
multi-line quoted values.
* Allow preprocessor directives to contain python-like triple-quoted
text blocks, for easy nesting of quotes inside.
* Add a template plugin.
* Make pagespec merge code smarter about merging duplicate pagespecs.
* Patch from Jordà Polo to make Setup::Standard support hashes in config
* Change order of linkify and preprocess; first preprocess and then linkify.
This allows passing a wikilink inside a parameter to a preprocessor
directive without it being expanded to html, and leaking out of the
parameter, which had required some non-obvious use of triple-quoting
to avoid. Note that any preprocessor plugins that output something
that looks like a wikilink will now have it treated as such; AFAIK
this doesn't change any behavior though except for the template plugin.
* Enable preprocessor directives when previewing an edit.
* Make all pages pull in a local.css style sheet, if present. This won't
be included in ikiwiki, but can be created to make local styling changes
w/o needing to merge in every new change to the distributed style.css.
* Use DESTDIR and not PREFIX to specify installation prefix for packaging.
* Support running "perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=foo" to build ikiwiki to run
from a different directory.
* Generalised preprocesser loop protection code.
* Patch from James Westby to allow a description to be set for rss feeds.
* Patch from James Westby to add a template for the search form.
* Added a ddate plugin.
* Patch from James Westby to add a --sslcookie switch, which forces
cookies to only be sent over ssl connections to avoid interception.
* Fix preferences page on anonok wikis; still need to sign in to get
to the preferences page.
* Add toc (table of contents) plugin.
* Change htmlize, format, and sanitize hooks to use named parameters.
* Patch from James Westby to add an actions option to inline; this
adds Edit and Discussion links at the end of blog entries.
* Due to some css changes, you'll want to rebuild your wiki on upgrade
to this version. Will be handled automatically by the deb.
* Add processed date to aggregate preprocessor directive status output.
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 1 Sep 2006 22:03:34 -0400
ikiwiki (1.21) unstable; urgency=low
* Add a tail fin^W^Wsidebar plugin by Tuomo Valkonen.
* If a page links to itself, mark up the link text in a span with
class="selflink" so that it can be styled. I don't have a useful style
defined for that though.
* Call filter hooks on inlined page content.
* Support inlining pages raw, rather than creating a blog.
* Clean up yes/no parameter parsing in inline plugin.
* Implemented better cycle detection in the inline plugin; nested inlines
will now work.
* Add a map plugin contributed by Alessandro Dotti Contra.
* Add otl format plugin, which handles files as created by vimoutliner.
* Fix ikiwiki-mass-rebuild to work in the way the postinst uses it.
* Add first draft at a Restructured Text (rst) plugin, by Sergio
Talens-Oliag. Note that this has many known issues -- see the caveats on
the plugin's page.
* Credit everyone who wrote a plugin on the plugins' wiki pages.
* Fix utf-8 in blog post form.
-- Joey Hess <> Sun, 20 Aug 2006 16:42:54 -0400
ikiwiki (1.20) unstable; urgency=low
* Relicense the templates and basewiki under the 2-clause BSD license.
Since these can easily become part of other people's websites, they
should be under as permissive a license as possible.
* Add --syslog config option, to log to the syslog.
* Catch failing IPC::Open2 in tidy plugin and retry in case this is a
transient failure to fork (which I've seen happen in the wild).
* Fix a bug in the aggregator introduced last version that caused all
aggregator state to be lost during a non-aggregating build.
-- Joey Hess <> Thu, 17 Aug 2006 19:05:56 -0400
ikiwiki (1.19) unstable; urgency=low
* Fix several related bugs in page type determination during online editing.
* Add some locking to prevent 2 aggregators from running at once.
* Fix an infinite loop in the aggregator when finding a unique filename.
-- Joey Hess <> Wed, 16 Aug 2006 13:46:25 -0400
ikiwiki (1.18) unstable; urgency=low
* The last release accidentially installed ikiwiki as, now fixed.
* Add --version.
* Man page format fixups.
* If the meta plugin overides the page title, set a title_overridden
variable in the template to true. This allows doing things with the
templates conditional on the title being overriden.
* Add a %pagecase which maps lower-case page names to the actual case
used in the filename. Use this in bestlinks calculation instead of
forcing the link to lowercase.
* Also use %pagecase in various other places that want to check if a page
with a given name exists.
* This means that links to pages with mixed case names will now work,
even if the link is in some other case mixture, and mixed case pages
should be fully supported throughout ikiwiki.
* Recommend rebuilding wikis on upgrade to this version.
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 12 Aug 2006 22:10:48 -0400
ikiwiki (1.17) unstable; urgency=low
* Disable tidy generator tag.
* Move tidy back to sanitize hook, found out how to only show body.
* Turn off tidy indentation too.
* Turn on HTML::Template loop_context_vars; not actually used in stock
templates but can be useful for things like making comma-delimited lists
of tags or what have you.
* Remove <br> from end of aggregate preprocessor directive output.
* Ship ikiwiki executable as in source to avoid issues on
case-sensative filesystems like OSX.
* Improve markdown loading. First, try to load it as a proper perl module,
in case it was installed as one. Then fall back to trying
* Document in install page how to install markdown, since it has no
installation procedure in the upstream tarball.
* Set die_on_bad_params => 0 for all templates, to allow users to modify
them without annoyances.
* Suck in the page content when generating an inline archive page, to work
around the meta plugin's lack of caching of title metadata across runs.
-- Joey Hess <> Sat, 12 Aug 2006 12:52:13 -0400
ikiwiki (1.16) unstable; urgency=low
* Try to handle relative links in aggregated feeds. However,
the current support is a crude hack due to limitations of XML::Feed:
xml:base is not supported, neither is Content-Location. And of course,
relative links in RSS feeds are ill-undefined..
* Make aggregator save permalinks and author name to pages as metadata.
* Add permalink and author support to meta plugin, affecting RSS feeds
and blog pages.
* Various CSS and formatting changes.
* Encode link and guid urls in rss feeds to avoid illegal utf8 slipping in.
* Add xhtml files to the default prune regexp.
* Also generate rel=bookmark links for permalinks.
* Fix the htmltidy plugin, which wasn't working due my breaking it when
I added it..
* Don't run tidy with -xml as that fails if the input is not well-formed.
Run it with -asxhtml instead, so it will output well-formed xhtml no
matter what the input.
* Disable tidy warnings too.
* Add a new format hook, and make tidy use it, since tidy can really only
operate on and output complete html documents, not the body chunks
that sanitise gets.
* Fix dates in rss feeds if running localised, so they're still rfc 822.
-- Joey Hess <> Fri, 4 Aug 2006 20:48:36 -0400
ikiwiki (1.15) unstable; urgency=low
* Remove CDPATH and other env vars perl taint checking doesn't like.
Closes: #381279
* Added created_before and created_after PageSpec limits.
-- Joey Hess <> Thu, 3 Aug 2006 13:00:57 -0400
ikiwiki (1.14) unstable; urgency=low
* Memoize pagespec translation, this speeds up a build of the ikiwiki tree