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# What I did

Upgraded from 3.20180105 to 3.20180228 (from pkgsrc).
No change to installed Text::Markdown::Discount (0.11nb4 from pkgsrc, using upstream's bundled Discount library).

# What I expected to happen

Markdown-style links to continue being rendered as before.

# What actually happened

Markdown-style links stopped being links.
Instead, they render the part in square brackets as ordinary text.

# Proximate cause

In [f46e429](;a=commitdiff;h=f46e429d96ead32943cb2670d7686df8c77de361), if I comment out the `MKD_GITHUBTAGS` if block, the problem goes away.

# Further causes and possible solutions

Some guesses:

- Sufficiently old versions of the Discount library may break when passed unrecognized flags, in which case ikiwiki might want to version-check before passing flags
- The version of the Discount library bundled with upstream Text::Markdown::Discount may be extremely old, in which case pkgsrc might want to make it depend instead on an external Discount package

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