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Added a comment: Still can't use it

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commit 3cb52b2f61aeb5f33e3f5e80c030361511e42c28 1 parent ecc9dd1 authored admin committed
8 ...ild_error:_Cannot_decode_string_with_wide_characters/comment_6_a6678120fa823122bb558125dfe6e688._comment
@@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
+[[!comment format=mdwn
+ username=""
+ nickname="FName"
+ subject="Still can't use it"
+ date="2013-08-10T23:05:18Z"
+ content="""
+This exact same problem has been stopping me from using Ikiwiki locally. I'm still able to push to remote Ikiwiki instance. But I'd like to push it to local repo and have the website built locally first so I can confirm everything runs fine. Everytime I try to build it locally, i have this exact same problem.
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